Biden’s abysmal debate performance has made it clearer than ever that they’re not going to win the White House by hook, and so crook is all they have left. Specifically, we see a Biden regime desperate to throw its most effective political enemies in prison. Just the day after Biden’s abysmal debate performance, Biden seems to suggest “there’s a time for that” in response to a crowd’s chant to lock up Trump.

Trump is, of course, not the only threat to the Biden regime that the Deep State is desperate to lock up. Steve Bannon also has a target on his back, and it looks like he will be going to prison next Monday. Indeed, the Supreme Court denied Bannon’s plea to remain out of prison pending the decision on his appeal.

Bannon is one of the smartest, most fearless, and most effective opponents the deep state has, so it is no wonder they want to see him in prison. After leaving a highly successful stint as co-founder at Breitbart, Bannon became head of Trump’s campaign in 2016, helping Trump win one of the most remarkable political upsets in American history—a race that will define the patriotic movement for decades to come. Now, of course, Bannon’s voice is as influential as ever, as evidenced by the formidable power of Steve Bannon’s War Room program. It is not coincidental that the regime wants him in prison rather than speaking to millions of Americans every day from his perch at the War Room.

Rest assured, Bannon does not give up. He is as tough and determined as they come and has more than earned his “honey badger” monicker.

Something tells us that Bannon, War Room, and the Trump movement will only get stronger as a result of these malicious prosecutions.

Then comes retribution.

Please send your prayers to Steve Bannon. But as Steve says, say a prayer for his enemies as well; they will need them more.