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Whenever the GOP starts its victory dance, it’s wise to take a second look—because usually there’s something else brewing or they’re dodging the real “meat and potatoes” issues, tossing us a bone to keep us quiet. This familiar dance of the uniparty cowards is playing out yet again with the Merrick Garland contempt vote.

Now, don’t get us wrong—we relish seeing Garland squirm under the weight of his laundry list of misdeeds, including contempt, especially with the recent spotlight on Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro. What’s good for the goose is definitely good for the gander, and we’re all for that kind of justice.

We get it; the two-tier stuff is getting really old.

However, as Matt Gaetz so artfully points out, Garland won’t truly face the music for the most egregious dirty deeds he’s committed, namely against President Trump. Instead, the GOP is likely to just make him release embarrassing videos of Biden’s stutters and blunders, while the real injustices—the deep, destructive lawfare waged against President Trump—remain unchallenged. This sideshow distracts from the issues that are truly tearing apart the very fabric of our nation.

That’s precisely the point Gaetz drives home—a rock-solid one that should have us all up in arms, demanding not just more, but much, much more.

Meanwhile, Revolver is on top of this angle of the Garland saga. Just last week, Garland landed in the hot seat—and let’s just say he didn’t exactly shine. When pressed about the elaborate lawfare scheme he and the regime have orchestrated, Garland crumbled. This issue cuts to the core of Biden’s tyrannical overreach, and it’s not only targeting President Trump. It’s bigger than that: Bannon, Navarro, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, the January 6 political prisoners, and Douglass Mackey—who was hit with a felony conviction just for posting an anti-Hillary meme—are all caught in this lawless, unjust dragnet.

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A standout moment from the day was when Massie fiercely criticized and questioned Jack Smith’s actual appointment as special counsel. Smith wasn’t even approved by the Senate, so how is he allowed to pursue this political hit job?

Awakened Outlaw:

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This destroys Jack Smith even being appointed as a Special Prosecutor, and Merrick Garland by proxy.

There now remains a 0% chance Smith and his co-conspirators can lawfully move their case forward as the Special Counsel office was never lawfully established – and it turns out that’s kind of impt.

But don’t take my word for it, Garland flat-out admits as much right here.

Absolute destruction delivered masterfully by Congressman (R-KY) @ThomasMassie

Hat’s of to you, Congressman. 🫡

h/t @Travis_4_Trump 👊

You can read the entire piece by clicking here:

Horrific day for Garland—one lawmaker asked him this simple question, and he couldn’t find an answer…

As conservatives, it’s high time we stopped settling for the meager breadcrumbs tossed our way. We need to throw those crumbs right back at the folks who are supposed to be working for us and tell them it’s time to put on their big boy pants and deliver the whole loaf—or else. Instead of taking this bold stand, too often we fall into the trap of thinking we should be grateful for whatever scraps we get, conditioned by the stingy handouts we’ve come to expect from these no-good bums. Enough is enough.