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Revolver recently published an article shedding light on the “Swamp Cabal”; a group of five individuals operating under Merrick Garland with the objective of infiltrating and assuming control of the DOJ. At the helm of this cabal is D.C. prosecutor Matthew Graves, the guy responsible for the excessive charging in all matters related to “J6,” the sham prosecutions of Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, and now he’s also going after 70-year-old pro-life women with the fire and fervor of a thousand suns.


It’s only when the demons start feeling threatened that they reveal themselves in a desperate bid to hold onto power, and that’s exactly what we’re witnessing in our government today. Elected and unelected bureaucrats forming these tyrannical wicked “cabals” to wage war against the very people who put them in office and pay their salary. Essentially, our government is a private club with the same interconnected elites seamlessly moving from one situation to another, utilizing their connections to manipulate outcomes that support their agendas. It’s an exclusive club, and you’re not on the guest list.

Just look at the case of Matthew Graves, the District Attorney for D.C., and the mastermind behind the January 6th political weaponization. Interestingly, he happens to be married to a woman named Fatima Goss Graves, who is the head of the National Women’s Law Center, and who played a very pivotal role in securing his position. Remarkably, just a month after Fatima’s meetings with Biden officials, her husband secured his job. Now, he’s executing the regime’s plan to weaponize the justice system and undermine Trump supporters. According to investigative journalist Julie Kelly, Fatima has made an astonishing 28 visits to the White House since her husband landed his influential position.

You can read the entire piece here: Mark Levin names them: here are the five “cabal” members who hijacked the DOJ…

Clearly, Graves and his very influential wife are playing a pivotal role in the regime’s scheme to completely seize control of the DOJ, much like their takeover of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and IRS. They establish a strong presence and quickly become deeply rooted, making it nearly impossible to dislodge them, even long after Obama or Biden are gone.

The only way to successfully combat this cabal is to call them out in the open, and hopefully, that’s what Republicans are planning to do with this latest move. As a matter of fact, they’ve been trying to get Graves to sit before Congress and explain himself since May.


House Republicans are demanding the U.S. Attorney for D.C., who prosecutes most violent crime in the city, testify at a congressional hearing later this month on rising crime and recent data showing the federal office has declined to prosecute a majority of cases brought to it by D.C. police.

Now, we realize that the GOP isn’t exactly a “force to be reckoned with,” if anything, most of them are more closely aligned with the left than they are with the country, however, there’s a few who are still pushing for justice. Others, who may be on the fence,  are feeling the pressure  to comply. That could be why we’re now hearing that Matthew Graves, the man at the very center of the Swamp Cabal, is being hauled into Congress.

Here’s a closeup of the images Julie shared:

Of course, it would have been fantastic if Republicans had launched their own J6 committee about eight months ago. But, as we all know, most of these folks probably already hold the answers to the questions we’re all asking, and they seem determined to keep those answers hidden. So, let’s hope that fate, karma, or whatever you want to call it, steps in and serves up some good old-fashioned truth and justice. It should start with Mr. Graves, who’s been diligently doing the bidding of the Biden regime, effectively turning the U.S. into a twisted version of North Korea, complete with political prisoners and concocted charges.