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The pipe bomb story has been a real headache for the regime almost from the start. A lot of what they feed us about January 6th is pretty hard to swallow, but the pipe bomb story? That’s the part that really blows their narrative to bits—pun absolutely intended. Big props to Darren Beattie and the Revolver team for digging into this bizarre tale and putting the feds, media, and regime on the defensive. They’re now scrambling to explain how, in a city plastered with cameras and capturing the so-called “pipe bomber” at almost every turn, they still haven’t figured out who he is three years later. Yet they can pinpoint some grandpa by his nose hair and have him locked up by dinner. How does that make any sense? It doesn’t, and they know it. But this already hard-to-swallow story just took an even stranger turn, and once again, it’s Darren Beattie and the Revolver team leading the charge in unraveling this growing mystery.

If you haven’t read Darren’s latest “pipe bomb” piece, it’s highly recommended. It’s a must-read, filled with new insights and bombshell revelations, beginning with the “attempted assassination” of Kamala Harris on January 5th, linked to that slippery and oh-so-elusive ‘”pipe bomber.” Beattie points out an important detail: Kamala was present at the DNC headquarters when the bomb was planted. She could have been injured or killed, right? Yet, this critical point is being largely ignored. Despite Biden’s Hitler-like speeches about January 6th, there’s no mention of an assassination attempt on the nation’s first female VP. Why? Even the propaganda media, usually hell-bent on spinning January 6th narratives like spiderwebs, haven’t touched this story with a 10-foot poll. And Kamala herself, after initially lying about her location, hasn’t spoken about it either. Isn’t that a wee bit peculiar?

But there’s so much more, thanks to a piece of footage that was just released.


Curiously enough, the Capitol did quietly release a damning short piece of footage that had gotten virtually no public attention, though it could very well be the breakthrough we need to definitively expose the phony January 6 “pipe bomb” story once and for all.

The Capitol authorities were counting on no one knowing that this footage even exists, let alone understanding its significance, and put up tremendous resistance when Congressman Massie tried to make the footage public. Ultimately, it took a direct call from Kevin McCarthy to break the stonewall (and one can only imagine how much pressure McCarthy must have been under to make that call!). Courtesy of Congressman Massie’s efforts, the footage is available…

Darren meticulously goes through the video, breaking it down frame by frame in his analysis. His detailed account offers a fascinating and eye-opening perspective on what really transpired. This deep dive further shatters the outlandish narrative that the regime has been trying to peddle to the public.

You can read the entire bombshell report everyone’s talking about by clicking below:

Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

Darren’s not done digging into this story, not by a long shot. He’s been all over the media lately, diving deeper into what went down. He kicked it off with a spot on Tucker Carlson, where they talked about how it’s looking more and more like our own government might have had a hand in setting up those pipe bombs.

Alex Jones is also intrigued by Darren’s analysis and investigative work. He shared this gripping clip where Darren gets into the Secret Service’s involvement in the scenario, among other things.

Darren recently joined Steve Bannon on War Room to talk about his theories on January 6. When it comes to sharp insights on this topic, nobody beats the guy who came up with the term “fedsurrection.”



Darren’s appearance on Benny Johnson’s show really made waves, racking up an impressive viewership. And there’s a solid reason for that—he didn’t just talk about his bombshell article; he delved deeper, laying out in detail how the feds have repeatedly lied to the public.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has consistently championed the cause of J6 political prisoners and debunked many unlikely J6 stories. Her discussions with Darren are always on fire, and one specific interaction is quite noteworthy. Darren chats about a peculiar incident involving a Capitol Police officer and the “pipe bomb.” While it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say he took a selfie with it, he did take a photo and gave a weird “thumbs up.” It’s intimate little behind-the-scenes moments like these in Darren’s interviews that shed new light on the whole narrative and get people thinking.


Darren just had a chat on Lou Dobbs’ show, and he dove into the big question everyone’s asking: were those ‘pipe bombs’ actually legit bombs?


Darren’s key point is this: Our government will go to great lengths to thwart President Trump.

So, if you keep that in mind while sifting through the sketchy January 6 narrative, and particularly the far-fetched pipe bomb story, all the absurd twists and turns begin to add up. We’re certain that this won’t be the last you hear about this mysterious pipe bomb story. Darren is still digging, so don’t change that dial; there’s more to come.