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There’s a hot new trend sweeping TikTok and it revolves around the Roman Empire. Women are asking one question to their male friends, boyfriends, husbands, and relatives: “Do you ever think about the Roman Empire?” The responses have been both funny and remarkably consistent – yes, men indeed think about the Roman Empire… quite frequently, actually.


Never once do I think of such things. How is this real?! #romanempire

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Not even surprised. #romanempire #romanempiretrend #husband

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So, why do so many men think about the Roman Empire? Men are inherently warriors, born with the instinct to conquer, and the Roman Empire epitomizes this notion flawlessly. It was a well-structured, finely tuned government apparatus that operated seamlessly, thanks to the leadership of very capable and strong men.


Why men think about the Roman Empire! 😂(EXPLAINED) Ladies, you’ve got a warrior on your hands!⚔️ #Roman #romanempire #menthink #romanempirememe #menromanempire #Christiantiktok

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Speaking of all things “Rome,” it’s not uncommon for people these days to draw parallels between the current disastrous state of America and the decline of Ancient Rome. Right now, the U.S. is dealing with a laundry list of issues, most of which stem from the convoluted and twisted progressive agenda. Things like wide open borders, soaring crime, inflation, drag queens, men having babies, doctors chopping off kids’ genitals, and adult men wearing their wives clothes and makeup, just to name a few. What’s truly scary is that a lot of this left-wing deviance and degeneracy is taking over our military. The world’s most powerful military has transformed itself into a transgender social experiment, placing greater emphasis on individuals indulging in personal fantasies rather than the team’s commitment to protecting the country. Given this new direction the military is taking, one can’t help but wonder if the Roman Empire would have conquered the world had they embraced this self-indulgent deviancy, wearing lipgloss and sporting fake boobs on the battlefield.

Below are two new viral videos of U.S. military personnel making the rounds on social media. The two guys are proudly showing off their “drag” persona, because apparently, the U.S. military has turned into RuPaul’s “Drag Race.” Ironically, these two individuals actually appear more masculine when dressed as drag queens than they do in their military attire, which raises even more concerns.

Honest question: after watching those clips, does it appear that the US military is dedicated to defending its borders and projecting strength against its adversaries? Sadly, we already know the answer to that question…

Hell no.

But it’s not only the U.S. grappling with the decline of “conquering warriors.” Our friends Down Under are also experiencing an increase in mental illness and creepy fetishes as well. This is Captain Jesse Noble, and he identifies as both male and female, whatever that means.

ABC News:

When Captain Jesse Noble realized they were gender diverse, it “was kind of like getting hit in the face with a truck”.

“I really associate with both genders,” Captain Noble said.

At 35 years old, they had spent their entire life in the Pentecostal Church. They had a career as a captain in the Australian Army.

Their life seemed completely at odds with a genuine expression of their gender identity.

“I was very closeted about it,” Captain Noble said.

“And I thought that I was basically going to tell maybe three people in my whole life.”

Despite that, in February, Captain Noble took their heart in their hands and fronted up to their boss at Darwin’s First Combat Signals Regiment.

“I said, ‘Hey, so I’m going to be putting some paperwork up to you,'” they said. “I’m gender diverse. I’m non-binary, and I am going to be opting for the female uniform.”

Do you believe that a cross-dressing military captain or U.S. Army drag queens could match the warriors of the Roman Empire? Likely not. However, to the left, these gender-confused creeps serve a purpose far more significant than just national defense.

Back in April, Revolver actually published a viral piece on this very topic. But instead of the same old boring rundown on the violent trans movement, Revolver went back through history and found a stark comparison between today’s trans movement and the janissaries, who were the elite soldiers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. The janissaries conquered the entire Balkans and Near East during the 15th and 16th centuries. They fought and won the toughest battles for the last and greatest of the Islamic empires that waged war against Christian Europe. But there was so much more to who they were than just remarkable warriors, and the parallels between them and today’s trans movement are eye-opening.

So, what makes these warriors so similar to today’s trans radicals? Revolver broke it all down brilliantly:

Why is the transgender movement so “successful?” In no small part, it’s because of how fanatically committed its members are to defending and advancing their ascended fetish. Why is transvestite content so successful online? Because transsexual radicals make up a very disproportionate share of moderators and power users on sites like Reddit or Wikipedia, and will harass or ban all who stand against them. Why is drag queen story hour everywhere? Because it turns out there are a whole lot of creepy autogynephiles eagerly volunteering to hang out with young children. Why are transvestites in sports such an issue now? Because there are fetishists like Lia Thomas and Fallon Fox who enjoy using sports as an excuse to humiliate puny women.

The tranny/janny comparison has been made many times before. But aside from the truly excellent wordplay at its heart, most people only compare trannissaries to janissaries because both are “shock troops” for a formidable regime. For instance, here’s the excellent American Greatness:

If it wasn’t already clear, the shooter in Nashville was a Janissary, a demented footsoldier of an evil, totalitarian ideology that wishes to remake the world in its demonic image.

But in fact, this is far more than some simple joke. For one: did you know that nearly a third of American male-to-female transsexuals are veterans, despite the the fact they were officially banned from serving at the time this study was conducted?

The most famous trait of the Ottoman janissaries was their unusual method of recruitment. New janissaries were made through the devshirme, (literally “collecting”), in which Ottoman officials went into the provinces, took boys aged roughly 8-15 away from their families, and brought them back to Constantinople for training as soldiers. In a major twist, though, the boys recruited were not taken from Turkish families, or other Muslim groups. Instead, they were taken from the conquered Christian peoples of the empire: Greeks, Albanians, Bulgarians, Serbs, and so on.

Sound familiar?

It’s a fascinating and also quite alarming comparison — perhaps the rise of the “trans warrior” is no laughing matter. We encourage you to read the entire thought-provoking piece, which you can find here.

What we are currently witnessing in the military is not some beautiful awakening of healthy-minded men and women grappling with legitimate gender identity issues. Instead, we’re watching the left prey upon a group of vulnerable, lost souls.

LA Times:

The latest analysis, published last year by UCLA researchers, estimated that nearly 150,000 transgender people have served in the military, or about 21% of all transgender adults in the U.S. By comparison, 10% of the general population has served.

The findings have pumped new life into a theory that Brown developed to explain what he had witnessed. In a 1988 paper, he coined it “flight into hypermasculinity.”

His transgender patients told him that they had signed up for service when they were still in denial about their true selves and were trying to prove they were “real men.”

“I just kept hearing the same story over and over again,” said Brown, 58, now a professor at East Tennessee State University and a specialist in gender identity issues at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Mountain Home, Tenn.

Many of these lost boys joined the military not with the intent to conquer or protect, but in some desperate search of acceptance and a sense of belonging. Sadly, these confused men have become vulnerable targets for the left. It’s all too easy to brainwash and radicalize individuals like these through the use of social media, activism, entertainment, and politics. These methods can quickly transform individuals who are struggling with mental health issues and yearning to find a sense of belonging. And the bonus for the left is that they not only recruit an “army” of “trannissaries” but they also gain a foothold and tremendous power within the military. The left takes the innate male desire for righteousness, conquest, and protection and contorts it, then redirects it into a twisted need to destroy morality and  tradition. Just as they did with Christianity, colleges, and courts, the left will assert control and reshape the military into a weapon for progressive activism, and sadly, cowardly Republicans will sit back and allow them to do it.

So, to answer the question, no, the Roman Empire could not have conquered the world while dressed in high heels and lip gloss. Such attire hides the male spirit and feminizes it, which contradicts the very essence of manhood. Land is meant to be conquered, borders to be protected, but this requires the unwavering “Roman” spirit to be alive, burning passionately within every man.