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Did you hear about the assassination attempt on the first female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris? It all went down on the evening of January 5th, involving the so-called “pipe bomber,” who was targeting her with an explosive device placed at the DNC headquarters in Washington, DC. Surprisingly, this didn’t make major news. It’s curious, right? An assassination attempt on the VP would normally dominate the headlines, yet it didn’t this time. The reasons remain unclear but somehow feel blatantly obvious. There wasn’t even a single “breaking news” alert from the regime-controlled propaganda media. So, what gives? It’s almost as if the media and officials are covering up the fact that Kamala was nearly assassinated. After all, we know Kamala herself covered up the fact that she was at the DNC in the first place. Why?

Kudos to Darren Beattie from Revolver for diving deep into this so-called “assassination coverup.” He just dropped a knockout piece on the “pipe bomber” that blasts away the FBI and media’s narrative—and yes, that pun’s intended. Revolver’s piece is making huge waves online.


The most obvious question is what could possibly account for the casual, lackadaisical, utterly unperturbed demeanor and behavior of the Secret Service and Metro PD officers in question upon being informed of an explosive device right outside the building in which their protectee is housed, and, for that matter, within feet of the agents themselves. To emphasize the seriousness with which the government takes pipe bombs as potential terror devices, it is worth noting that the government officially considers pipe bombs “weapons of mass destruction.”

It is hard to imagine what conditions could account for such a casual, unconcerned reaction on the part of the Secret Service. As pointed out above, even if they are the worst protection detail in the world, willing to completely abandon protocol when apprised of a weapon of mass destruction dangerously close to their protectee, you’d think they’d at least be concerned for their own personal safety. This complete lack of concern indicates that these agents somehow knew or were utterly confident that the bomb was inert and posed no threat, but how could they possibly know that? How could the secret service and metro PD officers be so confident that the pipe bomb wouldn’t pose a danger to themselves, to their protectee, VP elect Kamala Harris, and to the children they cavalierly allowed to walk within feet of the explosive device, and yet somehow the bomb was considered dangerous enough to require a bomb-safe robot to “defuse” only minutes later? Troubling and damning questions indeed.

When we discussed the Capitol Police video depicting the discovery of the pipe bomb, we observed the bizarre fact that the Secret Service agents seemed entirely unconcerned with the revelation that there was a pipe bomb within feet of themselves and their protectee, who was inside the DNC building (not to mention the children they allowed to walk within feet of the bomb). Perhaps equally bizarre as the fact that the Secret Service was unconcerned with the bomb when informed of it is the fact that the Secret Service hadn’t discovered the bomb already in their sweep of the building before Kamala Harris’ entry.

Another puzzling aspect: why hasn’t Joe Biden brought up Kamala’s narrow escape from the “MAGA” bomb in any of his mouth-frothing speeches? The Revolver article delves deeper into this:

To compound the strangeness of it all, recall that Kamala Harris covered up her presence at the DNC building on January 6th for almost a year. For nearly a year, Kamala led the media to believe that she was in the Capitol during the so-called siege. Even the Department of Justice took this false understanding for granted and mentioned Kamala’s alleged presence and evacuation from the Capitol during the “siege” to add a sense of gravitas to several of its indictments. It turns out Kamala was not at the Capitol as it was being evacuated on the 6th, but rather at the DNC building while the allegedly live pipe bomb was still right outside. Why on earth would Kamala Harris keep her presence in the DNC building a secret? It would seem like the story of the first woman of color Vice President elect in history coming within feet of the deadly pipe bombs of the January 6 insurrection would be a headline that both Kamala and the regime media would be interested in milking for all it is worth. How strange is it, come to think of it, that in Joe Biden’s big January 6 anniversary speech he neglects to mention that his own Vice President narrowly lost her life to a MAGA pipe bomb? Could Kamala have covered up her presence at the DNC in order to keep attention away from the fact that the Secret Service was at the DNC building and thus keep the public in the dark about the fact that the Secret Service missed the pipe bombs in their sweep and reacted with suspicious nonchalance when ultimately informed of the bomb? Or is there a still more sinister explanation for this otherwise inexplicable cover-up?

What’s really gripping about Darren’s latest article on the pipe bomber is his detailed, frame-by-frame analysis of this new, explosive footage. He presents a narrative so utterly absurd that, by the end of the article, you’re left convinced it’s all a giant hoax. I strongly recommend giving it a read if you haven’t yet, and don’t forget to share it far and wide. It’s so important that we spread the truth.

Here’s the link:

Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

Darren’s explosive article has definitely stirred the pot, leading more people to question why a regime that is so intent on painting January 6th as a national tragedy hasn’t acknowledged the “MAGA” bomb scare involving the first female VP. Dan Bongino, with his Secret Service chops, isn’t holding back. He’s also diving deep into this and other questionable parts of the January 6th “Fedsurrection,” a term cleverly coined by Darren Beattie. This whole Kamala Harris “bomb” scenario is right in Dan’s wheelhouse. But perhaps his smartest move was launching the “Justice 4 Kamala” campaign. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, sure, but it’s a brilliant way to shine a light on the situation. After all, shouldn’t the liberals be clamoring for justice for Kamala?

In fact, the oh-so-snarky “Justice 4 Kamala” movement is gaining momentum. Investigative journalist Julie Kelly has joined the effort, determined to help the VP unravel the mystery behind her “assassination” attempt.

As Julie points out in her newsletter, none of this is adding up:

Harris, a shameless attention hog, presumably would’ve spent the hours leading up to the historic moment walking the halls of Congress to relish the sucking-up of friends and enemies alike. Reporters presumably would have tracked Harris’ movements to document for the history books a full accounting of how the first incoming “Madame Vice President” prepared for the ceremonial event. Perhaps she would have posed for a few endearing photos with the incoming Second Gentleman.

But oddly, that was not the case. Rather than bask in the limelight of her pending coronation, Harris, for reasons still unknown, left the Capitol around 11:25 a.m. on January 6. She had attended a closed door briefing of the Senate Intelligence committee—the only other official business on the Congressional calendar that day—and headed off campus.

Her destination? The headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, just a few blocks away.

And it wasn’t just a quick stop to make a few fundraising calls: Harris remained in the building until 1:15 p.m.—which was after the joint session of Congress convened to debate the Electoral College results—leaving only when evacuated following the discovery of an explosive device outside.

Harris has never explained why she went to the DNC that morning. In fact, she has gone out of her way to avoid the question entirely.

But recent reporting by Darren Beattie at Revolver News that shows law enforcement’s nonchalant response to the discovery of the “pipe bomb” located within striking distance of a sitting U.S. senator and incoming vice president raises new questions about Harris’ decision to go to the DNC rather than stay behind to participate, or at least observe, the historical proceedings.

Not only did Metropolitan Police and Secret Service agents appear unconcerned by the presence of the pipe bomb at the time, but Harris’ behavior ever since belies the seriousness of the situation, one the FBI insisted could have caused death and destruction.

A lot of people are speculating that the “pipe bombs” might have been a fallback for the feds if their “fedsurrection” plan didn’t pan out as intended. Luckily for them, they probably had enough undercover agents, operatives, and informants in the crowd to stir up trouble. This scenario would allow their media cronies to frame the whole thing as a so-called “insurrection.” But here’s where they likely hit a big snag: their narrative is now crumbling, and the American people aren’t swallowing this sketchy story, and now a lot of people out there are digging for the truth.