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President Trump is up against a ruthless political machine that is programmed to seek and destroy him, using a judicial system that once commanded tremendous respect but has now been reduced to a political clown show, thanks to Dems and uniparty stooges who are determined to take Trump down at all costs. The media would have you believe that the country is unanimously cheering on these sham indictments against President Trump, but the real situation tells a totally different story. Trump is ahead in nearly every legitimate poll, a clear signal from the American people about how they view his leadership compared to Joe Biden, who seems so confused he can hardly see straight.

Joe Biden is flailing so badly that, at some point, his handlers are going to have to relegate him back to the basement.

Biden also claims that his uncle was killed by cannibals.

The bottom line is that no matter how hard they go after President Trump with these sham charges and kangaroo court trials, the American people understand what’s at stake and can see who the real leader is. Speaking of these sham trials, President Trump is right in the thick of one as we speak. He’s confronting laughable allegations of “criminal activity” related to a proposed hush money case—a case that most legal experts would hardly qualify as a “misdemeanor” under normal circumstances. This trial is showing the nation just how far the Democrats are willing to go to take down a major political opponent. As long-time Democrat Stephen Smith has pointed out, they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they’ll try to take him down with a three-ring court circus.

The silver lining here is that President Trump has the support he needs from his base and from his wife. According to reports, Melania has made it clear that she’s not buying into these bogus claims, and she’s outraged over the attempts to discredit her husband.

The New York Times:

In January 2018, when she first saw reports that her husband had paid off a porn actor, Melania Trump was furious. She jetted off to Palm Beach, Florida, leaving the president to languish in Washington. She eventually returned, only to take a separate car to Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

As a criminal trial against Trump opened Monday, on charges that he had falsified records to cover up that sex scandal involving Stormy Daniels, Melania Trump did not appear. She has long privately referred to the case involving Daniels as “his problem” and not hers.

But the former first lady shares his view that the trial itself is unfair, according to several people familiar with her thinking.

In private, she has called the proceedings “a disgrace” tantamount to election interference, according to a person with direct knowledge of her comments who could not speak publicly out of fear of jeopardizing a personal relationship with the Trumps.

President Trump has denied having an affair with the washed-up D-list porn actress. As a matter of fact, Stormy Daniels has also denied the affair in writing, as Revolver recently reported.


In the whirlwind of this “hush money” saga, let’s not forget a key detail: the woman at the center of it all has firmly denied any affair with President Trump and the existence of the “hush money” deal. She even went as far as putting it down in writing.

Oops: Stormy Daniels unequivocally stated in writing that the affair and ‘hush money’ never happened…

Of all the fraudulent and shambolic cases against Trump, this one is the weakest, as Revolver reported over a year ago:

Many would say that Trump’s indictment became inevitable after January 6, after he announced his 2024 campaign. Those voices would be wrong, though. The indictment of Donald Trump has been inevitable since the moment Trump won the 2016 election, because all along, winning that election with the transformative America First message campaigned on has always been the “real” crime of Donald Trump.

That truth is proven by the sheer scale of the investigations into Trump, as the many haters and losers scramble for any way to put him away for good. First there was Crossfire Hurricane, sparked by James Comey and others deciding that desiring normal relations with Russia was evidence of criminal behavior. Then there was the absurd and seemingly endless Mueller probe in reaction to Trump firing then FBI director James Comey. Besides the pending Manhattan case, Trump may also soon be indicted for “election interference” in Fulton County, Georgia, or for “insurrection” on January 6, or for improper handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Every one of these cases is a trivial farce. Whether Georgia was stolen in 2020 or not, there is zero doubt that Trump genuinely thought it was. Trump wasn’t at the Capitol on January 6, and did nothing that day besides encourage protests. And as for classified documents, as president Trump could literally declassify any document he wanted with his mind.

And yet, of all those, the charges expected to come down this week might be the silliest of all.

How weak is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump? Just to bring his coming indictment, Bragg had to resurrect an investigation after scuttling it for lack of a compelling case. Though the investigation started with grandiose dreams of finding massive tax violations or unwinding a vast criminal business empire, Bragg eventually had to settle for looking at Trump lawyer’s Michael Cohen’s alleged hush money payouts to stripper Stormy Daniels. Paying hush money isn’t a crime, though, so Bragg has to argue these de facto blackmail payments violated New York reporting standards for businesses. Even thatcrime is only a misdemeanor; to make it a felony, Bragg will have to argue that Trump’s hush money payments were ackshually an illegal contribution to his own campaign. In other words, New York officials will argue that Trump, who had the right to spend an unlimited amount of his own money on his campaign, broke campaign finance law by reimbursing his personal lawyer out of his own pocket for a nuisance payoff related to activity that allegedly occurred a decade prior to the campaign. The claim is a legal travesty. Over the past seven years, the criminal case against Trump has fallen from “secret meetings with Putin to betray America” to this unholy procedural abortion.

How political is Bragg’s case? When he was elected, Bragg published a “Day One” memo announcing he would no longer prosecute “low-level” crimes like fare evasion, prostitution, or resisting arrest, and would rely on “community solutions and support services” to combat epidemic shoplifting. Bragg is also the overgrown vermin who tried to charge bodega owner Jose Alba with murder for defending himself against a violent criminal.

Trump Indictment Is Biden Regime’s “Nuclear Option” in the War on America

Once you factor in that Bragg is a Soros-backed DA, it all starts making perfect political sense, right?

In the thick of this weaponized, political hit job, President Trump will need all the support he can muster, especially from his wife, Melania, who has stood by him like a rock throughout this entire Deep State assault. Contrary to what many media outlets would have us believe, it looks like she’s still firmly in his corner.