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The first rule of Carnival Fight Club? You don’t talk about Carnival Fight Club. Seriously, if you bring up the frequent brawls on this budget cruise line and identify who’s mainly involved (black people), you risk being instantly branded a “racist” simply for acknowledging the very clear and obvious pattern. It’s a classic case of “don’t believe your lying eyes.” The Marxist PC culture urges us to overlook what’s truly happening and stick to the regime’s narrative du jour. But let’s be clear: the truth and facts aren’t racist—they’re just reality. Discussing them is essential. It’s similar to how people avoided talking about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. It wasn’t considered “polite” to mention that the so-called “president” is a raging dementia patient; it was seen as rude and insensitive. So, everyone pretended everything was fine, and look where that’s gotten us. But this taps into the very core of the left’s DEI agenda, which sidesteps excellence in favor of charity. As Americans awaken from their long slumber and crave authenticity, it’s time to address the real issues. Let’s discuss what’s actually happening—not from a place of hate, but from a standpoint of ‘Here’s the reality; how can we improve this? Let’s discuss how black people are literally destroying the Carnival Cruise Line brand.

Since 2022, Carnival’s stock has taken a nosedive. What used to be a value-driven, family-friendly, and singles cruise line has now degraded into what many are calling the “Walmart” of cruising—marked by bloody brawls and block party hoodlum antics. Folks are now wondering why Carnival has gone full “ghetto.”

This new reputation as a black “fight club” has damaged Carnival’s brand. Unfortunately, this shift aligns with the darkest stereotypes of black culture: violence, uncontrolled emotions, and a lack of social graces.

The Barron’s Daily:

This led investors to be concerned that the cruise lines have lost some ability to maintain higher prices. Shares of Carnival were down 8.8%, on pace for their largest percentage decrease since Nov. 16, 2022, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Late that Nov. 15, Carnival said it would offer $1 billion of convertible senior notes as part of a refinancing plan.

Investors weren’t pleased by the potential stock dilution, so the shares fell 14% the next day, closing at $9.63 compared with $11.16 the day before. Shares didn’t trade above $11 again until Jan. 18, 2023.

On Thursday, Carnival was the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500, which was down 0.3%.

This portrayal not only affects perceptions of the cruise line but also reinforces unflattering stereotypes that are evident in reality. A recent “fight club” incident occurred on a Carnival ship, involving a group of drunken black women from Tampa who decided the best way to solve a disagreement was with their fists.

Collin Rugg:

NEW: Wild fight breaks out on a Carnival cruise ship to Central America at 3am after “a bunch of drunk girls from Tampa” had a disagreement.

This narrator did a tremendous job.

43-year-old passenger Nick Richardson said he was going to get some pizza when he walked into a war zone.

“Those girls were already set on what they were gonna do. It just got out of hand very, very quickly. And that’s how it happens. You’re just drinking too much,” Richardson said.

Carnival released a statement about the incident, saying the guests involved were fined and are banned from sailing again.

“As is our policy, we will not tolerate such behavior and the guests involved were fined and will not sail on Carnival Cruise Line again,” they said.

Carnival claims they don’t tolerate this behavior, but it’s literally become commonplace. This isn’t just a one-off issue—it’s a recurring problem that too many are scared to talk about, worried they’ll be labeled “racist.”

This “Fight Club” brawl involved over 60 people.

And it’s not always “brawls.” Sometimes it’s just two shirtless guys duking it out on the lido deck.

It’s become so commonplace that nowadays, it seems you can’t board a Carnival cruise without witnessing a brawl. This frequency of incidents has raised concerns about safety and the entire Carnival cruise experience.

We’re seeing entire families, not just unruly singles, being removed from ships. This raises important questions: How deep-seated is this behavior, and does it prompt a broader cultural discussion? Probably so.

Certainly, people of any background can make poor decisions and act impulsively. And obviously, none of this is to state that black people, as a whole, are ruining Carnival cruises. After all, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. However, reviewing the numerous videos from these so-called “Carnival Fight Clubs,” one might wonder if there’s a recurring issue with resorting to violence instead of seeking non-violent solutions. Is this an issue of poor communication?

Sadly, the “Fight Club” behavior isn’t limited to the Carnival Cruise Line. We’re seeing the same type of brawls happening at amusement parks across the nation. What happened during opening day at Six Flags in Georgia looked like the kick-off of a war, not an amusement park.

Collin Rugg:

NEW: Fights break out at the opening day of Six Flags in Georgia ending with police shooting a 15-year-old.

This is why Atlanta can’t have nice things.

Police say they were called after they received reports of *500-600* people running and fighting at the park.

The park then cleared out and the fights continued outside of the park.

Police say this is when multiple people began shooting. Police got involved in the shooting and hit a 15-year-old who allegedly had a gun.

He is in critical condition.

“It is incredibly disappointing that our community is disrupted at public events throughout the region by groups of underaged youth,” Six Flags said in a statement.

“We join our community and the Atlanta region in our commitment to safety and security. We won’t put up with that type of activity here.”

Again, these are not just “one-time” events. The “Carnival brawls” are happening regularly at places where a lot of black folks gather.

It’s gotten so bad that “Fight Club” is even unfolding at the so-called “happiest place on earth.”

Here’s a freeze-frame from a fight that broke out in “Fantasy Land” of all places.


Another example of this “Fight Club” culture is happening on low-budget airlines and in airports across the country.


And if cruise ships, amusement parks, airplanes, and airport brawls aren’t concerning enough, the Juneteenth celebrations turned into “fight clubs” all over the country.

Even Pride events have not been immune to the “Fight Club” culture, with some turning into bloody street brawls.

The total disrespect for other people’s property is part of this “Fight Club” mentality.

Perhaps it’s time to engage in a serious conversation about aspects of black culture and behavior, and the law and order requirements that are necessary to institute to bring such behavior into line. If we discuss these very obvious patterns of violence openly and constructively, it could actually lead to understanding and solutions, rather than sweeping them under the rug or dismissing concerns as “racist.” Or worse, deflect by saying, “Well, white people fight too.” That’s lazy and disingenuous. Yes, while it’s true that individuals of all backgrounds can be involved in such incidents, the focus here is on a troubling “Flight Club” culture that seems to be affecting not just individual black communities but also businesses, like Carnival, on a larger scale.

As we’ve seen in Nayyib Bukele’s El Salvador, you can straighten out an entire society quite quickly just by making a few examples and setting a new tone.

However, nothing really can get done as long as the regime, its media, its courts, and its parties are bleating about racism and disparate impact every five seconds.