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In America, you can spit on Vietnam veterans, defecate on the US flag, threaten the lives of US Supreme Court Justices, mock Christianity, and burn entire cities to the ground in the name of a career felon. But if you dare to trample on the rainbow flag, oh, there will be serious hell to pay, mister.

That’s what three teenagers in Washington are finding out the unjust, immoral, and hard way, as they face felony charges for disrespecting the national homo religion.

On Wednesday night, just a few hours after Spokane had given its LGBTQ+++ Pride Mural a fresh coat of paint, three teens made their mark—literally. Ruslan Turko, 19, along with two other underage teenagers, left scooter marks on it. For this most heinous crime against humanity, they were arrested and charged with 1st degree “malicious mischief,” a felony that could land them up to 10 years in jail. And if that’s not punishment enough—and of course, it’s not—the prosecutors wanted $15,000 bail for these budding serial killers.

Apparently, it’s also illegal to not celebrate and embrace the kinky homosexual lifestyle.


An adult and group of juveniles are accused of vandalizing the downtown Spokane Pride mural and yelling homophobic slurs at people.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, witnesses outside O’Doherty’s Irish Grille on Spokane Falls Boulevard and Howard Street saw a group of approximately four people dressed in black on Lime scooters purposely make skid marks on the mural around 9 p.m. June 5.

Court documents say some of the involved individuals yelled, “F**k you f****t” and “Go to hell”.

Since when is saying “F**k you fa**ot” and “go to hell” illegal in America?

Sadly, this type of judicial insanity has happened many times before. For example, back in February, a Florida teen was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief for leaving tire burnout marks on a street intersection painted in the colors of the LGBT pride flag. The horror. Hopefully he made the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list.

Meanwhile, the left can torch Old Glory—a flag that men and women have literally laid down their lives for—without batting an eye. In fact, for a left-wing Marxist, burning the flag, spitting on it, and even defecating all over it is considered a badge of honor, no matter how deeply those actions hurt veterans and law-abiding Americans who deeply love their country.

They even burn the flag on the 4th of July, as an added kick in the chops.

Burning the American flag is the #1 go-to move for Dems.


And when the left isn’t burning the US flag, they’re making an absolute mockery of it.

But dare to even glance at the rainbow flag the wrong way—a symbol of people’s sexual preferences and kinks—and you’ll be thrown into the gulag so fast, it’ll make your head spin.

Sean Davis, the editor of The Federalist, said it best with this:

“You can burn an American flag, but if you deface the gay flag, the regime will put you in prison.”

This type of forced, government-mandated behavior is akin to Taliban-level religious tyranny. It’s the left’s version of Sharia Law and should be called “Rainbow Law.” That’s how incredibly dangerous and stifling the LGBTQ+++ movement has become—all by design. It was never about just “holding hands in public” and tax breaks. The LBGTQ+++ movement, like everything on the left, is about power, control, and regulating thoughts and behavior, much like your typical run-of-the-mill Islamic radical. What’s next? Will the government start throwing white guys who disrespect the gay flag off rooftops?