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An exclusive analysis by Revolver News can prove that the FBI is in possession of, but has refused to release, security camera footage of the January 6 pipe bomber planting the pipe bomb at the DNC building at 7:52 p.m. on January 5th.

This extraordinary revelation should be the immediate subject of Congressional inquiry as to why the FBI has stonewalled release of the footage.

An executive summary of the missing footage has been condensed in this video below:

As described above and in more detail below, the stationary camera overlooking the DNC park benches — from which the FBI released a clip on March 9, 2021 timestamped approximately 7:42 p.m. on the night of January 5 2021 — should have a clear “moneyshot” picture of the pipe bomber reaching in to his bag and depositing the pipe bomb by the right bottom corner of the circled park bench in the image below.

All the FBI needs to do is show the same video camera’s footage from 10 minutes later:

We know this because of a simple Google Earth walkthrough (in detail below) and because the pipe bomber is captured at these same park benches on a second security camera whose footage the FBI released on September 8 last year (stillshot from such camera immediately below).

The reason the FBI has been hiding this key camera footage for 18 months is, for now, a matter of speculation.

What is now beyond speculation, however, is that the FBI has dead-on footage of the bomber planting the bomb at the DNC building. Yet despite a $100,000 reward out to the public asking for information leading the bomber’s arrest, the FBI is refusing to share this “moneyshot” footage with the public.

We will walk through the proof in detail below.

A Google Earth Walkthrough of the Pipe Bomber’s Path

To discover the fact of this missing footage from the FBI, Revolver took the path the FBI alleges the pipe bomber took and retraced the steps in Google Earth.

This path is set out by the FBI’s own video summary released on September 8 last year:

For purposes of the DNC building pipe bomb, the path starts one block north of the DNC building. At 7:40 p.m., per the FBI’s released footage from March 9 last year, the pipe bomber is walking south on the eastern sidewalk down South Capitol St. A still from that FBI YouTube video is below:

It was from this video that Revolver identified last year that the FBI must be withholding more footage of the pipe bomber than they have revealed. In the final frame of this video where the pipe bomber waits around for minutes, cell in hand, the pipe bomber is still in frame when the FBI cuts the footage. This is a stationary camera, meaning there must be more footage since the subject hasn’t left:

If the subject is still in the frame, this cannot be the final frame

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This is what tipped Revolver off last year that the FBI may be replicating the sketchy Jeffrey Epstein suicide situation, where, in FBI custody, the stationary cameras conveniently “broke” and then the CCTV footage was conveniently “erased”.

Recently, Revolver went into Google Earth to replicate this scene. This street in blue circle below, one street north of the DNC building, in red below:

You can see in Google Earth street view that scene corresponds to the street view below [note to the public: do not harass citizens or families living on this block, we are simply recreating the FBI’s own described path from publicly available information]:

If you turn around from that house you can see it’s about 2 blocks from the Capitol:

And if you keep walking south (like the bomb bomber did) you get to the DNC building on the next block (circled here). As per FBI video, the pipe bomber was loitering on the next block over, seeming to wait for a signal to go over to the DNC building the next door down:

Per the FBI’s graphic, below we recognize the pipe bomber’s walking path on South Capitol, and the circled area indicates the DNC park benches where the bomb would be found the next day on the 6th of January:

Again per the FBI graphic, below we depict the pipe bomber’s complete walking path around the DNC building.

He (or she) first arrives at the two-bench small park adjacent to the side of the building. He sits down on the street-side bench (what we call “Bench 1” in the summary video) at roughly 7:42 to 7:45 p.m. He checks his phone. He waits a minute. He gets up and walks around the building. He comes back to the benches. He sits on the building-side bench (what we call “Bench 2”) and deposits the bomb there, then leaves:

This is the street-side park bench (Bench 1) that the bomber sits on when he enters the DNC grounds, before he does his lap. He still has his bomb in the bag at this point:

Here’s is a still from the video the FBI publicly released from Camera 1 in the DNC park area showing the bomber on Bench 1 right after he enters:

You can corroborate it’s the same site in Google Earth and the FBI video not just from the identical map and identical bench and identical crosswalk at the Canal St. intersection, but also the identical signpost with the silver streaks below the “One Way” sign:

Here’s the Google street view:

Now, the FBI’s publicly released footage from Camera 1 shows the bomber getting up the Bench 1 and beginning his lap around the DNC building. Note he still has bomb in his bag:

That is the end the film from Camera 1, according to the FBI. But that is not only impossible, it’s a full-fledged scandal. The rest of the pipe bomber’s path illuminates why.

We are then told by the FBI that the bomber returns from his lap around the DNC building to the same park bench area, but this time he sits on the building-side park bench (what we call “Bench 2”). We know this because the FBI has disclosed a video from Camera 2, situated on the opposite side of the building from Camera 1:

It is from here that the bomber is said to have reached into his bag, pulled out the pipe bomb, and left it by the shrubbery-side leg of the bench:

In Google earth, you can pinpoint that exact location to right here:

You can see the bomb was just 5 to 7 feet from the side of the DNC building.

Since we now know Secret Service was guarding this building after the late reveal that Secret Service drove Kamala Harris to this very site at the DNC building, ask yourself, could the Secret Service really fail to discover this pipe bomb in a security sweep just 5 to 7 feet from the building’s exterior?

The north-side security camera facing south (what we call “Camera 2”) should have been the FBI’s perfect moneyshot. They caught the pipe bomber on the park bench, reaching into the bag, pulling out the pipe bomb, and leaving. Incredible! There’s just one problem: you can’t see any of the deeds named above because the entire sequence is occluded by giant shrubbery blocking Camera 2:

But if you follow the timeline, and you walk through the DNC park layout, you immediately see the massive problem here: Camera 1, the south stationary camera facing north, was fixed on BOTH park benches:

So Camera 1, unless it malfunctioned Epstein-style between 7:48pm and 7:52pm, would have caught the entire action sequence of the pipe bomber taking out and dropping off the DNC pipe bomb, totally unobstructed in a clear shot with nothing blocking Camera 1 at all! That same camera should contain the moneyshot at 7:52 p.m.:

Why would the FBI block the ultimate moneyshot of the pipe bomber walking up the bench, showing the pipe bomb in frame, and showing it being physically deposited?

That entire sequence is all right there on Camera 1. In the following clip, you can hear how frustrated MSNBC was by the failure to capture the moment the pipe bomb was planted, as the clip begins with “Now you don’t actually see the person place the pipe bomb”:

We now know that exact same stationary video surveillance camera would show the pipe bomber placing the pipe bomb in clear view, if the FBI simply turned over that same camera’s footage rolling just 10 minutes after the clip they already published!

Yet the FBI is still hiding this key clip 18 months later. This is despite the FBI ostensibly offering a $100,000 reward out to the public for any helpful identifying information.

Fedsurrection Connection:

The above bombshell revelation adds one more disturbing layer to an apparent cover-up of key details relating to the January 6 pipe bomb by the FBI and the Justice Department.

Indeed, the identity of the January 6 pipe bomber is one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.  The most wanted criminal in the biggest FBI investigation in US history has forever changed everything we thought we knew about living in a 21st century surveillance state. Evidently, all you need is a hoodie and you can neutralize the entire juggernaut field of modern forensics.

Let’s start with a recap of Fedsurrection concerns around the pipe bomb saga.

After 18 months, the complete and total failure of the FBI and Justice Department to find even a single lead on the bomber’s identity, or collect a single trace bioforensic particle from the bomber’s trip around Capitol Hill, defies all charitable interpretations. Revolver unpacked the whole sordid ordeal 16 months ago in this must-read primer piece.

The official story, from the FBI’s side, reads like a ghost story.


The night before January 6, a ghost figure strolled through DC’s Capitol Hill district—the seat of the US federal government. For more than an hour, the ghost walked on foot, on empty public streets, through surveillance fortress central, first to the DNC’s party headquarters, and then to the GOP’s, at each location removing from its backpack a live home-made explosive device. The DNC bomb was planted in plain view of a security camera the entire time.

Yet 18 months later, the pipe bomber not only has no name, it has no race, no gender, no age range. No leads on any of the above either. A ghost.

The ghost has no DNA. According to the FBI, the ghost never left a single fingerprint, skin cell, hair follicle, or breath droplet on anything it touched or sat on during the entire DC walking tour the FBI has captured on camera. No traces are recoverable from either of the two home-made pipe bomb devices the ghost presumably toiled over for hours building amateur-style in some basement somewhere.

For reference, in 2018, the dubbed “MAGA bomber” Cesar Sayoc, who allegedly built and mailed pipe bombs to prominent Democrats, was instantly identified from just a single trace fingerprint.

But the January 6 pipe bomb ghost never coughed, sneezed, or exhaled moisture onto any parts of any of the two devices, nor into its gloves before touching anything, or including the bag, the bombs, or the bench. There is nothing traceable from cell phone calls or text messages the pipe bomber may have interacted with, despite videos show him/her using a mobile device and being totally alone on the street for meters, with very few possible other pings nearby to narrow down the list of suspects.

Then throw in the fact that the DC FBI Field Office’s Assistant Director-In-Charge on the night of the pipe bombs was the same FBI special agent-in-charge whose agents sold pipe bomb materials to a right-wing militia just one month before the 2020 election.

Revolver covered the FBI and Justice Department sides of the pipe bomb cover-up all year last year. What we didn’t cover at the time was the role of the Secret Service. That’s because nothing was publicly known about the Secret Service’s role in the pipe bomb saga until November 2021, 10 months after the event.

As it turns out, the secret location Kamala Harris left the Capitol to go to in the morning — long before any violence or hint of violence ever broke out at the Capitol on January 6 — was none other than the DNC office building: the very site where the DNC pipe bomb had been planted the night before.

The Biden Administration, and Kamala Harris in particular, kept this fact such a secret that not even Democrat party inner circle members were allowed to know it until then.


In fact, not even the US Justice Department knew. Incredibly, for the first 10 months after January 6, in dozens of criminal indictments, federal prosecutors had gone out of their way to tell judges and grand juries that Kamala Harris was inside the Capitol building while it was under siege by protesters. Prosecutors were forced to file dozens of superseding indictments, because they had lied to federal judges and grand jurors to convince them that Harris was in the Capitol, under siege by the defendants on trial.

Finally, the reaction from Democrats to this latest development in the pipe bomb investigation will be telling. In this piece, we have shown conclusively that the FBI is withholding key footage of the pipe bomb suspect planting an explosive device outside of the Democrat National Committee. How odd would it be if the response to this piece is Republicans and Trump supporters clamoring for the FBI to release the footage, while Democrats stay silent.

It would almost be as odd as the New York Times running a sympathetic puff piece on the only January 6 rioter caught on camera repeatedly urging people to storm the Capitol as early as January 5th.

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In any case, we hope the Democrats will pleasantly surprise us in this case and join the American people in demanding that the FBI release the critical footage on the pipe bomber.

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