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As the 2024 elections take bizarre twists and turns, there’s a major spotlight shining on the invasion at the US border—so much so that it’s now a key election issue. Kamala Harris, the possible replacement for Joe Biden, holds the title of “Border Czar” and is overseeing this treasonous invasion, which means we’re in big trouble.

Within the first 100 days of his installation, Joe Biden dismantled every effective border security measure President Trump had implemented to protect the country and put American citizens first. They’ve spent three years unleashing a planned invasion on the American people, and now, as the border becomes a top election issue, suddenly, Biden’s pretending to care.

Clyp Keeper:

3 years of the Biden administration & Democrats public statements about the security at the Southern Border & their multiple claims “the border is secure”.
Now that we’ve entered an election year Joe is finally admitting the border is not secure…and of course it’s not his fault, it’s republicans fault.
THREE YEARS…this one hurt!

But this issue is very layered and complex. Sure, we’re witnessing a surge of illegals from South America, including plenty of unvetted violent criminals and sex traffickers. But what many don’t realize is that illegal migration from China is off the charts.

Nikkei Asia:

The number of Chinese migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border skyrocketed in 2023. Although the actual total is elusive, over 37,000 Chinese nationals were detained on the border with Mexico last year, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This figure is 10 times greater than in pre-pandemic years.

This mysterious phenomenon traces back to a shadowy spot known as the Darién Gap, a region that connects the American continents, stretching across southern Panama’s Darién Province.

Making the treacherous journey north through the Darién Gap - CBS News

It’s a large swath of undeveloped swampland and forest. With no roads, and it’s the missing link of the Pan American highway. This remote area is now being exploited to funnel Chinese illegals into the US, and now, to accelerate the process, they’re even constructing a bridge to increase the flow of Chinese illegals.

Wall Street Apes:

WOAH 🚨 NEW 7/3/2025 Real America’s Voice Exposes MASSIVE Amount Of Chinese Illegal Migrants Crossing The Darian Gap Headed For America

Tucker Carlson just exposed a bridge being built in the Darian Gap to greatly accelerate millions more illegals into America

“Oscar Blue reporting for Real America’s Voice News. You will see a lot of these nationals from China arriving continuously till this route and continues through this route that is called Carreto, that is a day and a half. It is an expensive route.

This is a social class route. This route, it will last around a day and a half for them to cross the Darien Gap and for them to arrive to this particular place and ultimately go their destination.

It is the United States of America. We ask every single one of them where are they coming from, and this is the video. Behind me, you will see the Chinese migrants are arriving from the part of Puerto Limon. This is a route that is called Carreto. It’s a really expensive route from the Darien Gap as the Chinese migration, it is coming.

Let’s move forward a little bit over here.


China. China. China. China. China.
Come on now. China. China. China. China. China. From China. China. China. From China. China. China. From China. China. From China. China. From China. China. China. China.

Where are you going in the United States? What part? I don’t know.

You don’t know. You don’t know. China. China. China. From China. China. From China. China. From China. China. Yes. From China. China. From China.

Yeah. China. From China. From China. China.

California? Or where are you going? California? Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. United States. United States. United States. China. Venezuela. Venezuela. Venezuela. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China. China.

They’re from China. Also, uh, you got more people right here. China. China. China.

As the mass migration from China continues from this particular part that is called Puerto Limon, exiting from this expensive route that is called Carreto inside of the Darien jungle, trafficked by the Colombian cartel into Panamanian territory.

They continue their journey all the way, directed all the way to the United States of America. Oscar Blue reporting for Real America’s boys news from Panamanian territory, just steps out of the Darien Jungle.”

But there’s even more to the story. Tucker Carlson recently sat down with Bret Weinstein, who ventured into the Darién Gap to uncover who’s orchestrating this shadowy operation. What he discovered is something every American should be concerned about.

Yes, it might sound like a plot from a spy novel, but consider this: the same government that likely unleashed COVID, floated spy balloons over our cities, and smuggled deadly fentanyl across our borders might also be sending military-aged men through the Darién Gap to invade America.

Honestly, with everything going on, it’s not such a hard pill to swallow anymore, and you can’t blame folks for thinking China is ready to pounce. And here’s something else—these illegals, like the ones streaming in from the south, aren’t here for the American Dream. No, they’re here for all the “goodies” the Dems keep promising, all while our own people are barely scraping by.

And if you don’t think this is hammering Americans, you’re dead wrong.

Jason Robertson:

With the latest Jobs Report Released, everyone should be talking about this chart….

In the last 12 months
Native Born American Jobs are down by 600,000 Jobs

Illegal immigrant Jobs are up 2,200,000

Nearly 16 Million Illegals are here and not working, an increase of 700,000

Are we adding jobs, yes. We are adding low paying jobs that Illegals who get public assistance are taking.

Here’s a closeup of the image:

As it stands now, the new American regime exists for the benefit of foreigners at the expense of American citizens. Our tax dollars at work—but instead of supporting our own people, they’re bankrolling foreigners who are just here for the handouts and Dem freebies.