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The National Review doesn’t often get things right, but this time they’ve nailed it with their latest take on the US border situation. The Editial Board is making a solid point about how Biden took over a border that was pretty much under control, thanks to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and other smart policy moves. But then, what happened? Biden tore the entire thing up. He flipped the script, ditching President Trump’s proven and successful policies, and now, lo and behold, we’re dealing with mass chaos. NR hit the nail on the head this time. Under Joe’s watch, whether through sheer ineptitude or deliberate sabotage, we’ve landed in a nightmare scenario. Our borders are now revolving doors for undocumented criminals and replacement-level illegal migration.

The National Review:

Biden inherited a border that was under control via humane and lawful policies that had been put in place by the Trump administration, most importantly Remain in Mexico. He then tore them all down and has spent years cynically and dishonestly blaming the resulting chaos on his predecessor. Whereas Trump used existing authorities to come up with ways to control the border, Biden has ignored the law to wave in millions of illegal immigrants.

And that brings us to this disastrous border bill that looks as if it will die a slow and painful death in the Senate. The main architects of this bill are RINO Mitch McConnell and regime loyalist Chuck Schumer, so you can imagine how ghastly it was for the American people. The lackey they picked to sell this America-last monstrosity is Senator James Lankford, who is now being thrown to the wolves by McConnell because this bill is backfiring epically. And why wouldn’t it? It’s awful for Americans, but great for Ukraine.

Firstly, for Americans, we would be slef-funding the Dems new illegal voting bloc with this bill. And even moreso, this seems designed to tie Trump’s hands at the border should he win re-election.

Popular podcaster and conservative pundit Charlie Kirk had this to say about the “Invasion Bill.”

The new border “deal” is so disastrous that even when in an “emergency,” the Border Patrol is supposed to “process” (read: let in) a minimum of 1,400 people per day – more than 500,000 per year. It is flabbergasting a single Republican could ever consider this acceptable.

1,400 per day should be the floor for DEPORTATIONS under any remotely viable deal, not illegal entries.

It’s absolutely galling to see the level of loyalty and respect the GOP shows its voters by pushing this nonsense as a serious solution. Then, to top it off, they have Senator Lankford and Brian Kilmeade on Fox News peddling it like it’s the next big thing since sliced bread.

This man not only wants to give Biden a “victory” in an election year, but he also wants to spit in Americans’ faces while doing it.

Charlie Kirk’s got a point. This “Border Bill” looks more like a clever disguise to ship off billions more to Ukraine, Biden’s “home away from home.”

This entire bill and everything surrounding it are insulting beyond belief.

The National Review:

The Republican architects of the deal will have trouble selling their colleagues on it, and not just because Trump is adamantly opposed. If Biden were sincere, he’d be doing what’s already in his power to crack down on the border, and if Biden could be constrained by new rules, he wouldn’t be ignoring the ones on the books right now.

Biden says he’s itching to bring the border under control. He should have at it.

Biden has all the tools he needs to secure the border today, but he’s refusing. And why? It’s becoming painfully clear that he’s more interested in securing Ukraine’s borders than our own, and the needs of Americans take a back seat to illegals. The US border, which ought to be a top priority for any administration, seems to be nothing more than an afterthought, merely a bargaining chip in the game of international politics. This situation alone is reason to kick Biden to the curb and bring back the only guy who has shown real commitment to the invasion at the US border.