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The skies aren’t so friendly these days. Turn around, and there’s another airline mess in the headlines: tech glitches, pilots in distress mid-flight, transgender CEOs, doors coming loose, missing bolts and screws, and passengers duking it out in the aisles. But wait, it gets wilder. We just heard about this latest doozy: a Delta flight was gearing up to take off from Atlanta and was heading down the runway, when all of a sudden the darn wheel fell off the plane and rolled away.

What on earth is happening, folks? It really makes you want to jump on a plane and jet off, doesn’t it?

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What’s going on with US aviation? It’s high time for a serious probe before more people get hurt, or worse. A lot of folks are pointing fingers at the left’s obsession with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which they are force-feeding everyone, like it or not. We are now choosing “American Charity” over “American Excellence.” And as a result, we’re giving jobs to people not based on their skills but on their skin color, gender identity, or sexual preferences. And then we wonder, Why are things falling apart?”

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Revolver saw this disaster unfolding a while back and wrote a series of articles on how our airline industry was flailing, thanks to DEI and the vaccine mandates.


Two private planes collided on the runway of a Houston airport early last week. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, and the ultimate nightmare scenario of a midair collision did not transpire. Investigators are still looking into the incident, though early reports suggest the air traffic controllers were responsible.

New York Times (archive):

“We just had a midair,” the pilot of the Hawker is heard saying in an audio recording posted on LiveATC.net, which shares live and archived recordings of air traffic control radio transmissions.

Someone in the control tower responds by saying, “Say what?”

“You guys cleared somebody to take off or land, and we hit them on a departure,” the Hawker pilot says.

The recent accident in Houston is just the latest noteworthy instance in what a major New York Times investigation this summer determined to be “an alarming pattern of safety lapses and near misses in the skies and on the runways in the USA.” According to internal records of the Federal Aviation Agency, the Times reported that these safety lapses and near misses occurred as a “result of human error.” The Times report further revealed that “runway incursions” of the sort described above have nearly doubled, from 987 to 1732, despite the widespread proliferation of advanced technologies.

A follow-up report by the Times revealed that Austin’s airport alone has experienced so many close calls as a result of air traffic controller error that a pilot proclaimed, “They’re trying to kill us in Austin.” One such incident involved an air traffic controller clearing a FedEx cargo plane to land on a runway just as a Southwest Airlines jet was set to take off on the same runway. The air traffic controller in question said the Southwest jet would take off before the FedEx plane got too close, though the two planes ended up just seconds from colliding, with the FedEx plane skimming less than 100 feet over the Southwest jet, whose 128 passengers had no clue how narrowly they just escaped death.

Understaffing and COVID vaccine mandates are big problems, sure. But there’s also a noticeable drop in the quality of folks getting hired, and guess what? DEI initiatives are a big reason for that. The Revolver article dives deeper into this:

The aggressive substitution of merit in favor of diversity has led to a so-called competency crisis, jeopardizing not only our ability to generate innovative technology but, in a more dire sense, our ability to simply maintain the proper functioning of various complex systems vital to our existence as a first-world civilization. Despite the superficiality of “diversity” as a matter of rhetoric, the reality of diversity as an ideological, cultural, and legal imperative is not merely cosmetic—far from it.

While a full treatment of this topic would run far outside the scope of this article, we have discussed elsewhere the manner and extent to which the affirmative action regime is embedded deeply into the law, economy, and every major institution in the country.

One special outgrowth of the diversity regime is the legal doctrine of “disparate impact,” according to which any employment vetting metric (like a standardized test) is presumptively discriminatory and illegal, irrespective of intent, if some races perform worse than others, leading to a “disparate impact” in terms of which races are hired for which jobs.

We highly recommend reading the entire article. It’s an eye-opener and a jaw-dropper, giving you a crystal-clear picture of the real turbulence in our aviation industry.

Crash Landing: The Inside Scoop About How Covid and Affirmative Action Policy Gutted Aviation Safety

And in case you’re wondering where Delta’s priorities lie, it doesn’t appear to be on “safety.”

We live in scary, unsafe times, folks. While you’re on the ground or up in the air, stay sharp. Keep an eye on the plane, and if something looks off, don’t keep it to yourself. Speaking up could save your life and that of many others in this dangerous DEI era we’re living in. Here’s to safe travels and keeping the wheels where they belong: on the plane.