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As many of you are aware, there’s a battle being waged by the left on two fronts: against men and children. Their agenda is to destroy traditional masculinity, diminish the father’s role, and recruit our nation’s youth into the LGBTQ+ army. Tragically, these two conflicts have converged into one horrendous reality in New York City—a situation so profoundly evil that it might be hard for some to believe, yet it’s sadly true. A father is finding out how truly diabolical The Big Apple can be, as his son has been ripped away from him so the boy’s mentally ill mother can turn him into a girl.

Collin Rugg, the co-founder of Trending Politics, shared this ghastly story on X:

REPORT: New York father loses custody battle where he sought to stop his *8-year-old* son from receiving puberty blockers to change genders.


A NY family court has denied Dennis Hannon medical authority over his son.

The situation is much more sinister considering the father claims the boy’s mother had “pushed” the gender transition on him for years.

The custody battle went on with the Erie Supreme Court for seven years.

The Daily Mail reports that after a court ruling, his son went back to being a boy however the father still has no say over his son’s medical decisions.

The mother allegedly pushed transgenderism on his son and sent him to a “transgender affirming” therapist for puberty blockers.

This was all hidden from Hannon.

Hannon has spent $150,000 over 7 years trying to gain custody of his child and was ordered to pay his ex-wife’s attorney fees.

He has no retirement left.

“It’s very clear to me that it was all about pushing a narrative. Nobody wanted to question the agenda, or even question whether or not somebody actually had gender dysphoria, it was just, because she said that he was confused about his gender, it must be true,” Hannon said to the Daily Mail.

“My son is a regular little boy, he goes by Matthew. His mother still tries to influence him by using they/them pronouns, and still calls him B, which is short for Ruby.”

“It was very difficult for him in school because… one year he was a girl named Ruby, wearing dresses and makeup and the hair.”

“Then the next year, he’s a boy named Matthew. Kids in school will ask him, “Weren’t you a girl?” That’s hard for a child.”

“At three years old, how can he identify as a girl? He never showed any indication to me at all.”

“I was looked at as just a conservative who didn’t want to accept my son’s gender.”

“I could very easily be passed off as a bigot for wanting to simply question why and understand how they came to this conclusion or how they could. It was totally weaponized against me.”

New York is evil.

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This just adds to the evidence that there’s a concerted effort on the left to weaponize mentally ill liberal mothers into undermining the well-being of their children, regardless of whether they’re in blue or red states.

The New York Post:

A Montana family claims they lost custody of their 14-year-old child after opposing her interest in changing genders — and while the governor’s office defended the move, it stressed to The Post that the state does not remove minors to provide gender transition services.

The state’s Child and Family Services (CFS) reportedly took custody of the teen from her father, Todd Kolstad, and stepmother, Krista, this month, leading the parents to speak out about how the action has “destroyed” their family and “trampled” their rights.

It’s a widespread issue that’s happening all across this country.

Daily Mail:

New York family court officials have denied a father the legal right to stop his eight-year-old son taking life-changing hormones that would begin his medical transition to a girl.

Dennis Hannon, 32, a senior software engineer from Buffalo, has been locked in a ‘nightmare’ legal battle with Erie Supreme Court spanning seven years, fighting to retain his fundamental parental rights.

He claims that the boy’s mother ‘pushed’ their child’s transition, and says the boy himself was not distressed about living as a boy.

The left has unleashed an all-out war on America’s kids, and when they’re not recruiting them into the LGBTQ army, they’re lobbing off their private parts, transforming these kids into miniature progressive symbols for mentally ill mothers to show off, like little “woke” accessories. It’s a political version of Munchausen by Proxy.

As women get tangled up in their mid-level marketing gigs and the race to out-woke each other, there’s a huge push from the left to destroy strong men. Cue the term “toxic masculinity,” which absurdly targets the strength and power of men as something bad. But let’s be real: those qualities are the lifeline we need to pull us back from a future led by knee-jerk female emotions and effeminate men lacking backbone. If this doesn’t change quickly, expect to see more of this:

NEW: Male babysitter Matthew Antonio Zakrzewski has been sentenced to 700+ years in prison for s*xually assaulting 16 boys in California.

Burn in h*ll.

The boys ranged in age from 2-12 years old when Zakrzewski assaulted them.

One mother of a boy who was 2 years old when Zakrzewski assaulted him cried while giving her impact statement, saying she will never be able to meet the son she would have had, had he not been assaulted.

Zakrzewski filmed many of his assaults on the children.

“Zakrzewski was ultimately charged with a total of 34 felony counts, including 27 felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor under the age of 14, two felony counts of oral copulation of a child under the age of 10, and one felony count of possession of child p*rnography,” the DA’s office said.

“He also faced one felony count of using a minor for s*x acts, two felony counts of distributing p*rnography to a minor for the purpose of engaging in s*xual conduct, and one felony count of an attempted lewd or lascivious act with a minor under the age of 14.”

The parents hope Zakrzewski’s time in prison is “the stuff of nightmares.”

New York City, along with red states like Texas and Montana, is barreling ahead with what can only be described as child abuse, transforming kids into mini-governmental guinea pigs. They’re ripping children away from their families, all based on the ludicrous and harmful belief that someone barely old enough to have all of their body hair can make an informed decision about their gender. This is happening in an environment where adults, wielding the influence of media and fake science, are making matters worse by manipulating these young minds.