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Arguably, there are no two investigative J6 reporters who have had a stronger and more impactful influence than Revolver’s very own Darren Beattie and Julie Kelly. These two individuals have reshaped the landscape of reporting on this issue. Julie has primarily focused on the January 6th political prisoners and the unjust prosecution carried out by the regime tyrants, whereas Darren Beattie’s work has effectively dismantled the regime’s entire narrative. He has raised questions about the true role of the FBI, shed light on the mysterious Ray Epps, and highlighted the comical absurdity of the pipe bomber story. So, you can imagine that when these two experts come together to discuss the events of that fateful day, their deep insights and extensive knowledge leave podcast host Seb Gorka genuinely astonished.

In the above clip, Julie delves into the case of Matthew Graves, a left-wing activist masquerading as a DC prosecutor, who, in a state of panic, is desperately trying to keep the J6 flames burning as the entire narrative crumbles. According to Julie, this narrative is crucial to Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign. On the other hand, Darren Beattie masterfully guides us through the Ray Epps mystery, providing such crystal-clear clarity that it’s absolutely remarkable.

Darren is spot on: to truly grasp the entire picture of what’s happening, it’s crucial to dive into Revolver’s comprehensive coverage of the January 6th events. We’ve gathered all the key articles in one convenient location for you. Access our investigative pieces by clicking the link below:

The Essential Revolver News January 6 Reading List

And speaking of January 6th, The Blaze has conducted its own investigation that deserves attention. Thanks to Speaker Mike Johnson, Glenn Beck’s team has finally been authorized to release footage that exposes one of Pelosi’s security personnel for perjury during his Oath Keepers testimony, and as a result, The Blaze claims innocent people have been locked up.

The Blaze:


– Thanks to new House Speaker Mike Johnson, We now have permission to release Capitol CCTV footage proving that a member of Nancy Pelosi’s security detail, Special Agent David Lazarus, perjured himself on the stand during the Oath Keepers trial.

– Lazarus was brought in to corroborate another Capitol police officer’s account claiming that he had antagonistic encounter with the Oath Keepers. But footage of Lazarus proves that he was lying.

– These lies, spread unquestioningly by the media and Democrat politicians, were used to put innocent people in prison, ruining their lives and the lives of their families. They and their attorneys did not have access to the footage at trial that Blaze Media is releasing today.

– Instead, Harry Dunn was made a hero by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and as a result of his and David Lazarus’s false testimony, there are innocent people in prison.

– The government lied about this. What else are they lying about?

Thanks to these dedicated reporters and honest folks committed to uncovering the truth, we are beginning to assemble the pieces of this January 6th puzzle. What’s emerging is a chilling image of a rogue and desperate regime willing to go to any lengths, including imprisoning innocent Americans, to keep its grip on power and punish its political enemies.

This may be the most significant instance of the United States government turning against its own citizens that we’ve encountered in our lifetime.