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Well, we’ve always been told that the US boasts the safest and fairest elections in the world and that absolutely no one cheats—so it’s downright shocking to hear another story about Democratic operatives being arrested for election fraud, isn’t it? Of course, we’re dripping with sarcasm here. We all know the real deal: our elections are about as “safe” and “fair” as our current court systems, which seem to only work in your favor if you play by the regime’s rules. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

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At last, one notorious “ballot stuffer” named Wanda Geter-Pataky, who was caught on film allegedly jamming ballot boxes to the brim, has finally been nabbed in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She’s facing charges of election fraud and witness tampering related to a 2019 mayoral campaign. But really, this bust just scratches the surface, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder if this same playbook was used in countless other elections, right?

CT Post:

Wanda Geter-Pataky, deputy head of the city’s Democratic Town Committee, City Councilman Alfredo Castillo and two workers on the 2019 mayoral campaigns were arrested Tuesday and charged with election fraud.

Geter-Pataky, 67, and Castillo, 52, Nilsa Heredia, 61 – supporters of Mayor Joe Ganim’s re-election for mayor – and Josephine Edmonds, 62 – a supporter for state Sen. Marilyn Moore, who primaried Ganim – were charged with multiple counts of election fraud in connection with absentee ballots for the 2019 mayoral primary.

Geter-Pataky’s lawyer, John R. Gulash, declined to comment further but confirmed that his client surrendered at Troop G, the state police barracks in Bridgeport, Tuesday morning after being told there was a warrant for her arrest.

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Here’s a photo of the four Dems who were arrested:

Fox News host Jesse Watters covered the breaking story on his show.

Interestingly enough, Democrats swear this sort of thing never happens. Meanwhile, we’ve all seen countless similar videos of folks stuffing ballot boxes, and who can forget the sketchy suitcases of ballots that were pulled out after a polling location closed for a “major water break” that was actually a dripping toilet?

I Meme Therefore I Am:

Remember when the MSM told you to not believe your lying eyes.

Here is a video footage from Georgia showing suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under table AFTER Supervisor told GOP Poll Workers to leave Tabulation Center.

President Trump was ahead of Biden by more than 160,000 votes in Georgia on election night when all of a sudden Fulton County stopped counting ballots after a “pipe burst”.

Officials in Georgia weren’t able to produce any invoices or work orders related to a “burst pipe” at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena that was blamed for an abrupt pause in vote counting on election night.

We now know that a little pipe burst in another part of the building and the issue was taking care of in a matter of minutes. The accident was an excuse to kick out poll watchers while a few crooks stayed behind to count illegal ballots for Joe Biden.
It was their criminal act that gave Biden the spike in unexplained votes and the lead in Georgia on Wednesday morning and helped Biden to ‘win’ the state with 11,779 more votes.

Do the math: 4 suitcases, 1 tabulator processes 3K ballots in 1 hour, multiple tabulator, 2 hours, 3 unsupervised crooks with ballots we even don’t know where they came from.

If you question why they lied about bursted pipe, stopped counting votes, kicked the poll watchers or ask why suitcase stuffed with ballots were pulled from under the table you are a conspiracy theorist.

Nobody got arrested for fraudulent election but President Trump is being arrested and faces 78 charges, and 641 years in prison for questioning a rigged election.

If that was any other country American would have invaded it by now.

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The left insists there’s nothing to see here, claiming these clips were somehow “deceptively edited.” Would they sing the same tune about Wanda the Stuffer? Absolutely. The left will never admit that our elections might as well be out of a banana republic playbook—if they acknowledged that, it would shatter any illusion of their “victories.”