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Nikki Haley really lit up the internet with her latest t-shirt launch, but it wasn’t the blaze of glory she might have hoped for. Nikki dropped her new t-shirt line on X, and it went over more like lead balloons than fireworks. The reason for the flop is that those t-shirts represent Nikki in a nutshell: bland, establishment, and dripping with elitism. Here’s someone who mocks Trump at every turn, yet she lacks so little originality and creativity that she has to borrow his marketing playbook—only to churn out a slogan that made the entire internet collectively cringe.

Nikki’s rallying cry is to “Make America Normal Again,” a nod toward a return to those 90s globalist policies—a time when she and her pals in the military-industrial complex were lining their pockets, all while American soldiers were sent to fight and die in endless, pointless wars, and China was eating our lunch at every turn. “Normal” for Nikki means an era when Americans weren’t paying attention, blissfully unaware of the political elites—vipers—who were busy betraying us left and right. That’s the “normal” Nikki dreams of rebooting, and she’s not above hijacking and twisting President Trump’s successful slogan to do it.

Needless to say, Nikki’s attempt at drab, tired establishment messaging was not well-received. Here’s a taste of what folks online had to say:

“So you want to reward lawfare? No thank you we’re going with Trump because we know we can’t trust you as far as we can throw you!”

“This is beyond cringe”

“The last thing America would be was “normal” with you in charge!”

Conservatives are tired of fake republicans like you. You need the #MAGA vote & we’ll never support you!”

“Trump walked through hell for me.”

“Well, it would be really nice if more people that claim to be Republicans would grow a spine and stand up and speak out against the political persecution happening to President Trump . Instead, you’re riding Joe Biden‘s corrupt administrations coattail . ”

“Tired of a witch trashing President Trump.”

“There’s no such thing as “NORMAL” —– We-The-People want GREAT! — with our great leader Donald Trump! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

“I’m tired of a whore running for president.”

“No! We are tired of fake Republicans like you who only want the same thing as the Democrats! Please leave public service.”

“were those stupid shirts made in China, Nikki?”

These comments aren’t all that surprising, considering how unpopular Nikki is. It’s gotten so bad that her own stomping ground, South Carolina, has given her the cold shoulder big time; however, they love President Trump.

But Nikki’s troubles don’t stop at really bad t-shirt slogans. She’s also found herself in a sticky situation after making some ridiculous comments about Texas secession—comments she’s now scrambling to walk back.

Radar Online:

Nikki Haley was forced to backtrack her Texas secession remarks this weekend after she faced significant backlash for the surprising comments, RadarOnline.com can report.

Haley’s controversial claim came last week when she told Charlamagne Tha God that states like Texas have the ability and the right to leave the Union if they so choose.

“If that whole state says, ‘We don’t want to be part of America anymore,’ I mean, that’s their decision to make,” she told the comedian during his Breakfast Club radio show on Wednesday.

“Let’s talk about what’s reality,” Haley added at the time. “Texas isn’t going to secede.”
Flash forward to Sunday, and the 2024 GOP primary candidate walked back the comments she made during Charlamagne’s radio show last week.

“No,” Haley clarified during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union this weekend. “According to the Constitution, they can’t.”

“What I do think they have the right to do is have the power to protect themselves and do all that Texas has talked about seceding for a long time,” the former South Carolina governor added. “The Constitution doesn’t allow for that.”

Haley went on to claim that her Texas secession remarks were misunderstood and that she was making a point about states’ rights and a state’s right to defend itself when the federal government was not there to help.

Clearly, Nikki is way out of her depth. Every day, she’s showing that she doesn’t have a grasp on the issues at hand. Nikki drops these clangers, then, after a crash course from her team, she circles back with a weak explanation, always insisting we somehow “misunderstood” her. It’s the same song and dance we saw with her comments on the Civil War—Nikki’s just not on top of her game, and she isn’t ready for prime time, and the American people know it.