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Let’s give it up for the real whistleblowers—the courageous folks shining a light on the demons who walk among us. These aren’t the fake “whistleblowers” groomed and coached by the Deep State to destroy President Trump with lies and lawfare. Thankfully, real, brave whistleblowers are stepping forward, unveiling some of the darkest deeds within our once-hallowed institutions. This latest whistleblower story involves a nurse from Texas Children’s Hospital, who alleges that doctors involved in the hospital’s child sex-change program have committed massive Medicaid fraud. She claims that the largest children’s hospital in the country has been illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures.

Her revelations are like a nuclear bomb and could blow the lid off a massive scandal.

The great investigative journalist, Chris Rufo, an unstoppable force in uncovering fraud and plagiarism within DEI programs and Ivy League schools like Harvard, brings us this bombshell exclusive. Chris shared a detailed rundown on X, shedding light on the incredible developments in this incredible story.

Chris Rufo:

EXCLUSIVE: A nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital claims that doctors in the hospital’s child sex-change program committed Medicaid fraud. “The largest children’s hospital in the country is illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures.”

A massive scandal.

Vanessa Sivadge is a registered nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital who has worked extensively with the hospital’s “transgender” patients. She taught a child how to inject sex-change hormones. Then she realized she was participating in “deeds of evil and darkness.”

Sivadge was the anonymous whistleblower who denounced TCH’s child sex-change program in an interview with me last year. After that, she says, the FBI sent two agents to her home to intimidate and threaten her.

But there was more. She knew that Texas prohibits state Medicaid funds from being used on “gender-affirming care.” And yet, she noticed that many patients in the child sex-change program were enrolled in state Medicaid—which, she believed, was a violation of the law.

This is Dr. Richard Ogden Roberts. According to Sivadge, Roberts has managed a large number of pediatric sex-change patients. For example, he prescribed sex-change hormones to a biological female who identified as “non-binary” and whose records claimed that she was a “male.” The patient was enrolled in the state Medicaid program.

This is Dr. David Paul. According to Sivadge, Paul has managed a large number of pediatric sex-change patients. For example, he prescribed sex-change hormones and discussed breast implants with a male who identified as “female.” The patient was enrolled in the state Medicaid program.

Thankfully, Chris has also written an in-depth piece on the explosive “gender-affirming care” scandal.

City Journal:

The “gender-affirming care” business has always had an aura of madness around it. Wielding the authority of white coats and prestigious degrees, doctors have convinced large swaths of the public that some children are “born in the wrong body.” The solution? Stop puberty, prescribe cross-sex hormones, and then, with the stroke of a knife, remove body parts—most commonly breasts, less frequently genitalia.

These medical practices use scientific rhetoric to affirm what is, at bottom, an ideological program. And gender activists have been successful enough at capturing the legitimizing institutions—medical societies, regulatory bodies, and teaching hospitals—to repel most challenges to the burgeoning child sex-change industry.

Now, though, the consensus appears to be shifting. European governments have backed away from many of these dubious procedures. In England, the Cass Review has raised grave questions about the scientific evidence behind “gender-affirming care.” In the United States, the public has turned decisively against the use of puberty blockers and gender surgeries on minors, with some state legislatures banning the practice.

I have reported on one of these programs, the pediatric gender clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital. Last year, I published an investigation demonstrating that, though it had promised to shut down its program, Texas Children’s had continued to administer hormone drugs to children as young as 11. Following the story, the state attorney general launched an investigation, and state legislators passed a bill, SB 14, prohibiting all transgender medical interventions on minors.

While these scandals caught the headlines, another story involving the same institution was brewing in the background: medical fraud.

According to a new whistleblower, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital were willing to falsify medical records and break the law to keep practicing “gender-affirming care.” Caught in the wave of ideological fervor, two of the hospital’s prominent physicians, Richard Ogden Roberts and David Paul, cut corners and, according to the whistleblower, committed Medicaid fraud to secure funds for the hospital’s child sex-change program.

(Texas Children’s Hospital, Roberts, and Paul did not respond to a request for comment.)

This is a story of fanaticism, hubris, and the murky business of transgender medicine. It would have remained hidden, except for the courage of two people inside the hospital, a surgeon named Eithan Haim and a nurse who has now decided to come forward. Both have risked much to alert the public to the barbarism that is occurring at the nation’s largest, and arguably most prestigious, children’s hospital.

This story could be the spark that ignites a flame across the country, exposing a chain of fraud that could bring these disgusting child “gender mills” to their knees.

Read the rest of Rufo’s expose must-read exposeé here.