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As the polls continue to wreak havoc on everyone but Trump, the burning question is this: why are these 2024 hopefuls, who are clearly outmatched by Trump in a fair fight, still clinging to their failed campaigns? This is particularly perplexing when it comes to Ron DeSantis, once touted as the “favorite” to challenge President Trump.

Revolver actually covered this story recently, highlighting the sinister plans that are unfolding behind the scenes.


Speculation is swirling about why Ron DeSantis, a candidate polling around 8% (and dropping), hasn’t bowed out and gone back to Florida. Some chalk it up to ego, others to delusion, but the truth could be far more sinister than that. Interestingly, DeSantis himself may have spilled the beans during that oddball MSNBC interview. It’s clear this battle isn’t about beating Trump in a fair election—Team DeSantis is aware they don’t stand a chance at the polls. Their goal is to eliminate President Trump through a politicized justice system, paving the way for DeSantis to step in as the savior. However, there’s a problem. DeSantis’s charisma is sorely lacking. He’s got the allure of a raging flu virus. Unfortunately, the Florida governor, once a rising star, has alienated a significant portion of the Republican base. His deep financial entanglements with NeverTrump and Bush-era donors have led much of the MAGA community to see Ron as just another swamp creature.

Jack Posobiec, editor of Human Events, lays it out plainly: the reason DeSantis hasn’t withdrawn from the race is due to a strategy to deny President Trump the nomination at the convention.


Consider the optics when a well-liked governor fails to secure his home state in a primary, not just losing but facing down an embarrassingly massive defeat. It raises a very critical question about his viability as a presidential candidate. Why stay in the race instead of acknowledging the clear message from your home turf voters and bowing out?

Florida Politics:

The University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab shows the Governor trailing former President Donald Trump by nearly 40 points. Trump has 60% support while DeSantis has just 21% backing.

“Despite historically high approval in the polls, Governor DeSantis losing steam in his home state doesn’t bode well for his national campaign,” commented Dr. Michael Binder, PORL faculty director and professor of political science.

Other candidates are just footnotes: Nikki Haley is in third with 6%, followed by Chris Christie with 2%, and Vivek Ramaswamy with 1%.

DeSantis performs best in this survey with younger voters. He’s at or above 30% with voters under the age of 35, though that youthful cohort typically doesn’t move Republican Primaries.

Among voters 65 years of age and older, however, DeSantis is weakest, with 18% support compared to 57% for the former President.

As has been typical with most polling of the race in Florida and elsewhere, college educated voters are more likely to break for DeSantis. While 24% of that group backs the Governor, against 47% for Trump, the same can’t be said with those who never filled out a FAFSA. Among those with high school education or less, Trump leads DeSantis by 50 points, 68% to 18%.

Unsurprisingly given the 39-point lead in a full field poll, a two-way race doesn’t appreciably help DeSantis. 59% of those polled say they would vote for Trump, with 29% for DeSantis, and 12% more would not venture an answer.

Ron hasn’t dropped out because he’s patiently waiting for our weaponized justice system to destroy President Trump. Echoing Steve Bannon’s sentiments, DeSantis is aware that he stands no chance in a fair head-to-head match against President Trump, so he’s banking on the establishment to intervene and clear his path to the White House.

The issue for Ron DeSantis lies in the unwavering loyalty Trump commands; even a prison sentence could bolster his support. For a vast majority of conservatives, the 2024 election is not about just any ‘Republican’ winning—it’s specifically about Trump’s victory. If he’s incarcerated, they’re ready to write his name on the ballot. DeSantis and his team seem to miss this point, because if they grasped it, they’d close up shop and unite with voters against the Uniparty regime. The larger concern now is the NeverTrumpers and the establishment faction backing DeSantis, which likely explains his refusal to stand with the base.