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Revolver’s been at the forefront of some major stories over the years. We were digging into the DEI debates and the left’s undercover “color revolution” way before it was on everyone’s radar. But our deep dive into the January 6th story has been a game-changer for the American people. We kicked things off by challenging the dramatic media lies about Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. The narrative had him as the murder victim of a violent MAGA mob, but we investigated beyond the headlines and revealed that wasn’t true at all. Then, we investigated the whole “Fedsurrection” angle, revealing how undercover agents and operatives were all over the Capitol that day. Remember the Ray Epps situation? Well, we dug into that mystery too and revealed that Mr. Epps’ story simply didn’t add up. And let’s not forget the “Pipe Bomb” narrative—we didn’t just take it at face value; we blew the lid off of that with more solid investigative work.

Mop-Up Man: Is This Former ATF Agent Running the J6 Pipe Bomb Coverup?

At the heart of our battle against the regime’s spin machine is Darren Beattie, the brains and investigative brawn behind Revolver. Years down the line, and we’re still peeling back the layers of what truly went down that day. Darren and the team’s commitment to uncovering the truth has been nothing short of inspiring.

Darren recently brought his dynamic J6 insight to a sit-down with James Poulos on Blaze TV’s “Zero Hour.” They dove deep into the Deep State and January 6th, looking back at where we stood three years ago versus where we are today. It’s clear that, thanks to the relentless investigations by Revolver and other right-wing platforms, we’ve shattered the regime’s narrative and revealed what many believe to be one of the most sinister, government-led assaults on innocent Americans.

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In the interview with Blaze TV, Darren Beattie talks for over 30 minutes with James Poulos, laying out his insights on January 6th. Enjoy the clip below. Here’s the description:

Darren Beattie, founder of Revolver News, joins James Poulos to discuss the conflicting narratives surrounding the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, including the still-unidentified pipe bomber and the Capitol Police’s questionable response. When Americans lose trust in news reporting and journalism, Beattie argues, speculation clouds stories like Ray Epps’ involvement in the so-called “insurrection” or even Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Beattie also addresses deep-state strategies and how he believes they impacted geopolitical issues, such as the Nord Stream pipeline explosions, Putin and Russia’s influence, and the 2020 election between Trump and Biden. James and Darren also discuss whether Big Tech and the establishment media will once again try to influence the 2024 election. Or, will Americans challenge the narratives early on before they crystallize?

Revolver’s relentless pursuit of the truth behind the January 6th narrative has definitely put the media, the feds, and the political establishment in a tough spot. Their story just doesn’t hold up when you look closer. We’re proud to have played a part in bringing the real story to light, cutting through the propaganda to give the American people the facts about what happened that day, and how President Trump and his supporters were likely set up by their own government.

Take a closer look at our investigation into January 6th. We’ve gathered some of our most groundbreaking investigative pieces into a virtual library, so you can easily explore the real story:

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