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Nikki Haley is shaping up to be a strong contender for one of the GOP’s worst candidates ever. It’s almost a feat how she manages to lose like this, even in races where she’s the only candidate.

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How do you even do that? It’s as if she’s setting campaign records for all the wrong reasons, yet she’s not bowing out. Clearly, Haley is banking on a long shot: hoping President Trump ends up convicted and out of the picture, leaving her as the last neocon standing. Imagine posting something like this after getting beat in a landslide by “None of the Above.”

But that’s who Nikki is. She lacks self-awareness and has no shame whatsoever.

Nikki also took another humiliating loss when Clemson College Republicans, where she’s a lifetime trustee, just endorsed Trump.

But this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Nobody wants Nikki. Her defeat in Iowa was brutal; New Hampshire didn’t offer much solace; and then Nevada delivered the ultimate insult. Losing to “None of the Above” by a landslide? That’s a new level of loss. You’d think the media would jump at the chance to ask the hard questions like, “Why the string of losses?” or “Why stay in the race when it’s clear nobody wants you?” But nope, during her chat with Elex Michaelson from a local California Fox News station, tough questions were off the menu. Instead of pressing her, Michaelson just nodded along as Haley rolled out her usual scripted establishment propaganda, like claiming the primary is “rigged” for President Trump. Elex missed a golden opportunity to dig deeper, which is exactly how his media bosses want it.

Renowned pollster Richard Baris was stunned. He headed to X and shared his disbelief over the lackluster interview, calling out the reporter for completely dropping the ball on his journalistic duty.

Here’s what Richard Baris had to say in his post:

He’s sitting there nodding his head in agreement and remarking “uh hum” and “sure” as she feeds his audience a load of bullshit.

She absolutely did “count” Nevada, as everyone in media knows, unless he’s the only one who doesn’t.

Months ago Team @NikkiHaley concluded she could not beat Donald Trump in the caucus, and instead would appear on the primary ballot to use the results as a counter-narrative to stymie his momentum from the caucus.

Of course, they also planned on coming in second in Iowa to gain the momentum to win New Hampshire. She failed miserably on both accounts.

They saw the Nevada narrative as KEY to her keeping momentum ahead of South Carolina.

Instead, she got her ass spectacularly kicked in Iowa, lost New Hampshire by double-digits, and last night she got stomped in historic fashion by None of These Candidates in Nevada…

And he’s nodding along in agreement.

Not a good look, bruh.

Absolutely, “not a good look” hits the nail on the head. Scripted Nikki strikes again. She’s so entrenched as a polished establishment hack, that any shred of authenticity or personality has been buried under layers of rehearsed globalist rhetoric for decades.

Did you hear about her disastrous T-shirt launch? Revolver covered the hilarious and rather cringeworthy story.


Nikki Haley really lit up the internet with her latest t-shirt launch, but it wasn’t the blaze of glory she might have hoped for. Nikki dropped her new t-shirt line on X, and it went over more like lead balloons than fireworks. The reason for the flop is that those t-shirts represent Nikki in a nutshell: bland, establishment, and dripping with elitism. Here’s someone who mocks Trump at every turn, yet she lacks so little originality and creativity that she has to borrow his marketing playbook—only to churn out a slogan that made the entire internet collectively cringe.

Nikki’s rallying cry is to “Make America Normal Again,” a nod toward a return to those 90s globalist policies—a time when she and her pals in the military-industrial complex were lining their pockets, all while American soldiers were sent to fight and die in endless, pointless wars, and China was eating our lunch at every turn. “Normal” for Nikki means an era when Americans weren’t paying attention, blissfully unaware of the political elites—vipers—who were busy betraying us left and right. That’s the “normal” Nikki dreams of rebooting, and she’s not above hijacking and twisting President Trump’s successful slogan to do it.

Nikki’s running on empty when it comes to originality, spark, or creativity. She’s just reheating the same old “Bush-era” leftovers, trying to pass them off as something new and exciting. But let’s be real: Americans aren’t fooled.

Nobody but Dems want to see Nikki as the nominee; even MSNBC has to admit it:

And when the Dems throw their support behind someone, you can bet it’s a big ol’ red flag for America. That’s exactly why we’re all in on the #NeverNikki train here at Revolver:

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