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We recently reported on the remarkable fact that former senior FBI official Steven D’Antuono voluntarily submitted himself before the judiciary committee and raised powerful objections to the Mar a Lago raid that serves as the basis of the sham indictment of President Trump. We reported that the most remarkable part of this story is not the objections themselves, but Steven D’Antuono’s identity — indeed, D’Antuono has long been a subject of Revolver News’ reporting as the man who oversaw the investigation into the infamous entrapment operation known as the Michigan Kidnapping plot and the equally bogus investigation into the so-called January 6 pipe bombs.

Finally, we said that we haven’t heard the last from Mr. D’Antuono. Now, we are in a position to reveal that Mar-a-Lago is not the only subject matter D’Antuono discussed with the committee, and that Revolver News’ Darren Beattie worked with Congressman Thomas Massie to produce questions concerning the pipe bomb investigation for D’Antuono to answer. A letter recently published by Jim Jordan alludes to some of the stunning results of this interrogation.

Here is the background from the Jim Jordan letter (emphasis ours):

On June 7, 2023, the Committee on the Judiciary conducted a transcribed interview of Steven D’Antuono, the former Assistant Director in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Washington Field Office (WFO). In that role, Mr. D’Antuono oversaw the WFO’s investigations into the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, including the placement of pipe bombs near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Republican National Committee (RNC) on January 5, 2021. Mr. D’Antuono’s testimony provided new information about the FBI’s investigation into the pipe bombs and reinforces our concerns about the FBI’s handling of the matter.

Anyone who has followed Revolver’s ground-breaking coverage of the pipe bomb investigation knows that the alleged pipe bomber depicted in the surveillance footage presented by the FBI is using a cell phone. It is by now common practice for law enforcement to use geo-fencing technology to find out the identity of a person if they know where the person was at a particular time. In fact, it is public knowledge that the FBI has used precisely this geo-fencing technology to identify a number of January 6 protestors.


According to journalist Marcy Wheeler, the FBI relied heavily on controversial geofence warrants as part of its investigations into January 6 suspects, identifying over 5,000 unique devices based on Google Location History. Geofence search warrants are meant to locate devices within a given area based on digital services like GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi signals. According to a follow-up report by Wired, the filings suggest that these geofence warrants also captured phones that were in airplane mode or otherwise out of cell service. Further, it appears that individuals who attempted to delete their location data in the days after January 6 were of particular interest to the FBI.

In fact, the pipe bomb suspect would be a particularly easy geo-fencing target because the suspect was alone in a specific, known area at a specific, known time. See, for instance, the surveillance footage released by the FBI:

According to Jim Jordan’s letter, Congressman Thomas Massie asked D’Antuono whether they attempted to identify the pipe bomber via geofencing, and received the following shocking answer: the data was corrupted! The telecom company just by sheer coincidence happened to lose the data for that particular place and time!

Here’s D’Antuono’s answer when asked about geofencing (emphasis ours):

So the – there’s a lot of phone data that came in. Yes, I’ve seen the same video. I’ve watched the same video. We put out the same video. It looks like a phone. Was it a real phone, a not a real phone, was it a ruse? Was it a – you know, I picked up my phone several times at meetings going, oh, yeah, I got to take this call, and walk out, right. The phone’s not on, right. So was the person just sitting there trying to pretend like they’re on a bench taking a phone call? We don’t know until we find the person, right, and ask them those questions.

We did a complete geofence. We have complete data. Not complete, because there’s some data that was corrupted by one of the providers, not purposely by them, right. It just – unusual circumstance that we have corrupt data from one of the providers. I’m not sure – I can’t remember right now which one. But for that day, which is awful because we don’t have that information to search. So could it have been that provider? Yeah, with our luck, you know, with this investigation it probably was, right. So maybe if we did have that – that data wasn’t corrupted – and it wasn’t purposely corrupted. I don’t want any conspiracy theories, right. To my knowledge, it wasn’t corrupted, you know, but that could have been good information that we don’t have, right. So that is painful for us not to have that. So we looked at everything.

What a quote for the ages: the dog ate the geofencing data that just happened to be critical to identifying this mysterious pipe bomber. It’s an “unusual circumstance” and he “doesn’t want any conspiracy theories.” Right Mr. D’Antuono, right.

Mr. D’Antuono was also asked whether the pipe bombs had live explosives or whether they were decoys. Mr. D’Antuono acknowledged that despite reports that the bombs were viable, in his estimation they were not set to go-off as the kitchen timer attached to the devices could not have detonated them. In a critical concession, D’Antuono admitted that “the timer used on the pipe bomb could not have detonated the pipe bomb on January 6th, given the time already elapsed between placement and discovery.” This led D’Antuono to join speculation that perhaps the pipe bombs weren’t intended to go off, saying “maybe they weren’t supposed to go off. We don’t know.”

Massie’s line of questioning and D’Antuono’s concession here reflect critical conclusions presented in Revolver News’ bombshell analysis of the pipe bomb case. Indeed, we noted that the mechanical timer on the pipe bombs had a maximum timer of only one hour. That means that, given that the pipe bomber planted the bombs around 8 p.m. on the evening of the 5th, the latest the pipe bombs could have gone off would be between 9 and 10 p.m. on the 5th. Given the placement of the bombs, this would have been a complete dud, and it’s not clear why a pipe bomber would plant them so far in advance of January 6th if the idea was to cause chaos on January 6th.

The implausibility that the pipe bombs were intended to go off at all gave rise to an alternative theory espoused by former Capitol Police chief Steven Sound that the pipe bombs were intended to be a diversion and not to go off. This theory gains support from the remarkable timing of the pipe bomb’s discovery. According to reports, the pipe bomb found by the RNC was discovered at 12:40 p.m. with an indication that it had 20 minutes left on the dial — discovered to the exact minute as to give the precise impression it was set to go off at 1:00 p.m., which was when the certification proceeding was to begin in Congress. Furthermore, the person who discovered the RNC pipe bomb at 12:40 p.m. called in and reported it, leading Capitol Police to start responding around 12:50 p.m., just a couple minutes before the first and decisive assault on the west perimeter of the Capitol began. Given the perfect synchronization between the discovery of the pipe bomb and both the certification proceeding in Congress and the assault on the western perimeter of the Capitol, it makes sense that the pipe bomb may have been panted as a diversion to divert resources away from the attack on the Capitol that began at 12:53 p.m. (incidentally, the very attack orchestrated by Ray Epps).

There’s only one problem with this diversion thesis. In order for this thesis to make sense, the person who planted the bomb would have to count on the bomb sitting there undiscovered for 17 hours, only for it to be discovered by someone within a very narrow timeframe corresponding to the attack on the Capitol. According to the official story, however, the person who discovered the RNC bomb in a back alley by the Capitol Hill Club is just a random pedestrian. What a coincidence indeed that after the pipe bomb sat there for 17 hours, a random pedestrian just happened to discover the pipe bomb in an alley to the exact minute that would be required to serve this “diversionary” purpose. Recall the following from Revolver’s definitive report:

It appears that the only way the “diversion” theory makes sense is if the pipe bomber knew someone would specifically discover and report the devices to authorities shortly before 1 p.m.

And that’s where things start to get weird. As mentioned in the summary above, not only was the first pipe bomb discovered near the RNC building at 12:40, it was discovered with the mechanical timer actually stuck on the 20 minute dial, as confirmed in this Madison Magazine piece entitled, “A Madison woman found the RNC pipe bomb in D.C.”

Madison Magazine (emphasis ours):

At noon on Wednesday, Jan. 6, Karlin Younger, working from home in Washington, D.C., decided to use the lunch hour to do laundry.

Even though she’s now in D.C., Younger has still worked remotely since the pandemic. Her apartment is in Washington’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, just a couple of blocks from the Capitol itself.

To reach the laundry room, Younger must walk out the front of her building and walk around to the back via an alleyway that’s shared with the Republican National Committee building, which is located at 310 First St. Southeast.

“It’s an old city block with the buildings flush together,” Younger says. She started her laundry, returned to her apartment, and then around 12:40 p.m. went back out to put her clothes in the dryer.

Younger closed the back gate and as she did so, looked down at what she thought was a piece of garbage or recycling intended for the cans that sit near the gate.

Then she looked a little closer.

“It was right next to the garbage can,” she says. “I saw a tangle of wires. I looked closer and saw a six-inch pipe capped on both ends. Then I saw a timer that was stuck on the number 20. It was a radial dial.”

Younger peered closer. Was it 20 seconds ticking down?

“Thankfully, it was 20 minutes showing on the dial,” she says.

Perhaps not to encourage any “conspiracy theories”, D’Antuono demures on saying whether he subscribes to the “diversion thesis” and, if he does, how one could account for the remarkable coincidence a random pedestrian discovering the RNC pipe bomb in such a time and in such a manner. According to Jordan’s letter, D’Antuono acknowledged that it would be “investigation 101” to interview the individuals who discovered the bombs, yet he was unable to confirm whether the FBI had taken this basic investigative step.” Remarkable indeed! D’Antuono is the face of the most high profile and serious of the January 6-related investigations, and he is unable to say for certain whether his people took the basic “investigation 101” step of interviewing the individuals who discovered the bombs. For that matter, he is unable to say whether Karlin Younger was ruled out as a suspect and if so, why.

As for the discovery of the DNC bombs, the story is even more bizarre. The bomb had been sitting conspicuously by a park bench outside of the DNC for 17 hours, and for 17 hours no one — not pedestrians, motorists, the security guard stationed 17 feet away or even the secret service — found the bomb. And yet, curiously, it happened to be found just moments after the RNC bomb was called in by Karlin Younger. Credible sources tell Revolver News there is video footage of the DNC bomb being found by a particular individual, but D’Antuono cannot even confirm whether that individual was even interviewed. 

You see folks, D’Antuono doesn’t want to encourage conspiracy theories.

To read the definitive treatment of the pipe bomb mechanical timer, read the classic Revolver News piece with all the dark details laid out: Jan 6 Pipe Bomber’s Mechanical Timer Detonates Fedsurrection Lie.

The Jordan letter concludes with a number of demands that follow directly from Revolver News’ ground breaking coverage on the pipe bomb investigation (emphasis ours):

Accordingly, we reiterate our outstanding request for a full briefing about the status of the pipe bomb investigation. In addition, to assist with our oversight of this matter, we request the following documents and information:

1. All FBI reports, analyses, or assessments conducted or prepared relating to the viability of the pipe bombs placed outside the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee on January 5, 2021;

2. The chain-of-custody logs for the video footage provided to the FBI from the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, the Capitol Hill Club, or any surrounding residences;

3. All transcripts and memoranda, including but not limited to FD-302s and FD-1023s, of the FBI’s interviews with the individuals who discovered each of the pipe bombs, potential witnesses to the placement of the pipe bombs, or any other individuals with knowledge about the matter;

4. All documents and communications referring or relating to the FBI’s gathering of cell phone records relating to the placement of the pipe bombs; and

5. All documents and communications referring or relating to video and other material concerning the identification of the individual who discovered the pipe bomb outside the Democratic National Committee.

Note that Revolver News’ Darren Beattie has been calling for #2 in particular for a long time; that is, the full raw and unedited surveillance footage from the DNC depicting the pipe bomber. This is because Revolver News proved that the surveillance footage had been artificially degraded, producing an impossibly low frame rate that would make it impossible to identify key characteristics of the alleged pipe bomber depicted.

READ MORE: Did the FBI Tamper With the Frame Rate of the Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Footage?

We have Steven D’Antuono caught wide-eyed and scared, doing his best to cover his bases before the whole sordid plot unravels. In the wake of this incredible progress, the number one thing we have to do is exert public pressure to ensure that the FBI gives up to the Judiciary Committee the requested information.

It’s time to demand the answers that the American people deserve; no matter how dark, no matter how damning. Stay tuned. This thing is going to get a lot uglier.

Full Jim Jordan Letter Here:

Pipe Bomb Letter 6.14.23