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The left has weaponized our judicial system, turning it into a mockery and a tool to punish political enemies, reminiscent of regimes in North Korea or Iran. We’ve squandered any moral high ground we once held by joining the “bad guys” of the world in targeting and imprisoning right-wing dissidents. Everywhere you turn, another sham trial is unfolding. We’ve all seen what these tyrants did to the January 6 political prisoners, President Trump, Mark Steyn, Alex Jones, Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon, Douglass Mackey, and countless others.

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But the hits just keep on coming. In what can only be described as one of the flimsiest cases to ever grace a US courtroom—and that’s saying a lot given recent lawfare trends—regime prosecutors expected a jury to convict an American citizen simply for carrying a tiki torch at the 2017 Unite the Right rally. They argued that Jacob Joseph Dix committed a state felony by burning the tiki torch, claiming it “intimidated” others. This man was criminally charged simply for carrying a lit tiki torch and appearing “intimidating,” a totally subjective accusation that could apply to every BLM rioter out there.

We’re expected to believe that three months of rioting resulting in over twenty deaths wasn’t intimidating, yet somehow a guy walking around with a tiki torch is.

And apparently, none of this qualifies as “intimidation.” Only walking around with a tiki torch does. Got it.

Needless to say, even in the deeply liberal jurisdiction of Charlottesville, VA, a jury saw through these sham charges and refused to convict.

Even worse for the prosecution, eight out of twelve jurors voted to acquit, and only three voted to convict.

If you recall, the Unite the Right rally was the catalyst for the “very fine people” hoax that’s been circulating for years. In fact, Joe Biden continues to spread this fake news, virtually unchecked by our regime-run propaganda media.

Natalie Jean Beisner:

YES. As @BrandonStraka reminds us, Biden launched his 2020 campaign on the (even at the point) multiple-years-old and repeatedly debunked lie that Trump said there were very fine people on both sides, including neo Nazis. He, Harris, and the entire illegitimate regime have continued the past four years to repeat that lie, over and over—as well as myriad other lies, including the lie that Trump refuses to condemn white supremacy.

It is such a blatant evil. You don’t have to love Trump like I came to after I realized I’d been lied for; you don’t even have to like him, but you HAVE TO open your eyes to the evil. Yes, we all know politicians fudge the truth, exaggerate their opponents’ shortcomings, and make promises they don’t keep, but this is different; this is an unending, from-every-corner, malicious, diabolical smear campaign that has been specifically targeted at YOU, the American people understandably often too busy with life to read past headlines or sound bites.

They have counted on and fed off your ignorance. They did it to me for five years.

If you’re going to hate Trump, I have no problem with that. But hate him for reasons based in actual reality—not the powers that be manipulating your perception of reality.

The American people have been the victim of a nearly-decade-long lie and attack against us. It’s time to wake up and #walkaway.

You don’t have to endorse this young man’s ideology, but we should all be able to agree that this charge was a clear violation of his First Amendment rights. Thankfully, most of the jurors on this trial weren’t completely brainwashed and refused to convict a fellow American of something so incredibly asinine. Prosecutors, desperate to get a “win” on this flimsy case, offered Dix a plea deal, which he smartly and soundly rejected.

Apparently, it’s much harder to secure these lawfare convictions outside of Manhattan or the DC Swamp.

CBS 19:

The trial of Jacob Dix has ended in a mistrial. After almost 12 hours of deliberation, the jury was at a deadlock, with eight voting not guilty, three voting guilty and one undecided.

“It is our commitment to retry this matter,” said Special Prosecutor Shannon Taylor.

“Looking forward to it,” said defense attorney Peter Frazier.

Dix had been charged with burning an object with the intent to intimidate for his involvement at the 2017 torch march the night before the deadly Unite the Right rally.

The prosecution argued that if Dix was part of a group and someone in that group broke the law, he must be convicted.

The defense argued that Dix was to be judged on his actions alone, and saying “You will not replace us” was protected under the First Amendment.

The jury had several questions for the judge regarding their instructions.

“We’re going to take the time to go back and review what has been done so far, see if there’s some additional avenues that we were unable to get to last time and see if there’s some additional evidence out there,” said Taylor.

“We continue to believe we will be successful whenever the next trial may be,” said Frazier.

Prosecutors claim they’ll retry the case, and they might actually go through with it, but their chances of winning are likely slim to none. Why, you might ask, if these charges are so flimsy, do the prosecutors claim (at least for now) that they’re going to eagerly retry the case? Well, the Commonwealth’s Attorney is a highly ideologically charged, Soros-funded libtard.

The Schilling Show:

Following his financial intervention in high-profile Northern Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorney races, Leftist billionaire, George Soros, has entered the fray in Albemarle County.

The Soros-funded Justice and Public Safety PAC, dropped $5,000 into the already flush coffers of Democrat, Jim Hingeley, in an attempt to upend incumbent Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci’s re-election bid.

Tracci, who operates under the mantra of “Equal Justice Under Law,” stands in stark contrast to Hingeley, who has vowed to exercise virtually unlimited “prosecutorial discretion” in order to reshape the administration of “justice” in Albemarle County.

Jim Hingeley, a resident of Charlottesville City, also was the beneficiary of $64,000 in donations from local Democrat kingmaker —and Soros political varlet— Sonjia Smith.

For a Soros-funded prosecutor, “prosecutorial discretion” means letting violent, knuckle-dragging felons go free and twisting, torturing, and distorting the law to prosecute political conservatives with no mercy.

Soros has been perverting the course of justice in the formerly great state of Virginia for years now.

The Free Beacon:

All four Virginia prosecutor candidates backed liberal billionaire George Soros emerged victorious in Tuesday’s elections.

Soros and other liberal Democrats spent millions on prosecutor races ahead of the elections in a bid to overhaul the state’s criminal justice system, supporting candidates who vowed to introduce criminal justice reform and change the state’s policies on the death penalty. In addition to the $1.2 million in funds Soros spent on House of Delegates and Senate races in the commonwealth, he funneled an additional $2 million to four Democratic prosecutor candidates.

Their candidates’ wins could lead to a major shift in Virginia’s criminal justice system.

Among the candidates backed by Soros was Buta Biberaj, the Democrat running in the Loudon County commonwealth attorney race. Biberaj received nearly $850,000 from the Justice and Public Safety PAC, a D.C.-based committee financed by Soros. The PAC was by far the largest donor to the campaign.

The aforementioned Soros-funded Loudon County attorney, Buta Biberaj, has since been unceremoniously thrown out of office by the people.

No matter whether these sham cases brought by these un-American prosecutors are won or lost in the court system, it should be noted that the constant targeting, prosecution, and legal harassment of “dissident” Americans is equally unjust and immoral, so these “victories” we’re getting have a real hollowness to them. Jacob Dix walked free, as she should have, but the prosecution should be ashamed of themselves for making such a mockery of our judicial system.

An insider account of the trial can be read here:

No evidence was presented that Dix assaulted anyone or used his torch for anything other than presenting the message of the political demonstration he was involved in, which opposed the replacement of whites and their history throughout the West. The entire case was presented as an opportunity to put Dix on trial for the Second World War and anti-Semitism since a minority of the protesters had chanted, “Jews will not replace us.” The prosecution called Diane D’Acosta, who is brown but identifies as Jewish, to say that she had heard chanting from her dorm room on the UVA lawn and was afraid.

“I’m literally putting sheets on my mattress, and I hear a guttural, angry, rhythmic chant of ‘You will not replace us,’” said D’Costa. “It turned into ‘Jews will not replace us.’” It’s unclear how one might figuratively or metaphorically put sheets on their mattress. Regardless, D’Acosta went on to testify about hiding a painting of a Star of David in her dormitory.


Most unwisely of all, the prosecution called antifa transsexual Edward “Emily” Gorcenski to the stand, perhaps believing all the glowing mainstream media portrayals of this twisted individual. They had certainly seen none of my research on him that has been accumulated at VDARE, my personal website, and my recently-released book, Charlottesville and the Death of Free Speech.

Gorcenski, who was in attendance with other antifa militants during the torch protest, denounced Dix and claimed to be a non-violence advocate. Although Judge H. Thomas Padrick only allowed two out of the four tweets by Gorcenski I had archived to be admitted into evidence, they were devastating, including one where he tweeted, “I’m not against violence, by all means punch the Nazi, burn a cop car.” In the other tweet, Gorcenski boasted, “I literally *pulled a fucking gun* on August 12.”

Gorcenski put his foot in his mouth by volunteering the fact that he’d been contacted by the FBI on the night of August 11, as agents were concerned that he was planning violence against the torch march. This opened up a series of damaging questions on a topic prosecutors would have preferred to avoid.

After cross-examination, the usually aggressive Gorcenski, complained on social media about being in “pain town” after getting “beat up” on the stand. He expressed that he feared — correctly — that his testimony had hurt the prosecution.


Read the rest here: Inside the Trial of Jacob Dix, a Peaceful Charlottesville Protester

Interestingly enough, all of the judges and prosecutors in Albemarle County had to be recused from the case earlier due to their close ties with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Here is a tweet from the chief judge’s wife:

Apparently, if you hurt the feelings of the liberals in Charlottesville, VA, then you get charged with felonies six years after the fact.

Here’s another beauty:

This was yet another prime example of a case that should never have gone to trial. It was not only a colossal waste of money, time, and resources, but also a blatant slap in the face to every American and their First Amendment rights. The only justice that emerged from this trial was the eventual freedom of an American who should never have been charged in the first place. The only crime committed here was Mr. Dix being charged over his political speech in the first place, if you ask us.