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Nikki Haley’s probably scratching her head this morning, trying to figure out what on earth went down in Nevada. Meanwhile, the rest of the internet is doubled over in laughter. Imagine being the only candidate on the ballot and still coming in second. What gives? You can bet Nikki’s wondering who this “None of the Above” character is and how they managed to beat her in a landslide. Let’s dive into this hilarious head-scratcher, shall we?

It all started with the Nevada “presidential” primary, where Nikki Haley was the solo act on the ballot. Delegate-wise, it’s a meaningless event, so President Trump decided to sit this one out so he could focus on the Nevada caucuses happening Thursday. This is where everything went terribly and hilariously wrong for ol’ Neocon Nikki.

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USA Today:

In an embarrassing setback, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley lost the Nevada GOP presidential primary Tuesday to “none of these candidates.”

The loss is largely meaningless, because former President Donald Trump decided to skip the Nevada presidential preference primary and instead is expected to win the GOP-run caucuses Thursday night. That victory will give him all 26 of the state’s delegates.

But it’s a symbolic hit to the former governor who came in third in Iowa and second in New Hampshire and heads next to her home state’s Feb. 24 Republican primary. She captured almost 32% of the vote, while “none” claimed nearly 62% with close to two-thirds of the state’s votes counted.

No surprise here; the internet is absolutely alive for this drama, practically rolling on the floor laughing their you-know-whats off.

The big question now is: will Nikki gear up for another absurd victory lap that’s equal parts hilarious and cringeworthy, like she did in Iowa and New Hampshire?


Or will she whip up yet another weak excuse? Either way, we’re all ears for her next pathetic move.


Keep in mind that the woman who has clinched zero victories and is getting outrun by “none of the above” claims she’s our best shot against Joe Biden—not the guy who’s actually racking up wins. That is how wildly out of touch the GOP establishment is with voters. At this point, they’re basically just the butt of the joke.