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This won’t come as a shock to you, but nearly everything you were told about the George Floyd case and the conviction of police officer Derek Chauvin was a lie. Newly released court documents now confirm that George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose, not from asphyxiation.

In other words, George Floyd was not murdered.

Despite this knowledge, both the prosecution and the court still permitted Derek Chauvin to be wrongfully convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. He was a sacrificial lamb led to slaughter to appease the bloodthirsty BLM mob and support the mainstream media’s lies.

Even as some of us began questioning the mainstream narrative, media outlets—including Fox News—threw Chauvin to the wolves. The man never stood a fighting chance.

As it stands now, Chauvin is a political prisoner. He’s been judged not only by an “activist” legal system that no longer follows the rule of law but instead goes by the court of public opinion. In this case, it seems the verdict on Chauvin was influenced more by public outcry and a sketchy viral image than by a thorough examination of the facts.

It’s clear that the rabid left-wing mob placed tremendous pressure on prosecutors, the jury, and the entire court system.

Alpha News:

New court documents expose the “extreme pressure” prosecutors faced in Hennepin County to charge Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers in the death of George Floyd.

Several attorneys opposed charging the “other three” officers and withdrew from the case due to “professional and ethical rules.”

Now, hundreds of pages of sworn testimony of Hennepin County attorneys and other county employees that took place this summer have been made public.

The depositions were conducted in relation to a lawsuit filed by Amy Sweasy, who was one of the office’s top prosecutors, against former County Attorney Mike Freeman. Sweasy is suing after settling a claim with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights alleging that Freeman engaged in sex discrimination and retaliation in the office. Hennepin County agreed to pay $190,000 to settle the Department of Human Rights claim.

Freeman left office in January and Sweasy resigned from the current county attorney’s office in April.

According to the new documents, Senior Assistant County Attorney Patrick Lofton who worked on police use-of-force cases with Sweasy said the relationship between Sweasy and Freeman soured after Lofton and Sweasy withdrew from the officers’ cases formally on June 3, 2020. Lofton explained the pressure they were under to file charges.

“The Chauvin stuff is the catalyst of this,” Lofton said, according to a transcript from his June 6 deposition.

“There was extreme premium pressure, yes. The city was burning down,” Lofton said.

He explained that while he “wanted the case charged” and believed there was “probable cause to charge Mr. Chauvin with third degree murder,” the pressure from outside the office was “insane” and he had reservations about charging “the other three cops.”

There were no injuries to George Floyd, and everybody knew it.


Chauvin is seeking to appeal his conviction to the Supreme Court. Will the justices agree to hear the case? In light of the unearthed evidence, one would think they almost have to.

Raw Egg Nationalist:

You may not know that Derek Chauvin is currently in the process of appealing at the Supreme Court level to overturn his state conviction for the third-degree murder of George Floyd.

As I said in a piece for @theammind a few months ago, this is an opportunity for the conservative-governed Court to rule on the new racial refounding of the America as a nation built on the original sin of slavery. This is the message of e.g. the 1619 Project and it will be used to turn America into a radical redistributionist nation more akin to Zimbabwe or South Africa than anything the Founding Fathers envisaged. George Floyd is a founding “martyr” of this new dispensation. Challenging the Floyd narrative could have earth-shattering consequences.

Whether or not the Court will decide to take up the case is anybody’s guess. By striking down Roe v. Wade, they’ve shown they’re not afraid to issue decisions that go totally against the dominant liberal grain. But would this be a case too far?

There can be no doubt that there would be enormous protests, perhaps as bad as or even worse than 2020. We saw significant judicial intimidation after Roe v. Wade was overturned, especially towards Judge Kavanaugh,

The bottom line is that George Floyd’s cause of death was a fentanyl overdose, not asphyxiation from Derek Chauvin’s knee. And don’t forget, this fact was established early in the investigation. Yet, the narrative of Floyd being killed by a police officer was absolutely crucial for fueling the BLM revolution. And indeed, it did just that. Here’s what Tucker has to say about this bombshell:

Derek Chauvin should be set free immediately; at the very least, he needs a new trial right away. As it currently stands, he’s been convicted for a murder that, according to unearthed evidence, never actually took place. Those who were aware of this and allowed the conviction to proceed should face severe repercussions, including anybody in the media who knew the truth.