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Speculation is swirling about why Ron DeSantis, a candidate polling around 8% (and dropping), hasn’t bowed out and gone back to Florida. Some chalk it up to ego, others to delusion, but the truth could be far more sinister than that. Interestingly, DeSantis himself may have spilled the beans during that oddball MSNBC interview. It’s clear this battle isn’t about beating Trump in a fair election—Team DeSantis is aware they don’t stand a chance at the polls. Their goal is to eliminate President Trump through a politicized justice system, paving the way for DeSantis to step in as the savior. However, there’s a problem. DeSantis’s charisma is sorely lacking. He’s got the allure of a raging flu virus. Unfortunately, the Florida governor, once a rising star, has alienated a significant portion of the Republican base. His deep financial entanglements with NeverTrump and Bush-era donors have led much of the MAGA community to see Ron as just another swamp creature.

Jack Posobiec, editor of Human Events, lays it out plainly: the reason DeSantis hasn’t withdrawn from the race is due to a strategy to deny President Trump the nomination at the convention.

Here’s a closeup of the images Jack shared:

But the plot goes even deeper and gets far more sinister than that.

Popular Trump supporter “JoMa” had this brilliant explanation of what he believes DeSantis is actually up to.

Many are voicing surprise that DeSantis said the quiet part out loud today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Going into this contest, Ron and his team were cognizant of the fact that Trump commands an insurmountable hold over the party’s rank and file.

To the DeSantis campaign, Trump is not a candidate to defeat at the ballot box or caucus meeting, but an obstacle to be removed, even if it means employing underhanded tactics that disenfranchise voters.

For months, the DeSantis campaign has spoken from both sides of its mouth. On one hand, espousing the idea that a robust and competitive primary process serves to yield a stronger, battle-tested nominee. On the other hand, pleading with other candidates to drop out at various stages and coalesce behind Ron.

Forcing a brokered convention with an outcome that circumvents the will of voters was always the end goal, and those who didn’t see it are either blind or idealistic about their party to a fault.

When the Bragg indictment came down, it was no coincidence that Ron’s response was a disparaging remark about “paying off pornstars.”

When the second indictment came down, Ron’s snide remark about “documents by the toilet at Mar-a-Lago” was an intentional move to validate the Democrats’ weaponization of our justice system, because he views it as politically advantageous to himself.

Ron’s flip-flop from talking about the need for election integrity measures and enumerating problems with the 2020 election to now claiming that Biden won the election fair and square because “Biden won the debate in October 2020” is yet another example of this strategy.

Notice Ron’s silence on the sham Colorado trial to have Trump removed from the ballot?

Any attempt to disenfranchise the majority of the party’s voters will lead to a historic Democrat victory regardless of who Democrats choose as their nominee. As we know, there are people in the GOP party leadership who would prefer that outcome over a Trump second term.

It’s important for American voters to realize that it’s not just the tsunami of mail-in ballots that is silencing our voices—it’s our own party that’s working overtime to shut us down as well.

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