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George Floyd is making headlines once more, and the real narrative doesn’t align with what the fake news and left-wingers want you to believe. New court documents reveal that George Floyd’s death wasn’t the result of murder. These documents prove he succumbed to a fentanyl overdose, and there were no injuries found on his neck. In light of this, questions arise about Derek Chauvin’s current imprisonment on murder charges.

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Many of us had already figured that this might be the case. But, as outlined in the court documents, the tremendous public pressure from the violent mob swayed the prosecution and the jury.

Popular X user Gregg Re shared a clip from the Floyd jury. Here’s what he had to say about it:

here is the moronic george floyd jury explaining why they convicted derek chauvin of second-degree murder. they say ‘it’s not what he did, it’s what he didn’t do.’ they say the cops ‘never cared’ about floyd.

they do not even pretend to care about a key element of second-degree murder, which is causation, i.e. whether Derek Chauvin actually killed floyd.

evidence that floyd had a fatal overdose includes (a) floyd saying “I can’t breathe” before he was on the ground; (b) the fatal level of fentanyl in his system; (c) lack of any physical signs of neck injury or strangulation

none of this comes up in this jury’s analysis. like the medical examiner, they came up with a verdict and retroactively ‘justified’ it, regardless of what the law says

In all honesty, Derek Chauvin’s chance for a fair trial was nonexistent. The situation wasn’t helped by politicians from both parties who spoke definitively about the case, appearing to close off any alternative perspectives. Among those politicians was our new House Speaker, Mike Johnson.

Here’s what Mike said in a Twitter thread from 2020:

George Floyd appears to have been the victim of murder. A close review of the video can lead one to no other conclusion, and the tragedy has focused a spotlight once again on the plight of millions of black men in America. It is real, heartbreaking, and it must be addressed. 1/7

The crisis necessitates real reconciliation and transformative solutions for systematic change. They are long, long overdue. 2/7

We are all God’s children, and we are all Americans. Here is a simple truth: Racism violates the most fundamental principles of our great nation–and the rules of our Creator. Period. 3/7

The central idea of America is that we boldly declare the self-evident truth that ALL men are created equal, and are thus endowed by God with the same inalienable rights. 4/7

Because each of us is made in His image, every single person has an estimable dignity and value which is wholly unrelated to the color of our skin, what neighborhood we live in, or what we can contribute to society. Our value is inherent, because it comes from above. 5/7

Any fool who contends he has a natural right of supremacy over his neighbors violates not only the foundational creed of America, but the greatest commandments of our Heavenly Father. 6/7

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to the Declaration of Independence as a “promissory note” to future generations. We have not yet fulfilled it, be we MUST. May the Lord heal our nation and help us to see one another as He does. 7/7 #GeorgeFloyd

Like many, Mike quickly drew concrete conclusions about the Floyd case without considering the possibility that a different sequence of events might have unfolded. Many can forgive Mike’s comments because they were made years ago, at a time when so many jumped on the same “banshee” bandwagon. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there for Mike. Looking at some of his other comments on whites, we have to wonder if there’s more to this story than just some misguided support for a crackhead criminal.

Regrettably, it seems that Mike has an anti-white bias. His self-loathing white messaging aligns with the narrative pushed by the left and the fake news media that labels Trump supporters and other whites who challenge mainstream views as “enemies” and “threats to democracy.” Mike is promoting the idea that white individuals inherently have an advantage over black individuals due to their skin color. However, such a broad generalization isn’t accurate, and that’s not a message that any white Republican male should be pushing.

Why would Mike decide to show his support for the black community by targeting and attacking whites? Well, it may have to do with Johnson’s family unit. He married his wife, Kelly, back in 1999. The Johnsons have four children. Mike stated that early in his married life, he and his wife took in a 14-year-old black boy and considered him a part of their family.

Mike might believe that to support his “black son,” he needs to diminish the value of white people. However, that approach sends a concerning message and endorses the narratives that are fueling all the division in our country. We hope Mike recognizes his previous remarks as major missteps and, in his new powerful leadership role, he focuses on the core of the Republican Party, which comprises many white folks who deserve the same respect they’ve extended to him. We need a House Speaker who serves the country, not one who furthers divisive left-wing narratives. It’s time for the House Speaker to truly represent America, not radical, wild-eyed CRT fanatics.