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The Brian Sicknick saga — why and how the fallen U.S. Capitol Police officer died in the aftermath of 1/6 — has gone through many twists and turns. It has been nothing short of a masterclass in how our Regime Media will tell lie after lie to launder fake narratives and avoid informing the public about basic, important truths.

The latest thread to unravel is the entire “bear spray” narrative. This past Tuesday, 27 days after Revolver News first identified using digital forensics that the New York Times had committed fraud about a “bear spray” attack, our Regime Media has finally admitted what our investigative team definitively proved from the start: no bear spray was actually deployed in the fake “bombshell” New York Times videos from March 24:

Washington (CNN) — The Justice Department on Tuesday abandoned the idea that pro-Trump rioters had used bear spray against US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick during the January 6 riot, a major change after implying for weeks that bear spray, not pepper spray, had been deployed.

Prosecutors addressed the seemingly small but significant difference at a detention hearing for the two men charged in connection with the chemical attack. All sides now acknowledge that the defendants, Julian Khater and George Tanios, brought bear repellant to the Capitol and that Khater asked for it just moments before the attack but ended up using pepper spray instead.

The clarification came a week after Washington’s chief medical examiner ruled that Sicknick had suffered strokes and died of natural causes a day after the attack. The finding undercut theories that an allergic reaction to the chemical spray may have led to his death.

Taken together, these developments clarify key facts about the day before Sicknick’s death, which has emerged as one of the most well-known incidents from the insurrection.

The narrative was already muddled by prosecutors repeatedly citing the bear spray, unsanctioned speculation from the former US attorney who led the probe, exaggerated statements from law enforcement and inaccurate early press reports about a fire extinguisher hitting Sicknick.

Khater and Tanios have pleaded not guilty and maintain that they’re not a danger to the public. They’re seeking to be released from jail and will be before a federal judge again next week. [CNN]

Let’s recap how how we got here.

First, the Regime Media unanimously reported that Sicknick was bashed in the head with a fire extinguisher. Revolver News and other outlets immediately detailed the impossibilities of that narrative being remotely true.

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Subsequently, the Regime Media was forced to retract that narrative and try to recalibrate their lies.

Then, they moved on to a new theory: Sicknick died of inhaling bear spray from the canister of two Trump supporters, George Tanios and Julian Khater. Tanios and Khater were later charged with assaulting Sicknick by the Biden Justice Department. On March 24, a so-called “bombshell” set of videos by the New York Times purported to show the exact moment that Khater allegedly sprayed Sicknick to death.

But Revolver News immediately called bullshit, once again, on the New York Times’s reporting and videos.

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First, at the time, the DC medical examiner’s report was already over 8 weeks late in establishing a cause of death, strongly suggesting foul play on the part of prosecutors who surely were aware through FBI investigators how unlikely the report was to suggest Sicknick died of bear spray poisoning. But they filed trumped up charges against Khater and Tanios anyway.

On April 19, Revolver News was completely vindicated when the DC Medical Examiners report showed zero evidence of chemical ingestion by Officer Sicknick, and no association between a chemical spray and the cause of death — two strokes by ‘natural causes’.

But on March 31, Revolver News had gone even further. We had shown, in excruciating forensic detail, that the so-called “bear spray” wasn’t even there.

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The New York Times had literally just drawn a white box around an empty strip of air and said there was bear spray inside it. And CNN and the rest of Regime Media had simply, squawkingly, unthinkingly, amplified the New York Times lie.

As demonstrated by Revolver News, here was the so-called “spray stream” of bear spray that the New York Times purported to be fired by Khater:

The New York Times lied and said:

A thin stream of liquid is visible shooting from a canister in Mr. Khater’s hand. It is unclear in the video what Mr. Khater is firing, and prosecutors have alleged that Mr. Tanios brought two smaller canisters of pepper spray to the Capitol in addition to two cans of Frontiersman bear spray. [NYT]

But Revolver News did its own forensic investigation of the photos. Revolver was only the media outlet to identify the excruciatingly obvious: there was no “thin stream of liquid” visible. In fact, there was no stream at all.

As we described nearly a full month ago:

What appears from a distance to be a white-ish mist from the canister actually appears upon closer inspection to be simply a continuation of the white-tipped January treeline in the background…

When we set the still frame to max resolution in Photoshop, it becomes apparent that the supposed “bear spray stream” is utterly invisible. [Revolver]

We continued:

A tonal heat map of the image in Photoshop confirms that there is no “thin stream of liquid” visible at all. The boxed area is entirely indistinguishable from background noise…

There appears to be nothing there. [Revolver]

We further demonstrated what it would have looked like had Julian Khater’s bear spray canister actually been deployed:

The spray’s plume is unmistakable and huge in Frontiersman’s promotional videos…

Heat map gradients in Photoshop reveal the obvious contours of the precise shape of the bear spray canister’s plume when it is actually being deployed. [Revolver]

CNN’s admission this week of the change from “bear spray” to “pepper spray” is of far greater significance than the Regime Media or prosecutors want to admit. The New York Times videos only showed Khater purporting to fire a SABRE Frontiersman canister of bear spray, not pepper spray. While prosecutors allege Khater also carried two small pepper spray cans, those pepper spray cans were not depicted in the March 24 videos. Only the below SABRE Frontiersman “bear spray” canister was:

The DOJ and FBI have now simply moved their goalposts into an even more unaccountable realm. There is no visual or chemical record of the alleged events in question at all.

Let this be a lesson. As Revolver has previously stated,

In today’s day and age, the fact that a credentialed journalist reports something should create a presumptive opinion in your mind that it’s not true. If you see CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, NYT, WaPo, or any of the others tell you it’s raining outside, it’s safe to assume it’s 70 and sunny until you stick your head out the window yourself, or see it confirmed by some online social media account that doesn’t carry a blue checkmark. [Revolver]

Our Regime Media actually drew a rectangle around a literal empty strip of air and tried to tell you there was poisonous gas inside. All you had to do was load that image into Adobe Photoshop and apply a simply heat map gradient filter to see there was nothing there.

In 1837, author Hans Christian Andersen wrote a classic parable entitled “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” At least the star of that story showed his subjects the courtesy of dressing up his lies. The corrupt ruling class of the Globalist American Empire doesn’t even deign to pretend to hide its ugly nakedness.

Revolver News is not done exposing the lies and false narratives surrounding 1/6 — quite the contrary, we are just getting started. With vindication after vindication, our biggest investigative work is yet to come. Readers should expect something major next week that will reshape the way they think about 1/6 entirely.

Stay tuned, it’s going to get wild.


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