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Well, well, well, it looks like we didn’t get the full story from Alec Baldwin about the deadly shooting on the set of his low-budget western, “Rust.” The tragedy occurred when Baldwin pointed a loaded gun at Halyna Hutchins, a wife and mother, and pulled the trigger, ending her life. Baldwin’s account of that fateful day starkly contrasts with the prosecutors’ claims, as we’re now discovering from recent court documents. While Alec denies ever actually pulling the trigger, prosecutors paint a picture more akin to the “wild west,” with Baldwin as the reckless gunslinger. Thanks to these court filings, we now have a clearer picture of the events leading up to the moment Baldwin fatally shot Ms. Hutchins, and it doesn’t look good for the notoriously angry actor. Prosecutors claim that Baldwin was horsing around on set and even fired a blank at another crew member.

This new information comes just days before his trial is set to begin.

Radar Online:

Alec Baldwin allegedly “engaged in horseplay with his gun” and “fired a blank round at a crew member” shortly before Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed on the set of Rust three years ago, has learned.

In a sudden development to come days before Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial kicks off in Santa Fe, New Mexico on July 9, the prosecutors leading the case against the actor claimed that Baldwin “flouted security protocols” prior to Hutchins’ death.

According to a new court filing submitted on Monday, the prosecution plans to present evidence of Baldwin’s allegedly reckless behavior to the jury when the 30 Rock actor’s trial starts next month.

One alleged incident unfolded when Baldwin, now 66, pointed his gun and fired “a blank round at a crew member” while he held the person target in his line of sight.
Baldwin was also accused of ignoring safety procedures between October 12, 2021 and the day of the fatal shooting on October 21, firing a weapon after filming was over, and holding his finger on the trigger in scenes.

The prosecution also alleged that Baldwin regularly rushed armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed to reload his gun faster and that the actor would regularly be on FaceTime with his family during firearms training.

If this is true, Alec Baldwin could be in some very serious trouble. Prosecutors claim they have pictures and video to back up their claims. The Radar piece continues:

“[Baldwin] can be seen engaging in horseplay with his gun and pulling his gun when the scene did not call for the pulling of his gun,” the court documents that were filed on Monday read. “When he pulls his gun the muzzle of the gun is pointed directly at another actor.”

“Mr. Baldwin can be seen screaming intermittently throughout the attempts at filming the scene,” the filing continued. “He exercises complete control over the set by stopping the acting sequence, cursing loudly and rushing the other cast and crew.”
Even more startling was the prosecution’s claim that Baldwin “asked to be assigned the ‘biggest’ gun available” before Rust even started shooting three years ago.

According to the prosecution, the photos and videos of Baldwin’s behavior on the set of Rust serve as “intrinsic evidence” of the embattled actor’s “other acts” leading up to Hutchins’ death.

The pressure is starting to get to Alec.

Many reports indicate that he’s running low on funds, thanks to his mounting legal fees. Not to mention all the lawsuits against him.

Geo TV:

Alec Baldwin’s problems are only getting bigger as the Rust star faces charges for accidental fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

As Baldwin takes on the legal battle, his financial situation is also reportedly getting bad.

A source told Star magazine the 65-year-old Emmy winner is “scared of going broke,” as he’s “already spent hundreds of thousands” on his legal representation for the case.

Baldwin has recently listed his $19 million Hamptons home as he faces up to 18 months in prison for Halyna’s shooting.

Supposedly, things are getting so tough financially that he and his wife are scrambling to land a reality show featuring themselves and their kids.

The Inquistr: 

Alec Baldwin, the experienced actor at 65, and his 39-year-old wife Hilaria are allegedly contemplating a venture into reality television, providing viewers a glimpse into their life with their brood of seven. However, the potential deal seems to be hitting a financial snag, with Baldwin reportedly demanding a staggering $300,000 per episode just for himself. Sources reveal that this massive amount does not even cover the additional amount he is reportedly seeking for his wife and children.

The notion of a reality show featuring the Baldwin family has accumulated considerable interest, given Alec’s vast career and the public’s fascination with celebrity lifestyles. Despite the frequent market demand for such content, the actor’s financial expectations might be posing challenges to turning this Hollywood daydream into a palpable reality.

Insiders familiar with the negotiations suggest that there is definitely an audience for a reality show starring the megastar and his family. A development executive told the outlet, “Baldwin is channeling his inner Hollywood heavyweight with a demand of $300,000 per episode — a sum that doesn’t even cover the $300,000 he’s eyeing for his wife and children. There’s undoubtedly an audience for a reality show starring Alec and his family.” They added, “But unless he adjusts his perception of his own worth, it will remain a Hollywood daydream.”

It’s hard to believe there are enough people out there eager to watch Alec Baldwin and his faux “Spanish” wife flaunt their elite lifestyle, especially after the tragic incident where Baldwin killed a wife and mother. But the truth is, Baldwin is a darling of the left, mainly because he’s been such a vocal Trump-hater. But as things stand, Baldwin could end up behind bars, and honestly, that’s the only “reality show” many would tune in for: “Alec’s Big House.”