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Why isn’t Merrick Garland behind bars? If any of us were to commit perjury before Congress, we’d probably find ourselves swiftly behind bars. It’s become clear that the United States operates with a “two-tiered” justice system. On one side, those who don’t support the regime experience the full force of the justice system, while regime supporters or collaborators often escape serious consequences, like Hunter Biden and Ray Epps.

Biden’s obedient lapdog, Attorney General Merrick Garland, appeared at a House Judiciary committee hearing where he faced tough questions from Republican lawmakers regarding his politically weaponized and morally unjust department. Predictably, he crumbled under the pressure, like most liars and traitors do.

Miranda Devine for The New York Post:

You would think that an attorney general who has presided over the embarrassing debacle of the Hunter Biden investigation would express contrition, or maybe a little anger at the underlings who have shamed him, when he is hauled before a congressional committee to explain his failures.

But alas, Merrick Garland is just another Mr. Magoo.

His department is ablaze but he knows nothing.

The nation’s chief law enforcement officer has no special insight into the malfeasance unfolding under his nose.

He is just an oblivious bystander, unperturbed by the tyrannical turn the DOJ has taken under his leadership, persecuting his boss’s political enemies and coddling the crooked president’s crooked relatives.

Even though Garland used to be a judge, he makes no judgments at all.

He professes to have no view about US Attorney David Weiss’ farcical five-year “investigation” of the president’s 53-year-old son Hunter.

“I promised the Senate that I would not interfere,” he told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

“I have not intruded or attempted to evaluate that, because that was the promise I made to the Senate.” What an honorable man, keeping his promises.

But he’s the ship’s captain. There is a fire in the hold, the vessel is going down, and he doesn’t even trouble himself to find out what happened.

However, one of the most poignant moments of the hearing was when Merrick Garland perjured himself and Rep. Thomas Massie called him out on it.

Columbia Bugle:

“I Think You May Have Just Perjured Yourself”

@RepThomasMassie Grills AG Garland For Refusing To Answer Questions About Government Assets On January 6th And The Mysterious Misdemeanor Charge For Ray Epps

“Isn’t that a wonderful coincidence? On a misdemeanor! Meanwhile you’re sending grandmas to prison! You’re putting people away for 20 years for merely filming, some people weren’t even there! Yet you’ve got the guy on video who is saying go into the Capitol, he’s directing people to the Capitol before the speech ends, he’s at the site of the first breach, you’ve got all the goods on him, ten videos, and it’s an indictment for a misdemeanor?!”

“The American Public isn’t buying it.”

“The charge is a joke.”

Merrick should’ve been hauled off to jail right then and there, or at the very least, a criminal investigation into his perjury should have been initiated. However, these are Republicans, and “action” isn’t something they’re known for. But could that be changing? Maybe, after what Rep. Troy Nehls did to Merrick Garland and Joe Biden. He took them both down with one “Burisma” blow and made the case, in just two minutes and twenty-five seconds, for the impeachment of both Joe and Merrick. All Merrick could do in response is giggle.

Right now, our country is being run into the ground by traitors, crooks, and Marxist ghouls. Sean Davis, the editor of The Federalist, said it best in a powerful post on X:

It’s a real possibility that Merrick Garland, much like his supposed “boss” Joe Biden, is a clueless figurehead, poised to take the fall if anything goes awry. The real puppet masters pulling the strings are likely more intelligent and astute than “Mr. Magoos” like Joe Biden, and possibly Merrick Garland.