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A truly stunning protest move just unfolded in Florida. A hot-shot anti-Trump lawyer, utterly disgusted by the sham conviction against President Trump, decided to fight back in a big and rather unexpected way—by donating half a million bucks to Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Yes, you read that right—half a million dollars. That’s one heck of a YUGE statement, isn’t it? Especially from a Hillary and Biden voter. Talk about a major protest donation from someone who’s seriously fed up…

Miami Herald:

Hugh Franklin Culverhouse, Jr. — former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida and the son of the former owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — has given former President Donald Trump half a million dollars for his presidential campaign in protest of his felony conviction.

Last week, Trump was convicted on 34 counts in a New York state case of falsifying documents to hide hush-money payments to a porn star in order to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Culverhouse told the Herald/Times this week that he feels like the case against Trump was politically motivated, as are the six other criminal and civil cases against him, and violate Trump’s constitutional right to testify.

“Anything he says on that witness stand can be used in all of the remaining suits,” Culverhouse, who practices constitutional law, said. “So, you basically have a violation of the Fifth Amendment.”

Culverhouse added: “The bottom line: that’s not kosher. That’s not fair. That’s not constitutional.”

Here’s where it gets even more interesting, folks. Consider this: the guy’s a Hillary-Biden voter who’s contributed to the Biden campaign and the Lincoln Project. Yet he’s so fed up with what the Democrats are doing that he just forked over $500,000 to Donald Trump. Let that sink in for a moment. The Miami Herald piece continues:

Culverhouse, who is 75 and practices law at his firm in Coral Gables, has a long record of cutting large political checks to both Democrats and Republicans. Federal records show he donated to the Biden campaign and even the anti-Trump Lincoln Project in 2020, but has more recently been a big supporter of Republican causes, contributing more than $750,000 to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ failed presidential campaign.

Culverhouse, who said he’s currently a registered Republican but has been an independent in the past, said he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020. But since Biden took office, Culverhouse said he’s become increasingly conservative. Culverhouse “lost faith” in Biden after he withdrew from Afghanistan in 2021.

“You don’t walk out on your allies and just flee,” Culverhouse said.

And he’s been turned off by other policies such as Biden’s effort to cancel student debt.
While Culverhouse isn’t thrilled about Trump, he said he plans to vote for him in 2024 because he believes he’s being politically persecuted in the legal system.

The hefty protest donation from Attorney Culverhouse isn’t as shocking as you might think. After all, following the unjust, anti-American, and unconstitutional conviction, the American public launched their own monumental protest—by donating nearly $53 million to President Trump. It was a record-breaking haul and reminded us of a blockbuster opening weekend, where support for the beloved star just keeps pouring in.

Dustin Mills:

The Trump campaign has raised a total of $52.8 million in the 24 hours following Trump’s conviction in New York.

The amount means the Trump campaign is raking in over $2 million an hour.

The Trump campaign also reported that over a third of the donations came from new donors.

“With more than one-third of these donors being new to the campaign, it is clear that more and more Americans are seeing through the Biden election interference and joining President Trump in the movement to save our nation,

Recent polls from crucial swing states like Pennsylvania reveal that the American public isn’t buying into the unjust convictions. Just check out the numbers Trump is drawing, a direct testament to his incredible handling of the US economy during his first term. The key question here is very simple: Were you and your family better off under Trump or Biden?

Considering the dismal state of Biden’s economy, you’ve gotta wonder just how much higher Trump’s real numbers might be, right?

So, it seems the plan to convict President Trump on sham, trumped-up charges has spectacularly backfired. They piled on too much, too quickly, and ended up looking extremely orchestrated, desperate, and tyrannical. Ironically, one of the first to call this backfire was none other than Trump-hater Frank Luntz. Back in March, he warned CNN and their viewers that this plot would blow up in their faces—and it looks like he hit the nail on the head.

Kanekoa The Great:

NEW: Frank Luntz Warns CNN Seizing Donald Trump’s Properties Will Backfire: “You Are Going to Elect Donald Trump”

“He’s going to go up in the polls just like he went up every single time they indicted him.”

“If the New York Attorney General starts to take his homes away, starts to seize his assets, it’s all going to be on camera, pundits are going to sit there and scream about this, and you’re going to create the greatest victimhood of 2024.”

“You are going to elect Donald Trump.”

“Why is Donald Trump beating Joe Biden when he’s got 85 indictments? Felonies? Trump is leading, and in the seven swing states, Trump is up by the margin of error in five out of seven; why is that happening?”

Luntz, who isn’t a Trump supporter, realizes that the American people do not want to see their country turn into a banana republic.

Americans do not want to see the party in power imprisoning political adversaries and confiscating their assets, not for clear crimes like murder or bribery, but rather based on novel and dubious interpretations of the law.

If the legal system can be weaponized against a former president, what hope does an ordinary American citizen have?

Revolver was ahead of the curve, pointing out the flaws in the regime’s flimsy cases against President Trump several months ago, especially Bragg’s silly case. It became the sole case they had to use for their sham conviction after the other cases crumbled and couldn’t be tried before the election. This flim-flam “hush money” case was never part of the original conviction plan, but as circumstances changed quickly, the Deep State had to adapt.


Many would say that Trump’s indictment became inevitable after January 6, after he announced his 2024 campaign. Those voices would be wrong, though. The indictment of Donald Trump has been inevitable since the moment Trump won the 2016 election, because all along, winning that election with the transformative America First message campaigned on has always been the “real” crime of Donald Trump.

That truth is proven by the sheer scale of the investigations into Trump, as the many haters and losers scramble for any way to put him away for good. First there was Crossfire Hurricane, sparked by James Comey and others deciding that desiring normal relations with Russia was evidence of criminal behavior. Then there was the absurd and seemingly endless Mueller probe in reaction to Trump firing then FBI director James Comey. Besides the pending Manhattan case, Trump may also soon be indicted for “election interference” in Fulton County, Georgia, or for “insurrection” on January 6, or for improper handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Every one of these cases is a trivial farce. Whether Georgia was stolen in 2020 or not, there is zero doubt that Trump genuinely thought it was. Trump wasn’t at the Capitol on January 6, and did nothing that day besides encourage protests. And as for classified documents, as president Trump could literally declassify any document he wanted with his mind.

And yet, of all those, the charges expected to come down this week might be the silliest of all.

How weak is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump? Just to bring his coming indictment, Bragg had to resurrect an investigation after scuttling it for lack of a compelling case. Though the investigation started with grandiose dreams of finding massive tax violations or unwinding a vast criminal business empire, Bragg eventually had to settle for looking at Trump lawyer’s Michael Cohen’s alleged hush money payouts to stripper Stormy Daniels. Paying hush money isn’t a crime, though, so Bragg has to argue these de facto blackmail payments violated New York reporting standards for businesses. Even that crime is only a misdemeanor; to make it a felony, Bragg will have to argue that Trump’s hush money payments were ackshually an illegal contribution to his own campaign. In other words, New York officials will argue that Trump, who had the right to spend an unlimited amount of his own money on his campaign, broke campaign finance law by reimbursing his personal lawyer out of his own pocket for a nuisance payoff related to activity that allegedly occurred a decade prior to the campaign. The claim is a legal travesty. Over the past seven years, the criminal case against Trump has fallen from “secret meetings with Putin to betray America” to this unholy procedural abortion.

How political is Bragg’s case? When he was elected, Bragg published a “Day One” memo announcing he would no longer prosecute “low-level” crimes like fare evasion, prostitution, or resisting arrest, and would rely on “community solutions and support services” to combat epidemic shoplifting. Bragg is also the overgrown vermin who tried to charge bodega owner Jose Alba with murder for defending himself against a violent criminal.

Now, one of America’s most pro-crime (and pro-criminal) DAs has lurched into a great crusade to nitpick Donald Trump’s seven-year-old paperwork violations. Trump may soon displace Julian Assange as the world’s most clear-cut example of “anarcho-tyranny.” As Revolver summed it up back in 2021:

You can read this entire fascinating piece here:

Trump Indictment Is Biden Regime’s “Nuclear Option” in the War on America

Americans are clearly waking up, and they don’t like what they’re seeing: a tyrannical regime that’s gone rogue. This is exactly the kind of government the Founding Fathers warned us about. The American people are speaking out with their wallets and voting against this tyranny. Will this momentum last until November? Time will tell. Right now, President Trump is riding this wave like a seasoned surf pro. Unless something truly gnarly blocks his path, he’s on track to secure a victory. But let’s stay vigilant—expect the left to pull out new and inventive cheating tactics. They won’t go down without a serious, bloody fight.