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The modern American regime has many soldiers who do battle on its behalf. There are the BLM rioters who loot helpless bodegas and shoe stores any time a “gentle giant” succumbs to a trooper’s bullet or a policeman’s knee. There are AWFLs; the pink pussy-hat wearers who attend every protest and enforce every newly-invented norm. There are Antifa; the violent actors who torch cars, besiege courthouses, and burn police stations.

But one class of warriors stands apart from all the rest. Call them the “trannissaries.” Or, if you prefer something even sillier, “tranny jannies.”

For those who didn’t grow up playing Age of Empires II, janissaries were the elite soldiers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which conquered the entire Balkans and Near East during the 15th and 16th centuries. They fought and won the toughest battles for the last and greatest of the Islamic empires that waged war against Christian Europe.

Today, it’s common on Twitter or in comments sections to see people quip that the most elite, tip-of-the-spear troopers for modern leftism are America’s growing pool of transgender people. Or, as the pun goes, “trannissaries.”

Why is the transgender movement so “successful?” In no small part, it’s because of how fanatically committed its members are to defending and advancing their ascended fetish. Why is transvestite content so successful online? Because transsexual radicals make up a very disproportionate share of moderators and power users on sites like Reddit or Wikipedia, and will harass or ban all who stand against them. Why is drag queen story hour everywhere? Because it turns out there are a whole lot of creepy autogynephiles eagerly volunteering to hang out with young children.

Why are transvestites in sports such an issue now? Because there are fetishists like Lia Thomas and Fallon Fox who enjoy using sports as an excuse to humiliate puny women.

The tranny/janny comparison has been made many times before. But aside from the truly excellent wordplay at its heart, most people only compare trannissaries to janissaries because both are “shock troops” for a formidable regime. For instance, here’s the excellent American Greatness:

If it wasn’t already clear, the shooter in Nashville was a Janissary, a demented footsoldier of an evil, totalitarian ideology that wishes to remake the world in its demonic image.

But in fact, this is far more than some simple joke. For one: did you know that nearly a third of American male-to-female transsexuals are veterans, despite the the fact they were officially banned from serving at the time this study was conducted?

The comparison between the janissaries of old and the trannissaries of today is even more robust than that, though, and makes for some revealing insights about the nature of both the modern regime and its favorite playthings.

Both are the converted children of conquered peoples. 

The Ottoman devshirme, or child-collection.

The most famous trait of the Ottoman janissaries was their unusual method of recruitment. New janissaries were made through the devshirme, (literally “collecting”), in which Ottoman officials went into the provinces, took boys aged roughly 8-15 away from their families, and brought them back to Constantinople for training as soldiers. In a major twist, though, the boys recruited were not taken from Turkish families, or other Muslim groups. Instead, they were taken from the conquered Christian peoples of the empire: Greeks, Albanians, Bulgarians, Serbs, and so on.

Sound familiar?

A Washington State bill that would strip parents’ rights to intervene on their kids medical care in certain circumstances passed the House Wednesday, clearing its pathway to being signed by Gov. Jay Inslee.

“An act relating to supporting youth,” or Senate Bill 5599, allows host homes for runaway youth “to house youth without parental permission.” Furthermore, the host homes do not need to notify parents about where their kids are or if they are getting medical interventions “if there is a compelling reason not to, which includes a youth seeking protected health services.”

Once conscripted, the boys were taught Turkish, converted to Islam, and made slaves of the sultan for life.

Similarly, today’s transgender extremists are also “recruited” from the children of a conquered and occupied people: ordinary middle Americans. And just like with the janissaries of old, any vestigial Christianity is stripped away so they can be enthusiastic practitioners of the new religion of LGBT.

Both involve genital mutilation

That whole “converting to Islam” process the boys had to go through? Yep, it included getting circumcised, a requirement for Muslim men but not otherwise practiced by Balkan Christians. So the process of becoming a janissary did, literally, involve undergoing a genital mutilation procedure in one’s teenage years. Ouch!

We assume we don’t have to explain the unholy practices that are taking place today, but if you really want to do more reading, be our guest.

Both are wards of the state.

Another distinguishing trait of the Turkish janissaries was their status as a modern standing army. Janissaries were full-time professional soldiers, paid and fed by the state for their entire lives.

Similarly, the modern transgender lifestyle is also entirely propped up by the American state, and the American regime more broadly. Join our standing army, and you can get your hormone treatments, sex reassignment surgeries, and tactical dilators all covered for free. Transvestites reportedly have a poverty rate nearly twice the national average, making they/them reliant on all manner of government programs to survive. But there are other forces beyond that. What keeps creepy-but-employed trannies in the jobs they hold? In no small part, it’s the terror of a deadly lawsuit if they are fired or questioned at all. It is no exaggeration to say that, for a subpar employee, an abruptly-grown pair of breasts might be the best protection possible from a termination.

Both die young

It shouldn’t require much explanation that the janissary’s retirement age of 40-45 could be hard to reach. Training was tough, and constant warfare was tougher. A lifetime of battle and unsanitary camps made for short life expectancy.

Today’s transgender shock troops suffer from the same problem. Their overall mortality rate is far, far higher than that of ordinary people. The movement’s allies in the White House or the Human Rights Campaign will say that these are deaths “in battle”—transgender people struck down in targeted hate crimes. The truth is more prosaic: transsexuals are most often killed by their own self-destructive lifestyles.


A total of 317 (10.8%) transgender women and 44 (2.7%) transgender men died during the duration of the study, which equated to an overall mortality rate of 628 deaths per 100,000 people per year.

In comparison to men in the general Dutch population, the mortality risk was nearly double among transgender women and was nearly triple in comparison to cis women (ratios of 1.8 and 2.8, respectively).

An analysis of the subgroups show transgender women were 2.6 times as likely to die of cardiovascular disease, 3.1 times as likely to die from lung cancer, 8.7 times as likely to die from infection, and 6.1 times as likely to die from non-natural causes as cis women. … Most likely the starkest difference was the mortality risk from HIV, which was 47.6 times higher for transgender women in comparison to cis women.

Finally, the suicide rate was 6.8 times higher for transgender women.

No Wives, No Kids, No Families

Contrary to what Rep. Steve King once claimed, janissaries were not castrated (though the Ottomans were otherwise enthusiastic about the practice). But during the empire’s peak, they were banned from marrying or supporting families, and were expected to live full-time in their army barracks. Newly-conscripted Janissaries were also ripped away from their old families, and in most cases it was unlikely they ever saw their parents and siblings ever again.

Today’s trans zealots routinely live out the same existence. Unlike the jannies of old, they frequently are castrated or sterilized. Even more sinister, there is an entire cottage industry of articles, TikTok videos, and forum posts encouraging trans people to cut off contact with family members who do not “accept” their delusions. In the case of minors, thousands of teachers, psychologists, and social workers are practically chomping at the bit to snatch “trans” children away from their parents and put them in more “affirming” foster care situations. The ideal trannissary lives in a digital “barracks,” shorn of real-life contact and instead residing almost totally online, ever-ready to ride into battle against the gender binary and civilization as we know it.

And as for transvestites somehow starting families, well, how would you respond to this online personal?

Munchausen by Proxy

As mentioned above, most janissaries were taken from conquered Christian peoples whose parents were none too happy about having their children kidnapped and turned into the trained killers of their conquerors. But janissaries were more than just cannon fodder. The best among became the most powerful generals, admirals, and officials in the empire, which could in turn greatly benefit their original families.

And so, unsurprisingly, after a while many of the empire’s Muslims dreamed of getting in on the action. They would pressure and bribe officials to have their own children “forcibly” conscripted as the sultan’s slave.

Today’s equivalents to those status-seeking Muslim parents are, of course, AWFLs: affluent, white, female liberals. Devoted to an ideology that worships victimhood, they are tragically lacking in victimhood points based on race or income or sexual orientation. But they can change this overnight if they can gift one of their own children to the trans cult.

Fanatical Loyalty

During their glory days, janissaries were not only tough and capable, but also famously loyal. In a time where most armies still consisted of a hodge-podge of feudal levies and unreliable mercenaries, the janissaries served only the sultan. At his word, they would march, give battle, and if necessary, die. This was perfectly natural: They owned no land, and had no base of support except for the Ottoman state.  The janissaries were loyal to the sultan because they depended on him utterly.

And so it is with their successors.

The tranissaries’ loyalty to the Regime goes far beyond their general dependency for regime support and propaganda. It is a loyalty that emerges from a combination of this dependency and the fact that tranissaries so often don’t have wives, children, and families. Without family life to occupy them, and given their total conviction of vulnerability and dependency on the Regime for support, they become purely political creatures, and fanatical instruments of political activism on which their lifestyle depends.

Indeed, it is their vulnerability and utter dependency on the regime that makes politics a direct personal existential issue for them in a way that it simply isn’t for conservative middle class American families who just want to raise their children in peace and be “left alone.” For the tranissary, it is not enough to be “left alone”: the tranissary is inherently expansionist and imperialist, demanding that others recognize its gender identity. Thus, tranissaries adopt the far more poisonous yet more effective posture that “silence is violence”—all must bow to their reality and agenda.

As Revolver’s Darren Beattie famously explained, the “silence is violence” approach to political activism will always defeat the conservative, libertarian, and decent desire to be simply left alone—“silence is violence” will always beat “don’t tread on me.”

The intense loyalty of the tranissary to the Regime means that they are some of the fiercest patriots to the new version of America we have dubbed the Globalist American Empire—perhaps in this context their disproportionate military service makes some sense.

Today, if you want to find the most vicious, meanspirited, aggressive, and indefatigable advocates for the new order sweeping America and the world, look no further than the “trans community.” Trannies are the perfect specimen of bioleninism: So off-putting and ridiculous on the outside, so delusional and repugnant on the inside, that any regime that grants them legitimacy, let alone status, can be assured of their total and complete loyalty. Because if this guaranteed status were to vanish, where could they go?

In any sane society, Sam Brinton would be used to frighten young children with the prospect he was hiding under their bed (or rather, inside their closet). The Globalist American Empire instead gave Sam a top-secret Q clearance permission to access our nuclear weapons secrets and made him Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy (he has since been fired after being caught for stealine woman’s luggage at airports… twice).

But the American Regime gave him praise, an important-sounding job, a nice salary, and fawning profiles before his public denouement. Similarly, in virtually any other society, Dylan Mulvaney would be in a prison or an asylum. In clown America, he is a millionaire.

And who could forget this lovely specimen? The Biden Regime made Rachel Levine — the elegant, sultry vixen of democratic governance — into the Assistant Secretary of Health and a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Slaves of the Great LARP

The Ottoman Empire’s most famous accomplishment was extinguishing the Roman Empire once and for all. Sultan Mehmet II conquered the empire’s last holdout, the ancient capital of Constantinople, and made it his own capital, where it remained the empire’s nerve center for more than 450 years.


But notably, in Mehmet’s view, he had not destroyed the Roman Empire. Rather, he claimed to have inherited it. After the conquest, Mehmet and his successors styled themselves as both Kayser-i Rûm (“Caesar of Rome”) and basileus (“emperor”). Court ritual was remodeled to imitate Roman practices. Campaigns of conquest against Italy and other parts of Western Europe were justified as reclaiming the Romans’ old patrimony.  Were the Turks Romans? Of course not. It was a grand LARP; a way to give a new upstart empire greater prestige to go with its overwhelming military might.

And so it is today. The ruling regime of today’s America has virtually nothing in common with the one that actually built America into a global superpower and the envy of the planet. But they angrily insist on being given the same respect, status, and credibility as that old regime. As David Burge once put it:

Janissaries Used Gunpowder Weapons to Kill Enemies of their Regime

Yeah, we don’t need to explain this one.


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