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While the internet is flooded with viral content showcasing Joe Biden’s clumsy antics and incoherent babbles, Americans craving real leadership and a return to American greatness are absolutely loving a story from the successful Trump era. It’s about how Trump masterfully “owned” the Taliban leader during a critical negotiation. What really drew our attention, though, was Elon Musk’s reaction to this tale of perfect-assertive diplomacy.

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The story from Rep. Wesley Hunt goes like this: In the middle of heated talks with the Taliban, President Trump decided to cut the tension in a very unique way. He announced the US was leaving Afghanistan but warned that if a single American was harmed, they’d be goners. Then, in a classic “Art of the Deal” move, Trump reached into his pocket, pulled out a photo of the Taliban leader’s private home, handed it to him, turned, and walked away.


Rep. Wesley tells the story better. Take a look:

Speaking of which, Elon Musk’s reaction to this story caught our attention. It seems like Elon is gradually recognizing that President Trump is the one who truly made America great again. His one-word “based” response says it all.

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On the flip side, who can forget the disastrous and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal under Joe Biden? Can you close your eyes and imagine Joe standing up to an enemy the way President Trump did? Hardly. Under Joe’s feeble watch, we lost 13 American lives due to his ineptitude. Looking back, that moment in Afghanistan was a huge “red flag,” signaling the dire consequences of having Joe installed at the helm.

Biden is the epitome of weakness and failure. His entire regime, despite being “war hungry,” lacks military know-how and foreign policy savvy. In stark contrast, President Trump’s approach was decisive and effective. This is what “peace through strength” looks like and why the United States was so respected during President Trump’s tenure. We not only enjoyed prosperity and peace, but there’s good news—we can have all that back and more.

Vote wisely.