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New York City’s Democratic Socialist Congressman Jamaal Bowman attempted a “stunt” that seems to have spectacularly backfired. Bowman pulled a fire alarm, which is a major faux pas, in an attempt to delay and obstruct an official House vote. Gee, we were told doing something like that is an “insurrection.”

The insurrection was caught on security camera. This is the image that Capitol Police released that shows the socialist pulling the fire alarm.

Others filmed the mayhem.

Mr. Bowman is currently in police custody.

The New York Post:

Socialist Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulled the fire alarm in a House office building Saturday as Democrats tried to delay a vote on a Republican stopgap spending bill.

The wild incident in the Cannon Building was caught on camera and confirmed by several witnesses, according to Politico.

“This is the United States Congress, not a New York City high school. To pull the fire alarm to disrupt proceedings when we are trying to draft legislation to AVERT A SHUTDOWN is pathetic…even for members of the socialist squad,” Staten Island GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Malliotakis’ office told The Post they would move to have Bowman expelled from the chamber.

“NY Democrat Jamaal Bowman literally pulled a fire alarm to stall and prevent our efforts to force a vote to keep the federal government open. Pathetic. Criminal investigation needs to happen,” said upstate GOP Congressman Nick Langworthy.

Triggering a “false fire alarm” is considered a misdemeanor in the District of Columbia, carrying a sentence of up to six months behind bars. But many J6ers have been charged and convicted under the 20-year felony “obstructing an official proceeding” statute for disrupting the ceremonial ratification of electoral college votes on January the 6th. So, will he be arrested under the extremely dangerous precedent set by corrupt Merrick Garland and D.C. District Attorney Matthew Graves of Fatima Goss-Graves fame? That’s what independent journalist Julie Kelly is asking.

Corrupt Merrick Garland and the radical leftist Matthew Graves refused to partner with David Weiss to prosecute Hunter Biden, and there is no doubt they will not prosecute Socialist Rep. Bowman.

There are two standards of justice in this country under the rule of this communist deep state regime.

Will Mr. Bowman face a 20-year felony charge for obstructing an official proceeding, similar to the penalties imposed on the January 6th political prisoners? After all, nobody is above the law, right, Democrats?