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The January 6th event remains shrouded in mystery. Investigative platforms like Revolver have put the FBI and the regime on the defensive, raising numerous questions about federal involvement in the incident, including sketchy figures like Ray Epps and the absurd “pipe bomb” story, to name a few.

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Meanwhile, other media outlets and journalists are spotlighting events that took place inside the Capitol, particularly homing in on the abuse and un-American handling of the political prisoners.

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As it stands now, Nancy Pelosi has been sidestepping tough January 6 questions for way too long. Thankfully, The Blaze has uncovered some CCTV footage from that day. It seems to show a senior member of Pelosi’s security team caught in a significant lie under oath. This all connects to Capitol Police officer and known Trump-hater Harry Dunn, whose account of his encounter with the Oath Keepers is riddled with inconsistencies and, possibly, outright lies.

The latest revelation in this saga involves a shadowy figure from Pelosi’s security team named David Lazarus. That newly released CCTV footage from inside the Capitol, which has never been seen before, seems to contradict the testimony Lazarus gave under oath at the trial of the Oath Keepers. His job, it would appear, was to “bolster” Officer Dunn’s story, which he had already changed one time before. Based on this footage, many are now seeing what they believe to be the first concrete link between Pelosi’s team and the U.S. government’s alleged efforts to entrap American citizens and incarcerate them based on falsehoods.

Watch this compelling video rundown from The Blaze:

The Blaze’s investigative team spent three exhaustive days tracking David Lazarus’s movements. And it was worth it. Their findings suggest that his sworn testimony might be completely false. Isn’t that the kind of thing people get jailed for? On a brighter note, this CCTV footage is now with the Oath Keepers’ legal team, who will hopefully use it to get new trials for their clients.