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The left has set its sights on America’s kids, and when they’re not trying to recruit them into the LGBTQ ranks, they’re busy changing their genders, transforming these kids into miniature progressive symbols for their own twisted satisfaction. It’s a political twist on Munchausen by Proxy. Take, for instance, this mom who decided her son would be better off as a girl.

Sadly, grooming takes various forms, and we’ve stumbled upon a particularly distressing case. It involves a gay father who, without any reservations, showcases his young children on TikTok, urging them to engage in discussions about “homosexual sex accessories.” Sadly, we’ve reached the very bottom of the slippery slope we’ve been sliding down for a while now.

Here’s what people online are saying about this video:

“It’s pretty disgusting to use children to promote your ghey agenda”

“We have a gay dad, so of course he’s a smug groomer who exploits us for his own narcissistic behavior.” That’s what I heard.”

“This is looking like a groomer situation. CPS may need to get involved”

“Why would a dad talk about this with their children? That’s just mad messed up!”

“Homosexuals need to be statutorily barred from adopting children. Nothing good will ever result from it.”


“Yet another confession video.”

“we have a narcissistic personality disorder dad”

“These people are creating a generation of disabled people and they know it.”

Why can’t these types of videos be forwarded to Child Protective Services and the FBI? The fact that this dad would even think it’s okay to upload this to social media tells you how deeply unstable and perverted he is. It’s baffling how this could ever be considered legal. There’s absolutely no scenario where young kids should be exposed to this kind of disgusting sexual conversation. Label it what it is—child abuse. For the safety and well-being of those children, they should be removed from that man’s care immediately.