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The man sentenced to federal prison for 7 months for sharing a meme that humorously mocked Hillary Clinton and her low-info supporters is now breaking his silence. Douglass Mackey, who faced conviction in a sham political trial in a left-leaning New York City courtroom, recently joined Tucker Carlson to talk about his trial, conviction, and the emerging American “police state.”

Amidst this backdrop of sadness, betrayal, and oppression, it speaks volumes about Mr. Mackey’s character that he remains a positive force and a beacon of hope for others. His ability to find the silver lining in such dire circumstances reveals a great deal about the kind of man he is.

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The silver lining here is that Douglass Mackey remains in the fight, not just for himself, but for all of us and our right to free speech, including the ability to joke around online without the fear of ending up in a gulag. Mr. Mackey is prepared to take this battle to the Supreme Court if necessary, but he can’t do it alone. Please consider supporting his stand against this tyrannical and immoral injustice by contributing to his legal fund: