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The sham classified documents case that Jack Smith is spearheading against President Trump has encountered a couple of very significant setbacks in recent days—setbacks so severe that they have the potential to derail the entire case. President Trump says he has evidence that the Biden administration colluded with various federal agencies to arm Jack Smith with the ammunition for his indictment. Furthermore, he has disclosed an additional bombshell that could once again shake the foundation of the case.

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The paperwork shows that President Trump maintained an active security clearance at the very time when Jack Smith indicted him in the documents case—a fact the Biden regime was well aware of.

Independent investigative journalist Julie Kelly disclosed the specifics in her post on the platform X. Here’s what Julie said:

Here’s a closeup of the image Julie shared:

The twist in the story is that President Trump’s security clearance was revoked after discovery of the documents following a change in the status of those documents. It was on Biden’s request that NARA withdrew Trump’s privileges–a request that was granted. After, the documents were reclassified, providing the basis for the raid on Mar-a-Lago. The underlying objective all along was to seize  incriminating documents from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, destroy President Trump and fix the 2024 U.S. election.