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We stand with President Trump, firmly believing he’s our nation’s last best hope. Yet, one of the great things about the MAGA movement is that it’s perfectly okay to disagree with him on certain issues. Trump is remarkably open to feedback from his base, recognizing that he might not always get everything right—after all, he’s human, and nobody’s perfect. This openness is what truly energizes and strengthens our movement. That’s why, when he recently spoke out in support of giving every foreign college graduate a “green card” with their diploma, most in the America First movement did a double take.

President Trump was speaking with the All-In Podcast when he made the remarks.

Look, we understand that DEI has eroded “excellence” in our country, and yes, we’re at a pivotal moment where injecting brilliance into our nation’s veins is crucial, or we risk complete and total collapse. As a businessman at heart, Trump is naturally on the hunt for the best and brightest, especially in such critical times. However, we can’t simply toss Americans aside and replace them with foreigners—not when qualified and brilliant white students and workers are being overlooked due to their skin color and gender. What President Trump proposes would inadvertently set up an unfair competition between foreigners and Americans on their own turf, which, according to Trump loyalist Steve Bannon, is America Last.

Steve points out very respectfully and thoughtfully why Trump’s idea won’t serve Americans well and proposes an alternative. Send these foreigners back, where they can help improve and make their own countries great again.

Grace Chong:


“We cannot simply bring in the entire world and take their best and brightest, layering it on top of the American people. This creates unnecessary intense competition.”

We must prioritize American citizens and maintain a nation of strong, educated individuals. Cutting foreign student slots by 50% and sending them back to improve their countries ensures true alliances. AI and tech jobs must benefit Americans first.

One of Trump’s most loyal fighters also chimed in on the “diploma/green card” idea and had this to say about the idea:

Laura Loomer:

I love President Trump but I don’t agree that you should get a green card if you graduate from an American college. Millions of the illegals here in America are here on overstayed visas and green cards.

Giving green cards to college graduates from foreign nations is a policy that the base opposes.

How can we trust that any vetting of the foreigners on campus would be done adequately when vetting in other areas like personnel has failed?

It’s no shocker that billionaires in Big Tech approve of importing immigrants to fulfill jobs in tech.

I’m sure the Big Tech billionaires think the Indians in the call centers who handle our customer service and don’t speak English are “brilliant” too.

They aren’t though. These foreigners just take jobs away from Americans and this is also why Big Tech was able to get away with stealing the election in 2020 as I wrote about in my book.

Over 75% of the workers in Silicon Valley at Big Tech companies are H1B visa workers who come from countries like Saudi Arabia, China, India, and Bangladesh whose values are inherently INCOMPATIBLE with our values here in the United States. This is why there is a culture of CENSORSHIP AND DEBANKING in Big Tech.

Many of these people are also spies for foreign countries, and when they work for these tech companies, they get access to the data of millions of Americans. There are countless stories about immigrants coming to the US, working for Big Tech, and getting caught as spies for foreign regimes.

It also discourages Americans from pursuing careers in tech when billionaires in Silicon Valley are saying “we need to import brilliant people”. We have brilliant people here too. It’s just that Big Tech never wants to invest in Americans. This is why they all manufacture in China as well.

Let’s stop pretending like all of the Big Tech billionaires are America First. Life is worse for them under Biden, and Biden’s behavior is INDEFENSIBLE, but these are the same people who were happy to allow Big Tech to steal the 2020 election with no accountability and they said nothing when millions of Americans, including me and Donald Trump, were censored, silenced, deplatformed and had our elections interfered in by Big Tech billionaires.

Big Tech is no friend to MAGA.

Sure we can take their money, and I appreciate some of their public endorsements and new found support of Donald Trump, but they aren’t genuinely concerned with the MAGA base or improving the quality of life for everyday Americans.

No more visas until every single homeless Veteran is off the street of America.

No more visas until the middle class is actually restored in America.

No more visas till every single illegal alien is deported.

That’s what I want to see. And that’s what the MAGA base wants to see too.

Big Tech has faced zero accountability for what they did to our country in 2020. Don’t ever forget what these people did to us and what they took from us.

While the data shows Americans are still outpacing high-skilled foreign workers, the number of these skilled foreigners is growing at a steady clip. That’s not good news for many Americans, who are already finding themselves on the outside looking in, thanks to DEI.

Pew Research:

Immigrants remain more likely than U.S.-born workers to work in lower-skill occupations. But the share of immigrants in high-skill, nonmechanical jobs has risen in recent decades, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of federal government data. The shift has been most notable in jobs that prioritize analytical skills, such as science and math, or fundamental skills, such as writing and speaking. A rising share of immigrants also work in jobs in which social skills like negotiation and persuasion are important.

Within this broad overall pattern, there are key differences between immigrant groups. Hispanic immigrants – by far the largest group of immigrant workers – are for the most part employed in lower-skill occupations. Asian immigrants – the largest bloc of new arrivals – work principally in higher-skill occupations. The distribution of skills among black immigrants falls between these two extremes, whereas white immigrant workers are spread across high-skill jobs like their Asian counterparts.

Overall, the share of immigrants in the U.S. labor force has increased sharply in recent decades, from 10% in 1995 to 17% in 2018. Immigrants are also expected to play the primary role in the growth of the country’s workforce through 2035.

There’s also research that shows highly-skilled foreign workers can help a business grow, and again, we understand that, but, at a time when so many Americans are suffering, looking across the ocean for your high-paid work force isn’t the answer.

Knowledge Wharton Upenn:

Glennon’s article, published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, notes that hiring skilled overseas workers can make big companies more productive and innovative. When businesses perform better and invest more because of high-skilled immigrants, they usually end up hiring more people, which is good for the economy.

Plus, immigrants often bring new ideas and technology, which can make businesses more efficient and increase wages overall. For instance, 59% of artificial intelligence PhD graduates hired by U.S. companies are immigrants, according to research, showing that the talent driving the blossoming AI industry in America comes from all over the world. They also help multinational companies perform better when exporting their products and services overseas, Glennon notes.

The first order of business should be to purge DEI from the federal government and private corporations, ensuring all Americans have a fair shot at jobs based on their merit, not as charity cases. After that, our focus must shift to equipping Americans with the skills they need to excel. President Trump might be looking too far ahead, envisioning a stage where he’s already achieved these goals and is ready to add some extra icing on the cake. But we’re not there yet—we have a long way to go, and we must always make sure that Americans come first. President Trump knows this, but a gentle reminder: never hurt anybody; it only helps us grow as a movement.