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To really get the 411 on what’s happening in the country, you’ve got to dig a little. It’s all about catching those subtle hints and under-the-radar moves to figure out the real story. And when you do, especially looking ahead to 2024, you start to see this vibe emerge, where the swampers are expecting President Trump to take the win. So, what’s their game plan? Well, it seems like they’re all about self-preservation, tying Trump’s hands wherever possible, and even setting the stage for yet another impeachment.

Just look at what happened with the border bill fiasco. That ghastly bill left a lot of conservatives scratching their heads, wondering how such a disaster of a bill even got a moment in the spotlight. But if you look a little closer, past the shock and awe, there’s a lot more to the story, and it’s about pigeon-holing Trump and making sure that he can’t save America in his next term.

Revolver reported on this plot recently:

And that brings us to this disastrous border bill that looks as if it will die a slow and painful death in the Senate. The main architects of this bill are RINO Mitch McConnell and regime loyalist Chuck Schumer, so you can imagine how ghastly it was for the American people. The lackey they picked to sell this America-last monstrosity is Senator James Lankford, who is now being thrown to the wolves by McConnell because this bill is backfiring epically. And why wouldn’t it? It’s awful for Americans, but great for Ukraine.

Firstly, for Americans, we would be slef-funding the Dems new illegal voting bloc with this bill. And even moreso, this seems designed to tie Trump’s hands at the border should he win re-election.

Fox News also called out this border plot:

A coalition of hawkish immigration groups is warning congressional leaders that a border deal released this week by the Senate as part of a supplemental spending bill to fund Ukraine and Israel would limit the ability of future administrations to tackle illegal immigration.

“The legislative text confirms our worst suspicions: if enacted, the bill would codify the border crisis and severely limit any future enforcement-minded administration from securing the border,” the groups, led by the Heritage Foundation, said in a letter to congressional leaders.

It’s becoming clear that both the Republican elite and the Democrats are hell-bent on maintaining the “Great Replacement Theory.” But there’s more on the menu: Ukraine. There are RINOS who are even more obsessed with Ukraine than Democrats are, and they’re using the same strategy they used with the border bill—to restrict Trump’s influence and set him up for his third impeachment.

In an explosive piece, Senator JD Vance exposes the Republican establishment’s obsession with Ukraine and hamstringing President Trump’s agenda to save America. According to Vance, the Uniparty’s dedication to the cause in Kyiv is so strong that they are willing to jeopardize Trump’s potential return to office to protect their interests there.

The American Conservative: 

To be clear, this doesn’t assume malice. The Republican establishment of Washington is so obsessively committed to Ukraine that they will use every tool at their disposal to apply pressure to other Republicans to write that big Ukraine check. The problem is that every time they apply pressure, they create an opening for Democrats and the media to tank our nominee.

For months, I have been confident that Donald Trump would be reelected as president. But this is how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republican establishment is going to war for more Ukraine money. They don’t care if a second Trump term is collateral damage.

They have an “insurance plan” to keep the Ukraine gravy train going. Vance goes on:

Though few have noticed, buried in the bill’s text is a kill switch for the next Trump presidency. The legislation explicitly requires funding for Ukraine well into the next presidential term. The Washington Post has already reported this provision was added to control Donald Trump.

It gets worse. Back in 2019, Democrats articulated a novel theory of impeachment, based on Trump’s refusal to spend money from the USAI—Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. Five years after impeaching Trump for refusing to spend money on Ukraine, they have drafted a new law that again requires Trump to spend money on Ukraine. If he negotiates an end to the war, as he has promised to do, they will undoubtedly argue that he has broken the law. We are nearly a year away from an election that could give Trump the presidency, and Ukraine-obsessive Republicans have already given the Democrats a predicate to impeach him.

Slava Ukraini, America be damned.

Check out JD’s blistering performance on the inimitable War Room to talk about this important article:

It really makes you stop and think: What kind of sweet deal do these swamp dwellers have going on in Ukraine, and why are they so keen on flooding our country with low-skilled workers? This pattern reveals a lot about our elites—like many before them, they want a compliant underclass that doesn’t rock the boat or demand too much. And to get that, they must phase out the middle class and fill the gap with a new, more controllable group of indentured plebs, ready to follow orders without a peep. On top of that, they’re diverting taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, likely to launder it through a complex wash cycle that mysteriously routes it right back into their own pockets. And who’s the thorn in their side, blocking these un-American and sinister schemes? Donald Trump. And if they can’t beat him this time, they’ll do their best to hog-tie him.

That pretty much sums up our government. Let freedom ring, right?

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