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Over three years have passed since January 6, 2021, and the truth of what really happened that day has never been more relevant. For the regime, the stakes involved in selling the official narrative of January 6 as a uniquely horrific domestic terror event are higher than ever. Such are the stakes that Biden’s crypt-keepers presumably injected him with the strongest stuff they had to keep the President conscious and standing upright for the duration of his hour and a half-long speech marking the anniversary of the day “we almost lost America.” And it makes sense. The ludicrous notion of January 6 as an “insurrection” has long served as the key pretext for the accelerated political weaponization of the national security state against Trump and his supporters. More recently, the still more ludicrous theory of Trump’s culpability for this “insurrection” has become the sham legal basis behind the attempt to throw him in prison and remove him from the ballots—all in the name of democracy, of course.

That the regime has invested so much in the “insurrection” story of January 6th helps to explain its commensurate hostility to anyone who challenges that narrative. This applies especially to our reporting on what we’ve coined the “Fedsurrection”—the elements of January 6 that overwhelmingly point toward government involvement. Last year, we reported on a case in which an FBI agent investigating January 6 crimes had his security clearance revoked and his loyalty to the United States questioned simply for sharing one of our articles with colleagues. A top Democrat lawyer teamed up with Ray Epps to sue or threaten to sue Revolver News, Tucker Carlson, and anyone who asks uncomfortable questions about certain events during January 6, which Epps, in his own words, “orchestrated.”

Thankfully, such intimidation efforts aren’t working—in fact, quite the opposite. The DOJ’s decision to charge Ray Epps with a wrist-slap misdemeanor nearly three years after January 6, 2021, for which he is to serve no jail time, strikes anyone who is remotely informed about the case as a desperate and sloppy attempt to rescue an unsalvageable narrative. Although Speaker Mike Johnson has not followed through on his promise to release 40,000 hours of January 6 footage, the 90 or so hours he has released have done a great deal to popularize and reinforce the public’s understanding of just how inaccurate the official version of January 6th is. We say this footage popularizes and reinforces the public’s understanding of the Fedsurrection, but it does not advance this understanding. New footage depicting Capitol Police opening the doors or ushering crowds in or footage of Capitol Police committing violence against protestors is great for spreading awareness, but it doesn’t tell us anything new; similar types of footage have been around for a long time.

The Most Important January 6th Video You Have Never Heard About

Curiously enough, the Capitol did quietly release a damning short piece of footage that had gotten virtually no public attention, though it could very well be the breakthrough we need to definitively expose the phony January 6 “pipe bomb” story once and for all.

[Editor’s Note: This piece was published in password-protected form days ago, though originally embargoed, pending the publication this evening at 6:00 p.m. of an accompanying interview with Tucker Carlson on the pipe bomb. A piece published early yesterday afternoon by Steve Baker at the Blaze, however, addressed the video in question along with confirming an important detail, which we will address below.]

The Capitol authorities were counting on no one knowing that this footage even exists, let alone understanding its significance, and put up tremendous resistance when Congressman Massie tried to make the footage public. Ultimately, it took a direct call from Kevin McCarthy to break the stonewall (and one can only imagine how much pressure McCarthy must have been under to make that call!). Courtesy of Congressman Massie’s efforts, the footage is available below. For a first viewing, we encourage the reader to skim the video to get a general idea. Make note of the man in the backpack going up to the police and secret service cars. It will likely turn out that identifying this man in the backpack will lead to the unraveling of one of the darkest and most scandalous government coverups in recent history.

Let’s explain and digest the most important details depicted in the video above.

  • At 1:05:27, a man with a backpack walks into view in the bottom right corner of the screen and proceeds to chat with officers on the driver’s side of a Metro PD SUV. The black SUV is a Secret Service vehicle protecting then-Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, who was in the DNC building at the time (more on that later). The Metro PD vehicle was present as part of the Secret Service protection detail, as related to us by a high-level source. After some time, it appears that the backpack man is walking away from the driver’s seat window of the Metro PD vehicle, only to walk around to the passenger seat window and continue speaking with the Metro officers.
  • Then, at 1:06:10, the man with the backpack walks over to the black Secret Service SUV. He chats for about 20 seconds and then walks back up the sidewalk, back past the benches where the pipe bomb was placed, and out of view. Then, at 1:07:29, a metro officer gets out of the Metro PD car. This is over a minute after the backpack gentleman left the frame and over two minutes after the backpack gentleman first approached the metro PD car.
  • What is more remarkable than the fact that it took the Metro and Secret Service over two minutes to even bother getting out of their cars after being informed of a pipe bomb in the neighborhood is the astonishingly casual approach taken by these authorities in the minutes after the man with a backpack walks out of view of the camera. Reader, take a look if you would at the video from 1:07:27 to around 1:09:05 and note how casual and unperturbed both the Metro officers and Secret Service officers are, and ask yourself whether this is how you’d imagine the Secret Service would normally respond to a discovery of a bomb right outside the building housing their protectee, in this case vice president-elect Kamala Harris. Even if we assume that somehow the Secret Service and Metropolitan Police Department are wholly uninterested in the safety of their protectee, you would think they would at least get out of the vicinity for reasons of self-preservation. Quite the opposite—all of these officers are supremely comfortable standing and walking within spitting distance of the pipe bomb.
  • Then, at around 1:09:12, the security camera in question turns to the park benches and zooms into the location where the pipe bomb is present. This means that by this time, the man with a backpack’s information had reached whoever was manning the Capitol Police security camera at the time. Below is a screenshot depicting that timestamp.

  • The scene that begins at 1:09:35 ought to be sufficient to cause a national scandal in its own right. Here we see several more secret service officers coming out, again casually standing and walking within spitting distance of the pipe bomb. At 1:09:41, we see a group of children cross the street and walk directly in front of the benches where the bomb is still sitting. The secret service agents don’t think to warn these children at all, but instead themselves walk right by the bench as well, without a care in the world! You have to see it to believe it.
A group of children and a secret service agent were just casually walking right by the pipe bomb. Mysteriously, the agent doesn’t seem concerned and doesn’t warn the children.
  • After children pass the pipe bomb without being warned at all, the Secret Service officers stand around for about a minute until a Capitol Police officer walks right up to the pipe bomb and takes a picture of it at 1:10:16, giving a thumbs-up sign to the Metro and Secret Service agents a bit further down the sidewalk.

The remainder of the available footage shows the original Metro PD car and Secret Service car leaving and another police car arriving at the scene.

Unfortunately, the video stops there. We are, however, told by several reliable sources with direct knowledge who have seen the extended security footage (not yet public) that shortly thereafter, authorities will respond with a bomb-safe robot that retrieves and “disables” the pipe bomb in question.

A number of deeply puzzling and disturbing questions arise from the video above. The most obvious question is what could possibly account for the casual, lackadaisical, utterly unperturbed demeanor and behavior of the Secret Service and Metro PD officers in question upon being informed of an explosive device right outside the building in which their protectee is housed, and, for that matter, within feet of the agents themselves. To emphasize the seriousness with which the government takes pipe bombs as potential terror devices, it is worth noting that the government officially considers pipe bombs “weapons of mass destruction.”

It is hard to imagine what conditions could account for such a casual, unconcerned reaction on the part of the Secret Service. As pointed out above, even if they are the worst protection detail in the world, willing to completely abandon protocol when apprised of a weapon of mass destruction dangerously close to their protectee, you’d think they’d at least be concerned for their own personal safety. This complete lack of concern indicates that these agents somehow knew or were utterly confident that the bomb was inert and posed no threat, but how could they possibly know that? How could the secret service and metro PD officers be so confident that the pipe bomb wouldn’t pose a danger to themselves, to their protectee, VP elect Kamala Harris, and to the children they cavalierly allowed to walk within feet of the explosive device, and yet somehow the bomb was considered dangerous enough to require a bomb-safe robot to “defuse” only minutes later? Troubling and damning questions indeed.

A Closer Look at the DNC Pipe Bomb Explodes the Official Narrative of January 6th

The observations presented above are scandalous and damning enough as a matter of self-contained analysis. When understood within the broader context of infinitesimally implausible facts surrounding the official version of events for the DNC and RNC pipe bombs, the situation becomes worse still. Revolver News’ assertion, based on the totality of our ground-breaking reporting, that the January 6 pipe bombs constitute one of the two smoking guns of the Fedsurrection (the other being Ray Epps) is more obviously true by the day.

So now let us consider the video presented and analyzed above in light of some of the other facts we know about the DNC pipe bomb. The video discussed above depicts the incredibly bizarre circumstances surrounding the “discovery” of the DNC pipe bomb after Metro PD and Secret Service are informed of its location by an unknown man in a backpack. Note that the man in the backpack walks up to the metro PD car at 1:05 p.m. on January 6th. According to both official reports and DNC surveillance footage the FBI released to the public, the pipe bomber planted the DNC bomb the previous evening, at around 8:00 p.m. on the evening of January 5th. Below is a time-stamped screenshot of surveillance footage depicting the suspected pipe bomber sitting at the benches (the reader will recognize these benches from the video discussed above) getting ready to plant the pipe bomb by the bench at 7:52 p.m.

Let’s say the pipe bomber planted the bomb at 8:00 p.m. That would mean that the pipe bomb sat by the bench outside the DNC building for over 17 hours, undiscovered. This is rather remarkable considering that the bomb was not carefully hidden but placed fairly conspicuously next to the leg of a DNC bench. Below is a photo of the DNC pipe bomb—presumably the photo taken by the Capitol Police officer as depicted in the video we analyzed above.

It is also important to remember that this is a very high-traffic area, with enough foot traffic that there was a scooter for pedestrians just feet away from where the bomb was planted. The screenshot below is from the DNC surveillance footage provided to the public by the FBI. Note the scooter, the pipe bomber, and the arrow pointing toward where the pipe bomb was discovered.

For reference, we note that a scooter is also visible in the Capitol Police surveillance footage depicting the discovery of the pipe bomb. Note the scooter in the same position next to the Capitol Police officer taking a photo of the newly discovered pipe bomb.

As we revealed in a previous report on the pipe bomb, a Google walkthrough we conducted depicts a DNC security guard stationed just feet away from where the pipe bomb was planted:

Note that the DNC security guard is stationed right at the garage entrance to the DNC building, where the Metro PD and Secret Service SUV were parked in the video depicting the discovery of the pipe bomb. Below is a screenshot for easy reference.

When we discussed the Capitol Police video depicting the discovery of the pipe bomb, we observed the bizarre fact that the Secret Service agents seemed entirely unconcerned with the revelation that there was a pipe bomb within feet of themselves and their protectee, who was inside the DNC building (not to mention the children they allowed to walk within feet of the bomb). Perhaps equally bizarre as the fact that the Secret Service was unconcerned with the bomb when informed of it is the fact that the Secret Service hadn’t discovered the bomb already in their sweep of the building before Kamala Harris’ entry.

The Guardian:

Kamala Harris, then vice-president-elect, drove within yards of a pipe bomb left outside the Democratic National Committee on January 6 2021 and remained inside for nearly two hours before the bomb was found, it was reported on Monday.

Harris’s proximity to the bomb was known previously, but not how close or for how long. CNN reported the new details in the case, part of alarming events in Washington on the day Congress met to certify Joe Biden’s election victory over Donald Trump.


The White House and Harris’s office did not comment on CNN’s pipe bomb report. A Secret Service spokesperson told CNN that “in order to maintain operational security”, it did not comment on protection arrangements.

CNN said a “law enforcement source” said the Secret Service “swept the interior of the building, the driveway, parking deck and entrances and exits prior to [Harris’s] arrival” and Harris was “evacuated using an alternate route away from the bomb”.

Reports also indicate the pipe bomb had live explosive material.

The Washington Post (archive link):

The device was considered “live,” meaning it contained viable explosive material, according to Steven Blando, a spokesman for the Washington Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. It was disarmed at the site, Blando told The Post.

Around 1:15 p.m., officials have said, the second bomb was discovered several blocks away next to a bench outside the DNC. It, too, was live and was disarmed on site, Blando said.

This would mean that not only did the Secret Service have to overlook the pipe bomb on a visual inspection during a sweep of the DNC premises, but that the Secret Service’s bomb sniffing dogs had to have mysteriously gotten COVID on January 6th such that they weren’t able to sniff out explosive material just feet away. How remarkable.

Let us summarize these findings. Before the man in the backpack discovered and reported the pipe bomb to secret service and Metro PD at 1:05 PM on January 6th, the pipe bomb had been sitting right at the foot of a DNC bench for over 17 hours, not discovered by motorists, pedestrians, scooter users, the DNC security guard, or the Secret Service of the United States.

For that matter, no pedestrian or DNC employee who may have sat on the bench to have a cup of coffee spotted the pipe bomb during that 17-hour period. It is interesting in light of this observation that in the Capitol Police video depicting the discovery of the pipe bomb, the camera zooms into the bench next to which the pipe bomb was placed, and the bench clearly has some type of drink on it, as though someone had just drunk coffee on the bench. It is worth noting that January 6th was a very windy day, and the chances of an empty coffee cup remaining on the bench for long without getting blown away are quite low. It is very unlikely that that coffee cup was laying on the bench for more than an hour before this footage was taken, and it is probably much less than an hour. Has there been any forensic investigation of this coffee cup? Could it have been the man with the backpack’s coffee?

To compound the strangeness of it all, recall that Kamala Harris covered up her presence at the DNC building on January 6th for almost a year. For nearly a year, Kamala led the media to believe that she was in the Capitol during the so-called siege. Even the Department of Justice took this false understanding for granted and mentioned Kamala’s alleged presence and evacuation from the Capitol during the “siege” to add a sense of gravitas to several of its indictments. It turns out Kamala was not at the Capitol as it was being evacuated on the 6th, but rather at the DNC building while the allegedly live pipe bomb was still right outside. Why on earth would Kamala Harris keep her presence in the DNC building a secret? It would seem like the story of the first woman of color Vice President elect in history coming within feet of the deadly pipe bombs of the January 6 insurrection would be a headline that both Kamala and the regime media would be interested in milking for all it is worth. How strange is it, come to think of it, that in Joe Biden’s big January 6 anniversary speech he neglects to mention that his own Vice President narrowly lost her life to a MAGA pipe bomb? Could Kamala have covered up her presence at the DNC in order to keep attention away from the fact that the Secret Service was at the DNC building and thus keep the public in the dark about the fact that the Secret Service missed the pipe bombs in their sweep and reacted with suspicious nonchalance when ultimately informed of the bomb? Or is there a still more sinister explanation for this otherwise inexplicable cover-up?

The fact that the DNC pipe bomb sat in a fairly conspicuous spot undiscovered for over 17 hours by pedestrians, motorists, the DNC security guard, and the Secret Service raises the question as to whether the pipe bomb was actually planted when the FBI and the FBI’s publicly released surveillance footage suggest it was planted. This question caused our investigative team to take a closer look at the DNC surveillance footage released by the FBI. We were able to show definitively not only that the surveillance footage had been tampered with, given that its frame rate of 1.6 frames per second is vastly below the industry minimum, but we were able to show definitively that the FBI is in possession of it, but for whatever reason they chose not to make public surveillance footage that would make it clear whether the pipe bomb suspect planted the bomb when they said he or she did.

If the reader missed our original reporting on this question or simply wants a refresher, please see the video below presenting our case that the footage is tampered with given its frame rate:

And here is our video summarizing the proof that the FBI is withholding critical footage that would depict the pipe bomber actually planting the bomb:

June 2023 marked an unexpected development in the pipe bomb case. Steven D’Antuono, the former head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO) and head of the pipe bomb investigation, agreed to testify before the judiciary committee shortly after his suspicious retirement from government. Incidentally, D’Antuono oversaw the disgraced entrapment operation known as the Michigan kidnapping plot as well.

Congressman Massie compiled a number of questions based on Revolver News’ coverage of the pipe bomb story. As to the question of the corruption and withholding of surveillance footage, Antuono could only shrug his shoulders and admit it was strange. When asked whether the FBI had attempted to identify the pipe bomber using the standard geo-fencing capabilities it has used to identify other January 6th participants, D’Antuono’s answer was remarkable: the FBI did attempt to pull geo-fencing data, but the telecom company reported that the data was corrupted for the specific request related to the pipe bomber. As to whether the FBI attempted to use other geo-fencing capabilities to identify the pipe bomber (surely the government has this data), D’Antuono couldn’t say, other than to beg the judiciary members not to entertain any “conspiracy theories.”

Still more relevant to this article is D’Antuono’s baffling answer concerning the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb. D’Antuono claims not only to not know the identity of the man with the backpack who discovered the DNC pipe bomb, but D’Antuono couldn’t even say for certain whether this individual had even been interviewed by the FBI, despite acknowledging that the individuals who discovered the pipe bombs would have been considered to be suspects, at least initially. What a remarkable thing for the former head of the pipe bomb investigation to say!

To understand why it is so critical to identify the man in the backpack and why D’Antuono would say that those who discovered the respective DNC and RNC pipe bombs would be suspects, we must once again revisit the timeline of the DNC pipe bomb’s discovery. Note that in the Capitol Police video, the man with a backpack appears in the frame and approaches the Metro PD and Secret Service vehicles at 1:05 PM on January 6th. We provide a screenshot of the surveillance footage, with timestamp, below:

Previously, we had emphasized the fact that by 1:05, the time at which the DNC bomb was discovered, the bomb had been lying by the DNC bench for over 17 hours unnoticed. But something very noteworthy happened in that 17-hour time span, and it happened, curiously enough, a mere 15 minutes before the backpacker reported the pipe bomb to the officials in the Metro PD and Secret Service cars—and that is the discovery of the first pipe bomb behind a trash bin in a back alley next to the Capitol Hill Club.

According to official reports, the first pipe bomb was discovered at 12:40 p.m. by a random pedestrian behind a trash can in a back alley by the Capitol Hill Club. This random pedestrian, Karlin Younger, reported the bomb to a security official at the Capitol Hill Club, who in turn alerted the Capitol Police, who began responding to the first pipe bomb at 12:50 p.m.

This means that the man with the backpack in the Capitol Police video walked up to the Metro PD car and Secret Service car to report his discovery of the DNC pipe bomb a mere 15 minutes after the first pipe bomb was discovered and reported by a random pedestrian (we’re told) near the Capitol Hill Club. On the one hand, if we leave aside the bizarre fact that the DNC bomb sat undiscovered for over 17 hours, it would kind of make sense that the DNC pipe bomb would finally be discovered so shortly after the first pipe bomb. One could somewhat imagine a scenario in which the Capitol Police sent out an emergency alert that a bomb was discovered near the RNC building, and Capitol Police, perhaps local Metro Police, and others frantically searched potentially high-target buildings for additional bombs, and that this somehow led to the man in the backpack discovering the pipe bomb at the DNC.

A moment’s reflection reveals several difficulties with this scenario. First, let us assume, for the sake of argument, that the Capitol Police, Metro PD, and other agencies responded urgently and put in a call for authorities to frantically search the DNC and perhaps other buildings for explosives. It is unclear why the DNC building would be one of the buildings chosen to be frantically searched. Indeed, it is not immediately intuitive why authorities would assume that just because a bomb was planted at the RNC, there would be one at the DNC, notwithstanding the high value Washington, D.C., places on bipartisanship. In fact, the whole parallelism between an “RNC pipe bomb” and a “DNC pipe bomb” is largely a retroactive fiction. As mentioned, the first pipe bomb was discovered behind a trash bin in an alley by the Capitol Hill Club. To be sure, the Capitol Hill Club is right next to the RNC building, but there was no reason for anyone to think of this as the “RNC bomb” in the way that the bomb discovered right outside of the DNC building would naturally be thought of as a bomb planted at the DNC. Only after the DNC bomb was discovered did the convenient parallelism between an “RNC bomb and a DNC bomb” emerge. In short, while there may have been a general alert put out after the discovery of the first pipe bomb, there was simply no intuitive reason for authorities to assume that there would be a second bomb at the DNC building in such a way that would explain an intensified and targeted search. Furthermore, there is no such public account suggesting that somehow some officer assumed, for whatever reason, that the DNC building was at risk because there was a bomb found near the RNC building.

Perhaps most importantly, the Capitol Hill surveillance footage of the DNC depicts zero sense of urgency whatsoever before the man with the backpack approaches the Metro PD and Secret Service cars. The surveillance footage is simply not consistent with the idea that there is an urgent scramble to find a possible explosive device. In fact, as we pointed out earlier in this article, the surveillance footage shows a bizarre and damning lack of urgency or concern even after the secret service is informed of the presence of the DNC bomb!

But if the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb was not related to some special urgency to look for an explosive device at the DNC in the immediate aftermath of the first “RNC” pipe bomb being reported, we are faced with a nearly impossible coincidence. This would require us to accept not only that the DNC pipe bomb somehow lay out in the open for over 17 hours undiscovered (by motorists, pedestrians, the DNC security guard, and Secret Service), but that the man in the backpack just happened to discover the DNC bomb (that had been laying undiscovered for 17 hours) barely 15 minutes after the first pipe bomb was reported. This is a very strange and remarkable coincidence indeed, and it underscores the critical need to identify and question the man in the backpack to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb.

The RNC Pipe Bomb, the “Diversion Theory,” and a Failed Narrative

The notion that the DNC pipe bomb would be sitting out by the DNC bench for over 17 hours, undiscovered by pedestrians, motorists, DNC security, or the Secret Service, only to be discovered by our mysterious backpack man scarcely 15 minutes after the first “RNC bomb” was discovered is a remarkable coincidence indeed. But we cannot fully appreciate how utterly bizarre and implausible the official story is without recalling the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the first “RNC” pipe bomb.

According to the official reports, the first pipe bomb, the “RNC pipe bomb,” was discovered by a random pedestrian called Karlin Younger at 12:40 p.m. on January 6th. Younger reported that when she stumbled upon the pipe bomb behind a trash bin in a back alley, the bomb was equipped with a timer whose dial was stuck on 20 minutes, as though to convey the impression the bomb was going to go off in 20 minutes.

Madison Magazine (archive link):

At noon on Wednesday, Jan. 6, Karlin Younger, working from home in Washington, D.C., decided to use the lunch hour to do laundry.


Even though she’s now in D.C., Younger has still worked remotely since the pandemic. Her apartment is in Washington’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from the Capitol itself.

To reach the laundry room, Younger must walk out the front of her building and walk around to the back via an alleyway that’s shared with the Republican National Committee building, which is located at 310 First St. Southeast.

“It’s an old city block with the buildings flush together,” Younger says. She started her laundry, returned to her apartment, and then around 12:40 p.m. went back out to put her clothes in the dryer.

Younger closed the back gate and as she did so, looked down at what she thought was a piece of garbage or recycling intended for the cans that sit near the gate.

Then she looked a little closer.

“It was right next to the garbage can,” she says. “I saw a tangle of wires. I looked closer and saw a six-inch pipe capped on both ends. Then I saw a timer that was stuck on the number 20. It was a radial dial.”

Younger peered closer. Was it 20 seconds ticking down?

“Thankfully, it was 20 minutes showing on the dial,” she says.


Doing the math and adding the 20 minutes to 12:40, at the moment of discovery, the bomb was reportedly configured to look like it was going to go off at 1:00 p.m., the exact time that the election certification process was to begin in Congress. Think about that for a second. Like the DNC bomb, the RNC bomb was planted on the evening of January 5th, at approximately 8:30 p.m. That means that the RNC bomb lay hidden in a back alley behind a trash can for over 16 hours, whereupon it was discovered by a random pedestrian at the precise minute so as to convey the impression that it was set to go off at 1:00 p.m. The discovery of the RNC bomb was not only perfectly synchronized to the certification proceeding; it was also perfectly synchronized to the initial and decisive attack on the West perimeter of the Capitol—the infamous “Ray Epps Breach,” described in ground-breaking detail in another of Revolver News’ investigative pieces.

Indeed, Capitol Police began responding to the pipe bomb Karlin Younger reported at 12:50 p.m., just three minutes before the famous breach of the bike rack barricade on the west perimeter of the Capitol depicted below:

And so we see that the RNC bomb lay undiscovered for over 16 hours and was eventually discovered in such a manner as to be nearly exactly synchronized not only with the 1:00 p.m. certification proceeding but with the initial attack on the west perimeter of the Capitol at 12:53 p.m.

Such was the timing of the RNC bomb’s discovery that the former head of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, believed the bombs were never intended to go off but rather to divert Capitol Police resources from the attack on the Capitol, with which it was nearly perfectly synchronized. The theory that the pipe bombs were never intended to go off receives strong support from the fact that both devices were equipped with hour-long mechanical kitchen timers.


The FBI said the bombs were placed outside the RNC and DNC the night before the attack, between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. January 5. According to a source familiar with the investigation, the FBI has been reviewing hundreds of videos taken around that time.

According to a report obtained by CBS News, the bombs contained only one method of detonation — a 60-minute kitchen timer. The report — which was written by the National Explosives Task Force, a multi-agency group that coordinates explosive expertise for law enforcement and intelligence agencies — suggested there was no evidence of a second or remote detonation method such as a cell phone.


While we’re at it, by the way, it’s about time for Congress to subpoena access to the National Explosives Task Force on the pipe bombs.

Below is a photograph of the RNC pipe bomb with the mechanical timer clearly visible for reference:

The fact that the pipe bombs were equipped with mechanical one-hour timers with no remote detonation capability has significant implications, considering they were planted on the evening of January 5th. It is hard to see what the pipe bomber would have gotten out of planting bombs at around 8 p.m. that were set to go off in an hour at 9:00 p.m. This would have simply meant a little explosion in a back alley in the quiet hours of the evening. In order to have the desired diversionary effect, the bombs would either have to go off close to the attack on the Capitol (which would be impossible given the latest they could go off would be around 9 p.m. on the 5th) or be discovered at a time that was fairly closely synchronized to the attack on the Capitol at 12:53 p.m.

If either the DNC or RNC pipe bombs were discovered too early or too late, it could ruin the diversion effect. For instance, if the DNC bomb were discovered earlier on the morning of the 6th, that could have the effect of heightening security around the Capitol rather than diverting resources from it. Similarly, if the bombs were discovered too late after the attack on the Capitol, there would be no diversionary effect. We repeat: in order for the pipe bombs to have a diversionary effect, they’d have to be discovered at a time that was fairly closely synchronized with the attack on the Capitol.

But how could the pipe bomber have counted on random individuals or law enforcement discovering the bombs within that narrow timeframe? Is the pipe bomber just the luckiest person in the world that the first pipe bomb was sitting behind a trash can for over 16 hours only to be discovered by a random pedestrian just minutes before the initial attack on the Capitol? To add to his or her luck, the DNC bomb was not prematurely discovered in such a way that would foil the diversionary plans, but rather sat out in the open for 17 hours before it too was coincidentally discovered as the attack on the Capitol was unfolding, no more than 15 minutes after the first pipe bomb was discovered!

The infinitesimally implausible coincidences that would have to occur in order for this to be the case simply reinforce the importance of the individuals who discovered the pipe bombs under such circumstances. Under any circumstances, the people who discovered the bombs would be suspects; this is Steven D’Antuono’s position, not ours. And we would imagine this would be all the more so given the remarkable coincidences surrounding the discovery of both the DNC and RNC bombs and the near-perfect synchronization of their discovery with the unfolding attack on the Capitol.

And so we have come full circle. It is simply imperative that we identify the man in the backpack who alerts the Secret Service and Metro PD to the DNC bomb and find out how he came to discover the bomb and why the Secret Service was wholly unperturbed by the information, to the point of allowing children to walk right past the explosives.

We mentioned above that, as this article was embargoed pending the publication of Revolver News’ Darren Beattie’s interview with Tucker Carlson on this piece, the Blaze published a piece discussing the video in question and the man in the backpack. Although the man with the backpack’s identity has not yet been revealed, The Blaze’s Steve Baker was able to confirm that this individual was a plain-clothed officer working for the Capitol Police. This is an interesting discovery, especially in combination with some other relevant data points. Multiple sources have informed us that the first responder to the first “RNC” pipe bomb was a Capitol Hill Club security officer who had previously been with the Capitol Police. Given that the first responder to the first pipe bomb was a former Capitol Police officer and the man with the backpack was a plain clothes (undercover) Capitol Police officer, it is speculative, although plausible, that the link between this former Capitol Police security officer and the plain clothes Capitol Police officer with the backpack is the link between the remarkably coincidental discovery of the RNC bomb and the remarkably coincidental discovery of the DNC bomb.

As for Karlin Younger, the random pedestrian who randomly discovered the RNC bomb under remarkably coincidental circumstances, the pipe bomb investigation might benefit from interviewing her once more. Was she ever a suspect? As we might infer, she would have been given D’Antuono’s remark that the people who discovered the bombs would be suspects, at least initially. If Younger was a suspect, on what basis was she ruled out?

In light of all of these coincidences, it is interesting to note Younger’s current place of employment: Pendulum. Pendulum is a company staffed with DOD, DARPA, and CIA alums that does business with the government to “combat misinformation online.” Pendulum has so far released reports on Election Fraud, Covid Vaccine Misinformation, and, of course, QAnon Domestic Extremism.

We wonder if Pendulum would consider our reporting on the pipe bomb to be dangerous misinformation, but more on that very soon. Stay tuned.