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President Trump is currently navigating his first sham criminal trial in New York City. It’s centered around the “hush money” issue, a frivolous case that is weak, and should have never even reached trial. At most, it’s a misdemeanor, with the added bit that the statute of limitations expired eons ago. Nonetheless, the Biden regime is hell-bent on unleashing the full force of the DOJ against its political adversaries, a move that will make North Korea blush.

Of all the fraudulent and shambolic cases against Trump, this one is the weakest, as Revolver reported over a year ago:

Many would say that Trump’s indictment became inevitable after January 6, after he announced his 2024 campaign. Those voices would be wrong, though. The indictment of Donald Trump has been inevitable since the moment Trump won the 2016 election, because all along, winning that election with the transformative America First message campaigned on has always been the “real” crime of Donald Trump.

That truth is proven by the sheer scale of the investigations into Trump, as the many haters and losers scramble for any way to put him away for good. First there was Crossfire Hurricane, sparked by James Comey and others deciding that desiring normal relations with Russia was evidence of criminal behavior. Then there was the absurd and seemingly endless Mueller probe in reaction to Trump firing then FBI director James Comey. Besides the pending Manhattan case, Trump may also soon be indicted for “election interference” in Fulton County, Georgia, or for “insurrection” on January 6, or for improper handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Every one of these cases is a trivial farce. Whether Georgia was stolen in 2020 or not, there is zero doubt that Trump genuinely thought it was. Trump wasn’t at the Capitol on January 6, and did nothing that day besides encourage protests. And as for classified documents, as president Trump could literally declassify any document he wanted with his mind.

And yet, of all those, the charges expected to come down this week might be the silliest of all.

How weak is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump? Just to bring his coming indictment, Bragg had to resurrect an investigation after scuttling it for lack of a compelling case. Though the investigation started with grandiose dreams of finding massive tax violations or unwinding a vast criminal business empire, Bragg eventually had to settle for looking at Trump lawyer’s Michael Cohen’s alleged hush money payouts to stripper Stormy Daniels. Paying hush money isn’t a crime, though, so Bragg has to argue these de facto blackmail payments violated New York reporting standards for businesses. Even thatcrime is only a misdemeanor; to make it a felony, Bragg will have to argue that Trump’s hush money payments were ackshually an illegal contribution to his own campaign. In other words, New York officials will argue that Trump, who had the right to spend an unlimited amount of his own money on his campaign, broke campaign finance law by reimbursing his personal lawyer out of his own pocket for a nuisance payoff related to activity that allegedly occurred a decade prior to the campaign. The claim is a legal travesty. Over the past seven years, the criminal case against Trump has fallen from “secret meetings with Putin to betray America” to this unholy procedural abortion.

How political is Bragg’s case? When he was elected, Bragg published a “Day One” memoannouncing he would no longer prosecute “low-level” crimes like fare evasion, prostitution, or resisting arrest, and would rely on “community solutions and support services” to combat epidemic shoplifting. Bragg is also the overgrown vermin who tried to charge bodega owner Jose Alba with murder for defending himself against a violent criminal.

Of course, Bragg is a Soros prosecutor.

Indulging in a multi-year fishing expedition to find some flimsy legal pretext for imprisoning Donald Trump, while letting New York’s actual streets revert to 1970s-level decay, is anarcho-tyranny par excellence. 

And yes, in case you were wondering, Bragg is one of America’s dreadful George Soros prosecutors. Bragg was elected with $1 million in support from Soros, via Soros’s donation to the left-wing organization Color of Change.

Rather than the prosecution being a demerit, for President Trump, it’s actually a badge of honor.

For Trump, the Manhattan indictment is a badge of honor, as are any other indictments that follow in the days to come. Trump, more than any other politician, is the personification of having “skin in the game.” Trump could have very easily lived out the twilight of his life in unfathomable wealth, already a global celebrity and icon. Instead, Trump not only ran for president, he did so pursuing a transformative agenda that directly challenges most powerful and evil forces in the country. For Trump, this decision was financially ruinous and destructive to his reputation. Now, precisely because he refused to back down or submit to the pain box, his very personal freedom is in the balance.

Trump Indictment Is Biden Regime’s “Nuclear Option” in the War on America

Here’s what President Trump said about the hush money trial on Truth Social this past Sunday:

Just four years ago I was a very popular and successful President of the United States, getting more votes than any sitting President in history. Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Criminal Court, before a totally conflicted Judge, a Corrupt Prosecutor, a Legal System in CHAOS, a State being overrun by violent crime and corruption, and Crooked Joe Biden’s henchmen “Rigging the System” against his Political Opponent, ME! I will be fighting for myself but, much more importantly, I will be fighting for our Country. Election Interference like this has never happened in the USA before and, hopefully, will never happen again. We are now a Nation in serious Decline, a Failing Nation, but we will soon be a Great Nation Again. November 5th will be the most important day in the History of the United States. MAGA2024! SEE YOU TOMORROW.

Today, President Trump was in the courtroom, looking like a warrior who’s gearing up for a showdown against the Deep State.

In the whirlwind of this “hush money” saga, let’s not forget a key detail: the woman at the center of it all has firmly denied any affair with President Trump and the existence of the “hush money” deal. She even went as far as putting it down in writing.

Here’s a closeup of Stormy’s statement:

So, who’s the real Stormy Daniels? Is she telling the truth, denying any involvement with Trump, or is there more to the story when she stands to make money off it? It’s like navigating a maze with all these sleazy characters popping up, from liars to opportunists, looking to cash in on folks like President Trump. How can you take a washed-up porn actress at her word when her words keep changing?

And speaking of lying good-for-nothing sleazebags, what about Michael Cohen? Professor Jonathan Turley described him and the case best in a recent article where he wrote: “A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against President Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system.” He’s, of course, referring to disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen—the convicted tax evader and notorious liar who’s the laughable “star witness” for the prosecution.

The New York Post:

The famous Roman philosopher and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “The more laws, the less justice.”

This week, New York judges and lawyers appear eager to prove that the same is true for cases against Donald Trump.

After an absurd $450 million decision courtesy of Attorney General Letitia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will bring his equally controversial criminal prosecution over hush money paid to former porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election.

Lawyers have been scouring the civil and criminal codes for any basis to sue or prosecute Trump before the upcoming 2024 election. This week will highlight the damage done to New York’s legal system because of this unhinged crusade. They’ve charged him with everything short of ripping a label off a mattress.

Just a few weeks ago, another judge imposed a roughly half billion dollar penalty in a case without a single victim who lost a single cent on loans with Trump. (Indeed, bank officials testified they wanted more business with the Trump organization).

The case was virtually laughed out of the room until it became apparent that extreme measures were needed to stop the popular former president. Turley elaborates:

Like his predecessor, Bragg previously scoffed at the case. However, two prosecutors, Carey R. Dunne and Mark F. Pomerantz, then resigned and started a public pressure campaign to get New Yorkers to demand prosecution.

Pomerantz shocked many of us by publishing a book on the case against Trump —  who was still under investigation and not charged, let alone convicted, of any crime. He did so despite objections from his former colleague that such a book was grossly improper.

Nevertheless, it worked. Bragg brought a Rube Goldberg case that is so convoluted and counterintuitive that even liberal legal analysts criticized it.

Now Bragg is bringing a case that has taken years to develop and millions of dollars in litigation costs for all parties. That is all over a crime from before the 2016 election that is a misdemeanor under state law that had already expired under the statute of limitations.

Trump paid Daniels to avoid any publicity over their brief alleged affair. As a celebrity, there was ample reason to want to keep the affair quiet, and that does not even include the fact that he is a married man.

It also occurred before the 2016 election and there was clearly a benefit to quash the scandal as a candidate. That political motivation is at the heart of this long-delayed case.

It is a repeat of the case involving former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. In 2012, the Justice Department used the same theory to charge the former Democratic presidential candidate after a disclosure that he not only had an affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter but also hid the fact that he had a child by her. Edwards denied the affair, and money from donors was passed to Hunter to keep the matter quiet.

The Justice Department spent a huge amount on the case to show that the third-party payments were a circumvention of campaign finance laws. However, Edwards was ultimately found not guilty on one count while the jury deadlocked on the other five.

With Trump, the Justice Department declined a repeat of the Edwards debacle and did not bring any federal charge.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have shamelessly used the DOJ as their personal attack dog against political rivals, like President Trump. However, we remember how these same political hacks spent four years claiming President Trump would do exactly what they’re doing now. It’s worth noting that Trump never once unleashed the Justice Department on his enemies. Watching this flashback clip, which, with all we know now, feels like foreshadowing.

The Democrats seem to have a consistent habit of applying one set of rules to others and a different set to themselves. It’s that classic ‘do as I say, not as I do’ approach that they’ve become notorious for. When politicians find themselves cornered and unable to win on issues or policies, they resort to dirty tricks. And let’s be real, nobody digs deeper into the mud than the Dems when they’re in that spot.