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After a three-year-long investigation, justice-seekers in San Diego finally did what nobody else has managed to do: they broke up a powerful Antifa cell and put them behind bars, where they belong. As for the judge in the case, early on he didn’t think prosecutors would be able to prove that this was an organized “terror cell.” But by the end, he didn’t have a doubt. He believed 100 percent that Antifa as an organization exists. Finally.

However, if you ask Joe Biden or any Democrat about the greatest “domestic threat” to America, they’ll point straight at the (non-violent) Trump supporters, who supposedly tried to overthrow the US government with nothing but water bottles and fanny packs on January 6th. It’s a peculiar stance, especially considering Joe Biden himself loves to mock American gun owners. He claims that taking on the US government with an AR-15 is for silly fools—apparently, we’d need “F-15s” to stand a chance.

But apparently, you can overtake the government with a bottle of Aquafina. Who knew?

However, one group Dems never label as a “domestic threat” is Antifa—the far-left extremists who meld seamlessly into all sorts of progressive movements, from Occupy Wall Street and BLM to climate nuts and the anti-Trump Marxists who set fire to DC the day Trump was inaugurated.

The media wouldn’t admit it, but this is Antifa.

This is also Antifa. Is this what the left calls a “mostly peaceful” protest? This is what an actual “insurrection” might look like, right?

Michael Tracey, an independent journalist, is correct. There are many in the regime-run media who not only support Antifa but also work closely with them.

In fact, the Dems and the media barely acknowledge Antifa’s existence. It’s similar to how they treated the “Deep State” initially, dismissing it as a bizarre right-wing conspiracy. Over time, they had to break down and admit it was real, but they haven’t reached that point with Antifa yet. They portray this well-funded, highly organized group as just a bunch of lone-wolf anti-fascist vigilantes trying to clean up after the supposedly hateful, dangerous fanny pack-wearing Trump supporters.

However, that narrative couldn’t be farther from the truth. Antifa cells are active across the country and around the world. And finally, one cell wreaking havoc in California has been dismantled, thanks to prosecutors and a judge who meant business. Investigative journalist Andy Ngo has been on the Antifa beat for years and was even severely beaten by the group in Portland, Oregon.

He covered this significant move towards real justice unfolding in San Diego.

The Post Millennial:

Eight convicted rioters were sentenced to varying prison and jail terms last week for their role in a So Cal Antifa attack in southern California in 2021.

The sentencing in San Diego Superior Court on June 28 brought the conclusion to more than three years of investigations, a secret indictment, plea deals, and a dramatic trial. This marks the first time in U.S. history that prosecutors have broken up an Antifa cell with a string of multiple convictions. In fact, all 12 defendants related to the case were convicted.

Jurors heard evidence during a month-long trial spanning from April to May in which prosecutors alleged that Jeremy Jonathan White, 41 (b. Oct. 7, 1982), and Brian Cortez Lightfoot Jr., 27 (b. Sept. 30, 1996), were part of a violent So Cal Antifa conspiracy to riot in the community of Pacific Beach in January 2021. The last two defendants who went to trial were the only charged So Cal Antifa members who did not plead guilty beforehand.

Both White and Lightfoot were found guilty of felony conspiracy to riot. Lightfoot was additionally found guilty of five charges of unlawful use of teargas. He was acquitted of one assault charge, and the jury deadlocked on nine assault charges.

White was sentenced to two years custody in state prison. He submitted a statement to the court standing by his actions and comparing himself to slavery abolitionist John Brown as well as anti-apartheid figure Nelson Mandela.

Here’s a photo of Mr. White, who looks nothing like Nelson Mandela, by the way.

These people live in complete delusion, never once contemplating the idea that they are indeed the “bad guys.” Ngo’s piece continues:

Judge Goldstein had originally expressed doubt if prosecutors could show that Antifa organize as a militant group but stated after seeing the evidence, “I don’t have any question that this organization exists.”

White, who declared himself trans “non-binary” just days before the sentencing date, was removed from the courtroom by deputies and immediately taken into custody. This is not the first time he made surprising new claims about himself.

Ah, yes, hiding behind gender confusion—a favorite trick of these shape-shifting scumbags. Let’s hope what went down in San Diego spreads to other corners of the country.

We encourage you to read the entire piece from Andy and our good friends at Post Millennial. You can do so by clicking here.

For far too long, Antifa, with their far-reaching tentacles, have had a stranglehold on the left’s violent, extremist movements. They’ve been allowed to operate not just in the shadows but in plain sight, all thanks to a compliant media and a government that these days, seems only interested in going after folks if they’re sporting fanny packs and MAGA hats.