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President Trump and his legal team have taken a bold step against Jack Smith and his team with some explosive new developments. Trump’s attorney claims to possess evidence suggesting the Biden White House is deeply embroiled in the political persecution of Trump. For anyone who’s been following the developments, even minimally, the situation is fishy, and we all know something smells off.

As a matter of fact, at the end of August, the House voiced their worries about the partisan direction of this political witch hunt.

House Judiciary Committee:

 Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent letters to President Biden’s Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and Attorney General Merrick Garland on recent reports that Jay Bratt, a top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith, met with Biden White House officials numerous times. The alleged relationship between Bratt and the Biden White House reinforces the perception that Smith’s pursuit of President Trump is not an impartial and unprejudiced investigation.

Excerpts of the letter to Jeff Zients:

“The Committee on the Judiciary is continuing its oversight of the Biden Justice Department’s commitment to impartial justice and its handling of a special counsel investigation against President Biden’s chief opponent in the upcoming presidential election. According to recent reporting, Jay Bratt—a Department of Justice employee and top aide to Special Counsel Jack Smith—met with White House officials multiple times, just weeks before Mr. Smith indicted former President Donald Trump. This new information raises serious concerns regarding the potential for a coordinated effort between the Department and the White House to investigate and prosecute President Biden’s political opponents.

“In September 2021, Mr. Bratt reportedly met with an advisor to the White House Chief of Staff. Two months later, in November 2021, Mr. Bratt again went to the White House to meet with Administration officials. During this same period, President Trump’s lawyers were negotiating with the National Archives about presidential records from his tenure in office. According to reporting,  Mr. Bratt’s 2021 White House meetings related to ‘national security.’ Subsequently, on March 31, 2023, just nine weeks prior to Mr. Smith’s indictment of President Trump, Mr. Bratt met with the White House Counsel’s Office Deputy Chief of Staff Caroline Saba and FBI Special Agent Danielle Ray for a ‘case-related interview.’

“We have previously raised concerns about Mr. Bratt’s involvement in this matter, which you have declined to address to date. Mr. Bratt is alleged to have improperly pressured a lawyer representing an employee of President Trump to induce the lawyer’s client to cooperate with the Department’s prosecution. Mr. Bratt allegedly commented to the lawyer that he did not think the lawyer was a ‘Trump guy’ and that ‘he would do the right thing.’ Mr. Bratt referenced the lawyer’s application for a judgeship on the D.C. Superior Court and implied that the application would be received more favorably if his client cooperated with the prosecution of President Trump.

“These facts reinforce the serious concern that Mr. Smith is not running an impartial and unprejudiced investigation and prosecution. The Committee has a significant interest in examining how the Department runs its Special Counsel investigations to inform potential legislative reforms concerning the Department’s Special Counsel practices and operations.

However, the stakes have just escalated with President Trump’s most recent legal maneuver.

His attorneys claim they have proof of collusion between Biden’s regime and entities like the National Archives and Records Administration, the Department of Justice, and intelligence agencies in deciding which documents should be in the indictment pursued by Jack Smith.

Unfortunately, the corruption in this current regime doesn’t shock us anymore. They have weaponized and politicized every facet of power with brazen disregard and disrespect for we, the people.

The allegations from Trump’s legal team are explosive. This is “bombshell” type stuff. What continues to astonish many of us is the blatant, coordinated effort to interfere in elections, all while mainstream media outlets, including Fox News, seem to merely observe the spectacle, doing absolutely nothing to actually look into it.