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You know that hyped ABC “comeback” video the Biden Regime was buzzing about? The big plan was for Joe to flip the script on the “debate disaster” by cozying up with former Clinton aide and shameless progressive George Stephanopoulos for a carefully taped, easy-breezy interview. This was supposed to reassure America that the so-called “president” is sharp and ready to steer us—possibly off a cliff—for another four years.

But that “comeback”? It never happened. As a matter of fact, the ABC interview, which again was not live, only made the debacle worse. It confirmed everyone’s “dementia” fears following the chaotic live debate. It’s shocking that even with a taped setup and a friendly face across the way, they couldn’t hide the glaring signs of Joe’s decline.

From the get-go, Biden looked far from healthy. He appeared more like an overripe orange, slathered in bronzer in a sad attempt to conjure up a “summer glow.”

But the way he “glowed” was the least of his worries. As always, it was Joe’s responses that really messed him up, like trying to play the “crowd size” game. It was never a good idea against Trump, and George knew it.

This interview was so incredibly bad, you have to. wonder if Joe’s handlers secretly hate him. Biden sounded exhausted and out of breath.

Alex Thompson:

In the first clip of the interview, Biden to @GStephanopoulos about the debate: “I was exhausted. I didn’t listen to my instincts in terms of preparing and — and a bad night.”

Says that he was sick the week before and his doctor tried to figure out if it was Covid or something else.

Biden hints that his phantom sickness was the cause of his disastrous debate performance. Yet, after the debate, he was at a Waffle House, mingling with folks and shaking hands. Doesn’t add up.

Honestly, this might have been Biden’s most cringe-worthy response yet. He can’t even recall if he watched the debate. This is the kind of blunder that has donors tossing and turning at night.

Contrast Biden’s interview with how skillfully President Trump carves through George Stephanopoulos in this clip. It’s a master class in control and leadership.

Biden is constantly pushed to do these interviews, but all he ends up facing are painful questions about his cognitive health, and ironically, he lacks the mental sharpness to deflect these questions effectively. When he tries to list his achievements, it’s all stumbles, mumbles, and bumbles galore.

Biden’s floundering interviews and media appearances are becoming quite a boon for President Trump, providing perfect B-roll for his campaign ads, like the one below:

The Biden blunders and President Trump’s attacks are working like a charm.

The good news for Joe is that he lives in a constant state of denial and doesn’t realize how unpopular he truly is.

The reactions to Biden’s “comeback” ABC interview, which was supposed to reassure Americans, were not exactly glowing.

David Axelrod, Obama’s loyal lieutenant, labeled the interview “sad” and declared it’s all “downhill” from here. Ouch. That’s got to sting.


Many of Biden’s high-profile fundraising events are teetering on the edge. They were all hinged on his “comeback” in that ABC interview. Now, after it aired, it seems like wealthy progressives are slamming their checkbooks shut at lightning speed.

The New York Times:

Some of President Biden’s fund-raising events in the coming weeks are in jeopardy, with one potential Wisconsin event failing to materialize and a Texas event up in the air after his poor debate performance against Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Biden’s fund-raising schedule is often fluid, as the White House and the campaign juggle the complicated logistics of official events with the competing demands of donors and finance operatives. But the aftermath of his debate performance has added an additional layer of uncertainty, with a growing group of major donors calling on Mr. Biden to drop his re-election campaign and make way for a replacement at the top of the ticket.
The Biden campaign had discussed sending Mr. Biden to Wisconsin for a late July fund-raiser, according to three people briefed on the plans. But donors who had committed to giving large sums and attending began withdrawing soon after the debate ended.

The campaign had hoped to raise $1 million from the event, but after the debate, campaign officials reset the event’s goal to $500,000, according to one person involved in arranging it. Even that proved to be more than Wisconsin donors were willing to give to Mr. Biden. Plans for the event are now off.

Another fund-raiser under consideration was to be paired with an official event in mid-July at the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential library in Austin, Texas, where Mr. Biden will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, according to two people briefed on the planning.

The fund-raiser was to be hosted by Luci Baines Johnson, the former president’s daughter. But it is unclear whether the event will proceed, according to the people briefed on the planning.

John Morgan, a Florida lawyer who had discussed the possibility of hosting Mr. Biden at a fund-raiser next month or in September, said campaign officials had not confirmed details and that he had not pressed them.

Regardless of what happens, Biden is 100 percent certain that he will beat President Trump in 2020. Whoopsie.

You can watch the full interview below: