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You may not have heard of Michele White, but she was at the center of an election cheating scandal in Prince William County, Virginia. The initial indictment against Michele White included two felony counts: corrupt conduct as an election official and making a false statement, along with a misdemeanor charge of willful neglect of duty. The original indictment did not provide details about the alleged misconduct but indicated it occurred in the months leading up to and following the November 2020 election. Later, it was revealed that White was accused of tampering with 2020 election results, a very serious allegation. Now, those felony charges have been mysteriously dropped, thanks to the prosecutors’ “key witness” suddenly changing his story, which has raised suspicions among many who are calling it “witness intimidation.”

Prince William Times:

A former Prince William County elections chief is no longer facing felony charges related to alleged corruption and lying in connection with her duties during the 2020 election, according a court filing.

Former Prince William County general registrar Michele White, 52, still faces one misdemeanor count of neglect of duty by an election officer, the only charge that remains from her September 2022 grand jury indictment, according to court records.

The news is a surprising twist to a case that stunned Prince William County when the charges were first announced in 2022 — just a few weeks before early voting began in the mid-term elections. White’s indictment also immediately preceded Miyares’ announcement of his office’s new “election integrity unit,” leading to questions about whether the charges were politically motivated.

Assistant Attorney General James R. Herring filed court documents Friday, Dec. 1, requesting dismissal of both felony counts against White, saying that a “key witness” in the case, a fellow Prince William County Elections Office employee, had changed his testimony.

The most intriguing aspect of this situation is that during White’s tenure, Prince William County doubled the number of absentee in-person voting locations for the 2020 election, which resulted in Joe Biden being declared the winner over Donald Trump.

Democrats really love those absentee ballots, don’t they?

Former Fox News producer Kyler Becker shared details about the startling move in a since-deleted post on X:

The Attorney General of Virginia has dismissed criminal charges against a former Prince William County election official due to unexpected change in testimony from a crucial witness.

Michele White, the former Prince William County Voter Registrar, faced fraud charges in multiple incidents during the 2020 election.

The case accused White of corruption and dishonesty during the election. However, an unexpected twist came when a key witness startled prosecutors by changing their version of the incident.

As a result, White is now facing simply a misdemeanor allegation of intentional neglect of duty.

During White’s tenure, Prince William County doubled the number of absentee in-person voting places for the 2020 election, where Joe Biden was declared the victor against Donald Trump.

White’s initial indictment came on the same day Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) called on Gov. Glenn Youngkin to mandate the state only use paper ballots in their elections.

“The people do not have confidence in the election process and that their sacred ballot will count,” she said. “They do not trust voting computers. The only way to restore that trust is paper ballots and hand counts.”

It certainly plays out conveniently for Ms. White and the Democrats that this witness suddenly altered his testimony at the very last minute. They surely don’t want any disruptions to their “mail-in ballot” scheme. Meanwhile, Douglass Mackey will be serving a 7-month sentence in federal prison for so-called “election interference” simply because he shared a humorous anti-Hillary meme in 2016. It’s a truly farcical and unjust “justice system” we have in this country.