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While Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton were mingling with their wealthy, elite friends, President Trump was just down the street, paying his respects at the wake of a young father and husband tragically killed by a career criminal and dreg of society during what should have been a routine traffic stop. But, of course, in Biden’s America and the liberal-run cesspool known as New York City, it’s the thugs who are calling the shots. This is the result of the disastrous and dangerous “Defund the Police” movement and the equally horrific and deadly “bail reform,” along with a slew of other failed left-wing policies that prioritize the wrong people and leave the real heroes out in the cold, or worse yet, dead.

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Amid the profound sorrow and grief enveloping Officer Diller’s wake, some truly heartwarming stories have begun to emerge involving President Trump. In such a dark and sad setting, President Trump’s presence brought a beacon of comfort and hope to the grieving family. An incredibly moving story we’re just hearing about involves the priest who officiated at the wake. He recounted how President Trump didn’t hesitate to join the family in prayer, offering a level of empathy and humanity desperately needed in the aftermath of the tragic and senseless loss of a young father and husband at the hands of two vile and worthless animals.

Father Duffy also shared another special moment from the day that touched everyone present. It featured President Trump and Officer Diller’s young son, who, in a tender instance, seemed to signal to Trump and all those gathered that he’s ready to carry on the legacy of Making America Great Again. This moment not only showcased Trump’s genuine connection with people but also lightened the mood during such a dark hour.

You can have your opinions about President Trump—Lord knows, plenty of folks do—but there’s one thing that’s undeniable: the man has a big heart and a deeply humane side to him that always shines through when most needed.

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President Trump didn’t earn the nickname “Blue Collar Billionaire” by accident. Throughout his decades in the public eye, he’s consistently shown himself to be kind, sincere, and full of compassion. This sets him apart from the likes of Biden or Obama, who come off like chameleons, two phony charlatans, changing their colors based on the political climate. What happened at Officer Diller’s wake is proof of Trump’s lifetime of authenticity, which is why so many Americans trust him.