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When the left storms government buildings, torches neighborhoods for months on end, and bullies an entire country into submission for years, it’s labeled as a “peaceful protest” or “justifiable anger.” We’re expected to observe the violence with pity and self-hate, as if it’s our fault, not the fault of the thugs, looters, and vandals. However, when the right protests and things get rowdy for a couple hours, it’s immediately branded as “domestic terrorism” or an “insurrection.” This highlights a fundamental issue with our government and judicial system. They no longer serve the people; instead, they’re focused on suppressing dissent, a cornerstone of the American way of life. The contrast in response is shockingly evident with the recent violent riot by radical pro-Hamas groups on Capitol Hill. Observe this “insurrection,” and you’ll note that, at the time of this writing, only one person has been arrested, and nobody has been labeled a “domestic terrorist.”

Kat Cammack:

I am on Capitol Hill right now and it’s on lockdown. No getting in or out of our offices. We have officers that were pepper sprayed by pro-Hamas protestors with a lot of people attempting to break into the Democratic HQ. Anyone else notice how violent the so-called “ceasefire” crowd is?

Famed investigative journalist Julie Kelly closely observed the “Hamas” situation at the Capitol, drawing parallels to Julian Khater, a January 6th political prisoner whom the regime tried to frame for murdering Officer Brian Sicknick.

Revolver has extensively covered this story, effectively debunking the media’s claim that Mr. Khater and his childhood friend “murdered” Officer Sicknick. But thanks to the onslaught of propaganda, the media headlines were as dramatic as they were shameless.

Eventually, the media had to abandon their “murder” claims and clumsily shift the narrative to “the MAGA assault that led to his death.”


The Million Dollar Question hanging over this trial in both criminal court and the court of public opinion is why these two men have been charged with assault, not murder. Recall that “murder” was both the mainstream media’s and Congress’s unrelenting meme for the first whole month following the events of 1/6, culminating in a full-on impeachment conviction at the House of Representatives.

After Revolver News and other outlets debunked the initial fire extinguisher hoax, The Narrative transitioned from “murdered by MAGA” to “died from injuries caused by MAGA.”

However, the DOJ found themselves in a bind, even hesitant about adopting the new “assault” narrative. The hiccup? Toxicology reports revealed that the “bear spray” wasn’t linked to Sicknick’s actual death. The Revolver article goes on:

But “died from injuries” is not what the DOJ is alleging. In fact, they strictly and studiously avoid that allegation altogether.

If the FBI and DOJ believed (or thought they could later prove) that Khater’s act of spraying Sicknick contributed to his death, there are any number of charges the DOJ should have filed instead. Those include manslaughter (unintentional murder resulting from extremely reckless disregard for human life) or perhaps negligent homicide (unintentional murder as a result of gross negligence). Even within assault categories, the DOJ appears to be pursuing simple assault (the least serious form, which usually involves minor injury or a limited threat of violence), rather than aggravated assault (a far graver charge, related to assaults concerning serious bodily harm).

So what we have instead is a simple assault case that is marketed as a murder, with stacking charges tantamount to mass murder, and possibly a murder case upside (see below), but no murder actually alleged — at least not yet.

Tanios is facing 60 years in prison, which is considerably more time than for typical first degree murder, despite the fact that Tanios not only did not spray Sicknick (it was Khater who allegedly did so), but the criminal complaint does not allege he even entered the U.S. Capitol building that day. At 39 years of age, if Tanios is found guilty on all counts with no leniency at sentencing, he will leave prison at 99 years old.

Ten weeks after 1/6, there is still no toxicology report, no autopsy results, and no cause of death identified for Officer Sicknick. We are now told that the results of the toxicology report have not been released because they are still incomplete.

But surely, 10 weeks into a process that normally takes 4-6 weeks to finish, the DOJ has at least some internal, preliminary indications of what those toxicology findings are likely to show. It follows that the DOJ is either (1) firewalled from those findings and has filed simple assault charges with the disciplined intent to file superseding murder charges if supported by the toxicology report, or (2) aware that the toxicology report shows no connection between the spray incident and the death, and is deliberately obscuring the court filing langauge and the public’s impression to falsely suggest a Big Reveal will ultimately vindicate their present lack of answers.

As Revolver also correctly pointed out, the Brian Sicknick saga—why and how the fallen U.S. Capitol Police officer died in the aftermath of 1/6—has gone through many twists and turns. It has been nothing short of a masterclass in how our Regime Media will tell lie after lie to launder fake narratives and avoid informing the public about basic, important truths.

And again, that’s where Julie Kelly comes in, highlighting Khater’s case as one of the most glaringly unfair outcomes to date. Here’s what she said on X:

Julian Khater was arrested by the feds on an airplane in March 2021 then interrogated by the FBI w/o a lawyer for allegedly spraying Brian Sicknick with pepper spray on January 6.

He was denied release by Judge Tom Hogan (Reagan) and languished in DC Gulag for a year and a half before tormented into a plea deal.

Julian pleaded guilty to 2 counts of assaulting federal police w/dangerous weapon. Hogan then sentenced him to 80 months in prison.

That’s why we call them political prisoners. Zero chance anything close to that happens to these thugs.

We’re seeing multiple justice systems in action, paired with a media that’s not too keen on facts, just on cooking up evidence to fit the regime’s narrative. And let’s be real: if this keeps up, our country won’t make it.