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If you think the FBI has a bias against conservatives, hold onto your hats. With their latest recruitment drive at LGBTQ Pride events, it seems they’re ready to escalate their efforts. This latest move could amplify their targeting of Trump supporters, intensifying scrutiny and suspicion and placing a huge bullseye on every MAGA lover’s back. The agency, already facing allegations of orchestrating traps for right-wing individuals in incidents like the January 6 debacle and the Whitmer kidnapping plot, appears to be reinforcing their ranks with additional “left-wing enforcers.” The concern is that this could mark a significant escalation in the federal surveillance and entrapment of conservatives.

Chaya Raichik, the force behind the widely popular “Libs of TikTok” account, shared a concerning update in a recent post on X. She’s shedding light on the FBI’s recruitment strategies, sharing details directly from the agency’s latest communications.

The question many are asking is why the FBI is targeting homosexual communities for recruitment rather than casting a wider net across college campuses, like they have in the recent past. Are they creating a vast army of tranissaries? The agency’s new recruitment tactics raise serious questions that should alarm every American, regardless of political affiliation.