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If you ever find yourself needing to dial 911, you’d better hope and pray that you don’t get one of the many female “Keystone Cops” now prevalent in police stations across the US and beyond. In these women’s misguided quest to prove they can do anything men can (which they often cannot), criminals are slipping through the cracks, resulting in injuries, and in this latest case, male bystanders are having to step in to help these female officers apprehend criminals.

As comical as this story might seem, there’s a seriously dangerous element at play. And speaking of those dangers, not many people are discussing a recent story about a German cop who was stabbed while the female officers just stood by, seemingly unsure of what to do. One of the female cops even got scared and ran away. Are these really the kind of “warriors” you’d want in your foxhole?

Daily Mail:

Shocking new footage of a German stabbing attack has revealed why a cop tackled a have-a-go hero while he tried to subdue the knifeman, with Mannheim locals claiming they no longer feel safe in their city after the ‘nightmare’ rampage.

The 25-year-old attacker, identified by local media as Sulaiman A., went on a stabbing spree yesterday morning and knifed well-known Islam critic Michael Stuerzenberger, a police officer and several bystanders in the city centre.

In a chaotic new video from the incident, a scramble of people can be seen embroiled in a punch-up next to signs advertising an anti-Israel protest.

The group can be seen tackling each other to the ground while one man in a blue coat takes multiple swings at another person on the floor.

After throwing a series of overarm punches, at least two cops are spotted lunging towards the man donning the bright coat until he is knocked to the ground.

Officers seemingly tackled the man believing he was the assailant after seeing him beating up the other individual who was already floored.

Following the horror attack, locals in Mannheim have said that they now feel unsafe following the ‘nightmare’ knife attack which left a police officer in a coma and several others injured.

Well, perhaps people should feel unsafe due to the criminals and also because they are policed by women who are weak and cowardly. But inherently, it’s not entirely their fault—traditionally, these types of heroic roles are not suited for women. And if you think these are just random, isolated incidents, think again. We’re witnessing countless examples of female police officers struggling to perform their duties effectively.

Take this instance: Four overweight female officers were visibly struggling to apprehend a single perpetrator. This is just one of many such cases.

And then there’s this female officer, who decided to do a little shoplifting while on duty. How absurdly “on brand” for a lady? Instead of doing her job, she’s out there “shopping”—only this time, she’s breaking the law in the process.

Robin Conner, 33, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly shoplifting a pair of shoes while in uniform. Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

She was shoplifting sneakers, probably for her boyfriend.

The New York Post: 

A Mississippi cop was arrested by her colleagues for allegedly shoplifting sneakers while on duty and in uniform — getting taken into custody in her own squad car.

Now-fired Columbus Officer Robin Conner, 33, was busted Wednesday at a Dick’s Sporting Goods when an employee stopped her walking out in a $140 pair of tennis shoes, her police chief, Joseph Daughtry, told the Columbus Dispatch.

“We’re putting her in jail,” said the chief, who was among those who responded to arrest his own uniform-clad officer.

“It’s embarrassing for the department, but we’re going to treat her like we would anybody else.”

In another disturbing instance, a female police officer had an affair with a gang leader and helped him avoid capture.

The Charlotte Observer:

As a police officer, Gina Mestre was sworn to protect New York City.

Instead, she secretly supported a gang that was wreaking havoc on the streets, federal officials said.

Mestre, who served on the city’s police force from 2013 to 2022, was arrested on Aug. 15, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

She is accused of aiding “gang members in her own NYPD precinct that were terrorizing the Bronx by committing robberies, murders, drug trafficking, and other acts of violence,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in the release.

An attorney for Mestre, 33, could not immediately be reached for comment by McClatchy News.

Her alleged affiliation with the criminal organization, known as the Shooting Boys gang, began in June of 2020, officials said.

Generally speaking, women do not possess the same skill set, strength, and quick thinking required under the life-and-death pressure needed to take down a bad guy, and that is okay. This observation isn’t an insult; it’s simply a reflection of natural differences in human capabilities that we’ve all somehow forgotten or ignored. Just like most men lack the nurturing capabilities essential for raising a family. Yet we keep pushing these unnatural boundaries at our own peril. What’s truly concerning is that these women receive equal pay as men and preferential hiring despite their clear inability to perform the job.